Italy · 30 Days · 6 Moments · September 2016

Misa's voyage in Italy

2 October 2016

I have never known the places of Amalfi and Positano. But really glad to visit there after all. The building which is hilt on the quay was very beautiful. The Mediterranean was really shining. I was so worried about seasickness but the scenery from the ship was also nice. There were many stairs in the town, but none were too beautiful to take pictures. On the way to the hotel, we were almost time to miss the last train. It was also good experience to jump over the ticket gate and got free train....( it's impossible to happen in Japan ) and the view of Naples is my best ever! You definitely must go before you die! Trust me!
World heritage, Pompeii, the scenery that I saw in textbooks of world history spread there. The wall was peeling off but still standing. It was so hard to believe that people lived there long ago and were fighting each other. I suddenly felt returned to the past. The most interesting point was that even in such historic place we took so many pictures with selfie stick! Lol
I really enjoyed having a good time with them during the New Year's holidays. We rented a big house and held a party. Homemade Italian dinner was amazing as always and played card games with strong vodka. I still can't forget to make them laugh with Pikachu lol After that, we celebrated the moment of 2016 in front of the Colosseum. I miss hot chocolate which I drank in the middle of the night. Thank you for lovely night!
Italian cuisine is never wrong. This trip made me absolute fat. But I don't care! All things in Italy is eating! It was such an amazing experiences to eat home cooking at Stefania's place. Italian ate a lot more than I expected and took more time for eating. My eating habits were going crazy. But it means they really do love eating with their family, friends and lovers. However Italian cuisine is familiar in Japan, it was delicious at native place. My favorite one is mandarin oranges. I wish I could bring back to Japan.....Stefania also provided us Italian cuisine when we were in Bordeaux. Every cuisine was amazing. One day, I wanna be great cooker like Stefania!
"Bari" was very similar to "Bali" in Asia. ( it's my poor pronunciation problem) We only stayed there for half a day. But We could see a glimpse of places full of people's living and spent relaxing by the sea. Of course I didn't forget to eat yum yum gelato!

2 September 2016

This trip was worst ever.... My friend had her wallet stolen in the subway on the first day. I never couldn't think of such a thing happened in reality. Thanks to this incident, I became more attentive wherever I went. But we were able to travel without changing plan. Rome was very cheerful city. I was so lucky that to be able to visit all the sightseeing spots I was longing for.