Hungary · 1 Days · 1 Moment · October 2016

Misa Maruyama

Misa's odyssey through Hungary

2 October 2016

Our long trip was started from here, Budapest, Hungary! Traveling with about 10 people was absolutely hard. Two people lost their passports and one lost one day ticket for the transportation. But unexpected incident has happened anytime. I really do love Hungarian food! It's best for me! We went to local market everyday but I always couldn't choose because I wanted to eat everything. This country has sad story. It was used to be a colony. So there are a lot of place about slaves. And I don't know why but there are also the best place for example the best mcdonald or cafe.... The townscape in Budapest was beautiful especially seen from the bridge. New district and old district were radically different. Me and Dennis went to the spot with a panoramic view at Fisherman. The landscape from there was breathtaking. We had no choice but to take pictures. Those are my treasure. Our trip was just begun. Next stop was Austria.