United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · August 2016

Misa's odyssey through United States of Am...

30 August 2016

All food in New York were amazing. You can eat whatever you want there. Especially, I was falling with lobsters. It was my first time to try them. Now I really miss so much. And I had never agreed that sweets can't quit eating but I was totally sweets addict in New York. So happy that I could eat something different every day.
The moment I was happiest girl of the world! I had been dreaming like 6 years to see Wicked at Broadway. I really love musicals, especially Wicked! When I was junior high school student, I read the book of Wicked. The story made my notion changed clearly. It taught me, "Do not be trapped by stereotypes" And of course this time I cried so much at the end. It was magical green world. I never forget this experience. Thank you so much for giving me this amazing chance.
Long time no see you, New York. I was lucky to go there during Christmas and be able to meet my boyfriend after 4 months! As usual Times Square was sparkling. This time I could go wherever I want. Sometimes I explored the whole city by myself. It made me so exited. And We visited many places like dating everyday. A big Christmas tree, night view from the top of the rock, Central Park, Manhattan bridge, Soho and a lot of museums...I still can't forget everything!!!!

29 August 2016

My first States experience was 2 years ago. I was 20. I've really dreamed to go to States. Finally my dream came true yaaay! ;) I went to Delaware university. My host family was old couple. They were so nice to me any time. I was not good at speaking English at all. But my classmates were inspired me. This experience motivated me to keep studying later. I really appreciate them.