Iceland · 6 Days · 23 Moments · November 2014

Mission Northern Light

20 November 2014

Bye Iceland. I'll be back. Time to continue the adventure in Amsterdam. Wheeee ✈️

19 November 2014

Gulfoss before heading to Keflavik
Day 5: We are back in Selfoss last night. And too bad the weather was so cloudy and we still couldn't see any northern lights. This morning was raining hard too and it seems that it will be for the whole day. 😓

18 November 2014

Jökulsárlón or glacial lagoon
Day 4: morning at Höfn

17 November 2014

Long looong drive to Höfn. Not mentioning it was foggy for most part of it too. Finally made it safe and sound. And it was worth it for the icelandic lobster
We walked on ice and the glacier view is just breathtaking. The guide is knowledgeable about glaciers and stories. So that's cool
Finally saw the glacier!!!
Day 3: on my way to Skaftafell and we saw this unique thing by the road. They say to put a stone to a pile if you ever pass this for a good luck to the journey ahead. It's a tradition that has been continued until today.

16 November 2014

Finally reached Vik and decided to end the night with something local
Snowmobiling time!!! It gets foggy and dark by the time I finished but it was great. It's the most badass thing I've ever driven and would love to do it again. We passed a caldera of a dormant volcano. I wish that it would never erupt. It has such a view up there!
Lunch. Cooked overnight pork and local lamb. Portion is massive so sharing is a good idea
Another quick stop at Skogafoss before reaching Vik
On my way to Vik. I am beyond words. The scenery is picturesque and no words can describe what I saw at the moment
A quick stop at Seljalandsfoss.
Day 2: Morning view outside my guesthouse in Selfoss

15 November 2014

Whale watching tour. Didn't see any whale but get to see some dolphins. And it was freezing!
Supposedly the best lobster soup in Reykjavik. Meh, it's okay but not great. Sorry 😁
It has crispy shallot coated in tomato sauce underneath it. I was blessed with such delicious divinity on a cold morning
Cute houses
Day 1: Woke up at 8am and this is what I saw. Safe to say I was quite surprised. Apparently sunrise starts at around 9am

14 November 2014

First dinner on Reykjavik was seafood pita bread with dill sauce. So gooood!! We then booked a night tour to see the Northern Light, but too bad it was cloudy
Touchdown at Keflavik airport! Rent a car that would be a faithful companion for the next few days 🚗