Netherlands · 1 Days · 2 Moments · October 2016

Misa Maruyama

Misa's voyage in Netherlands

2 October 2016

Actually I hesitated to go to Keukenhof first. But thanks god, my choice was not wrong! The grower garden was too beautiful that I lost my words. They were colorful and cute. I felt like taking my home everything! I was so happy that we could visit there in the best season of tulip blooming.
Netherlands was a truly mysterious county. It perfectly overturned my concept.Prostitution, drugs, brownie cake... In the night, the prostitution are in was a very strange atmosphere. Surprisingly, Women are not completely beautiful at all..... On the other hand, there are many famous works of Van Gogh in Amsterdam. The museum was so huge it was not enough to spend just one day. But I saw many famous and amazing works. And Anne Frank's house stuck my heart very much. My tears didn't stop when I reached the hidden room of Anne. The waterway was very historical and old but kinda beautiful. And of course you shouldn't forget, Heineken beer and bolt cocktail. I had a wonderful "experience" there.