France · 199 Days · 12 Moments · March 2016

Misa's voyage in France.

3 October 2016

Living by myself in Bordeaux was very difficult to prepare. Documents and application failed and sometimes it made me irritated. French do not work at all! I was blessed with my roommates. Especially I got a big sister, George! I learned the way of life from her. She is my yearning affair! For me who has never experienced living alone so far, my roommate's help was very encouraging. Thank you so much, girls!

2 October 2016

Cinderella castle coloring pink was so pretty and romantic. Of course this time I couldn't ride on roller coasters (sorry for being alone, Sonia) But Disney Land Paris made me flourish. And it reminds me when I was Tokyo Disney Sea. I could meet both Mickey and Minnie at the same time! It is impossible to meet both of them in Japan. I'm such a lucky girl! I can't forget the night show, Disney Dreams. It was totally amazing. The best moments I could cry so much. I wish I could come here with my boyfriend. Maybe next time? haha

1 October 2016

3 June 2016

Four years ago, When I entered my university, I heard study abroad program about business and management in Bordeaux, France. At that time, I didn't even imagine that I study there after four years. The life in Bordeaux was the most important in my life. Cityscape in Bordeaux looked unrealistic because everything was too much beautiful like paintings. Cobbled streets, narrow bumpy road, tram A,B, and C, churches, the Garonne river..... and mirror d'eau! You should come and see! What an amazing city of heritage!

12 May 2016

The girl from Japan was obsessed with wine. I've never met such as deep drinks. And I learned how to drink a variety of liquor in front of mirror d'lau! I can't forget every moment in Bordeaux. Je t'aime ma ville, Bordeaux💗

18 March 2016

Studying at Kedge Business School....How can I explain.... TOO HARD TO DIE!!! Sometimes I vomited complaints or wanted to run away from the reality because all my friends already had knowledge of the business well more than me. But you know, my personality is tough and sore loser. I have never cried and didn't want to lose to anyone. I had studied so hard. The day before presentation, I was up all night and practice again and again. Those experiences made my everyday shining and sparkling. I can't thank enough to my friends who supported me!