Spain, France · 11 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017

Misa's adventure in Spain

11 August 2017

We left Madrid to head towards Bourdeux, France around 10am. We stopped at San Sebastian for an hour or so, quickly looked around and ate Thai food. Beautiful town, wish we had more time there. Jake helped a bunch of kids retrieve their soccer ball from the top of a pagola by climbing the pall. The car seat was rubbing Jake's arm so we put a period pad there which worked perfectly. We got to Bourdeux at around 9. Cooked a simple noodle dish for late supper.

9 August 2017

We slept in and left the house around 2. Walked around a lot to find a few vegan restaurants closed even though they say they are open on Happy Cow. Finlay found a tiny tiwanese place in a market area. We tried a few different dishes. We went to a cat cafe, went shopping, had a bubble tea then dinner at Zombie Burger. We quickly saw the park and took a train and bus home.

8 August 2017

Check out 10am. Went to the supermarket but had to wait till 9:30 for it to open. Got to Madrid at 4:30. Rested a bit. Jake started to be in a better mood and we started to get along again. Left the house around 8:20 to get dinner, first place was closed. We had to take a bus again to get to the second place where people were rude and didn't want to acknowledge us. The third place was also closed. At 10:40 we finally found a place open. Jake was feeling hungry, tired and faint. He gave all the restaurants bad reviews for being rude and not being open even though it says they're open on the internet. Friendly staff members and mostly nice food at the restaurant we ate at. We took a train and bus home.

7 August 2017

Stayed in until 4:30pm, taking a bath, watching Netflix and cooking lunch etc. Walked across the bridge to find nothing, had gelati and mojito. Went home and watched more Netflix and Jake took the fire alarm off because it was beeping continuously and it took a while to figure out what was making that noise. Went to see a flamenco show at 8:30 at La Casa Del Flamenco. Had bad dinner. Fried yucca was like potatoes. Jake said me feeling upset, anxious and depressed at the start of Sevilla destroyed the town for him for him feeling down for the following two days. I was looking forward to this city so much but we had the worst time. Glad I looked around the town on my own to see some things. Travelling for this long wasn't going to be easy for me and dogs escaping from Nikky not closing the gate and wombats escaping and all that made me feel so upset and Jake thought he didn't like the town because it was too quiet on the first night made me feel really anxious.

6 August 2017

Watched Netflix in the morning, left the house around 12:30 on my own since Jake didn't seem to be interested in going out. Walked around the town, bought a few things and got back to the house around 5. Left the house again on my own around 6:20 and went across the bridge for a bit where nothing was open really, and walked to Plaza de Espana. Jake came to meet me, went to have dinner at the Japanese place called Mizushi again. Many shopping places were closed because it was Sunday. Hard to find vegan friendly restaurants. Jake seemed down and stayed inside until 7ish. Didn't talk much all day.

5 August 2017

Emotionally the worst day, started feeling down the night before and depressed all day. The city was beautiful but didn't feel like doing anything. Stress from the wombats and dogs escaping, breaking the wall in Barcelona, long drive and being in unfamiliar places, continuously walking around sight seeing were all too much. Mixture of homesickness, missing the dogs, missing the comfort of being in my own house and feeling worried about the dogs. We still went out and walked by the river for a bit, walked to a place for healthy breakfast, walked to a shopping centre. Bought groceries and took a taxi home. Cooked dinner at home. My heart wasn't in the whole thing. I knew it but this day confirmed that travelling this big isn't my thing. Watched Netflix till late.

4 August 2017

Another tough start to the day with finding out that Jasper and Balzer have escaped and that one of the wombats went missing. On top of that Jake broke a shelf at the accomodation. Stressful and felt like I should have stayed to look after the boys and the wombats. Heavy hearted, hoping the boys will be safe and well when we get home. We got to Sevilla around 7:30pm. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant run by Spanish people which had lovely vegan food! Walked around the town a bit and went home to rest. The town looked antique and very pretty! Accomodation was lovely. It was pretty warm outside, around 40 degreese.
We had a stressful morning of the toilet blockage going gross in Barcelona and left there around 11. Drive to Madrid was dry, we stopped at an unwelcoming diner in the middle of nowhere where we left without buying coffee. We got to a great modern appartment in Madrid around 6. We took a bus and metro train to get to the city. Had dinner at a pizza restaurant called Masa Madre which was very nice. We looked around the city and bought a few gifts and took the same route home after getting a few things from a near by convenience store.

2 August 2017

In the morning, I spoke to Emi on the phone and Jake played the computer games, and organised stuff for the wombats' enclosure. We left the house around 2pm. We took our first Metro into the busy area and found a famous market called La Boqueria. Jake tried a fruit salad and coconut juice. We then walked to Teresa Carles for dinner which was romantic and tasty where Jake told me I have nice kind eyes. We walked to Arc de Triomf then to the beach. Jake went into the water and did some pistole squats at the gym area. We went to a sangria bar called Bar Celoneta and had one strong cocktail each and some dishes. Jake drunk it too quickly he felt sick in the tummy. We went to a super market and Jake had some jelato on the way to a metro station to get home. Hot and humid day but very productive and got to see a lot of Barcelona.

1 August 2017

We went to Gaudi 4D then to Park Guell around noon but we could only buy tickets for 8:30pm to get in. We walked around the free area around it, went to a vegan take away shop and bought a few things to try. We sat outside and ate a little bit. It was humid and hot and we struggled. We then walked to Casa Mila aka La Pedrera. Went inside then walked pass Casa Batllo. We had dinner at Veggie Garden which was very nice. Then we headed towards the busy street called La Rambla. We walked around and found nice streets with old buildings. We also found Cathedral of Barcelona. We took a taxi back to our 8:30 entree for Park Guell. We walked home after finding a fruit and veg shop with nice people to buy fresh produce from, just around the corner from the accomodation.

31 July 2017

We left Parent around 9:30am and got to Barcelona at 6ish. We had dinner at a vegan burger place, the food was delicious! Had a glimpse of an amazing building but it was too dark to see it properly. We walked way too much in our thongs our feet were sore by the time we got home.