Spain · 1 Days · 1 Moment · December 2015

Misa Maruyama

Misa's trip to Spain

11 December 2015

Hola, Spain! Hola, Barcelona! Thanks to Sonia, I decided to go to Spain. This was my first trip alone! ( Actually, during only transportation to Barcelona ) Before going, I didn't expect so much about Spain. But I liked all places. This was my first time to stay over at cheap hostel by myself. I met a girl from States. She was so kind to me. I wanna meet again! The church of Sagrada Familia was very beautiful. For me, this is the best of historical buildings ever seen. If possible, I want to see more! And Spanish cuisine was cheap and delicious. I love Tapas! On second day, we met Kia (beautiful Taiwanese), Stephane and his family. We went to seaside restaurant. It looked so expensive.... ( Of course they treated us. Thanks! haha ) We enjoyed talking and eating meals. I like kinda a uniquely precious! They talked me very interesting. Only regret in Spain that I could stay there short time.