United States of America · 6 Days · 5 Moments · October 2017

Kathy and Misael's journey

5 October 2017

A little boring but spent time with my babe doing podiatry Reaserch :) for training for Saturday boring but I enjoyed that i got help from her to find the images i needed to complete my training

2 October 2017

Eating at dennies after geting out from dark harbor with babe 😁😁😁

1 October 2017

Had a amazing day with babe today went to queen marry dark harbor amazing time 😄😄😄 went with her friend cindy and husband. And Cindys friend we went to

30 September 2017

Went to see babe at her house and asked her for a favor to take me to where im moving to so she did from there we went to dennies and got something to take out and eat from there we went to her car and as we ate there we watched a episode of the flash where i noticed kathy being interested in the show and she asked how killer frost got her powers so I explained from season 1-3 how it happened as it got darker i noticed she was tiered so i told her its time to sleep and decided to go home so she left me at my moms house and she went home i called her to make sure she wouldn’t fall asleep we spoke on the phone until she got home and fell asleep. -great day today even if i saw her for a while