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Bali, Sydney, New Zealand

29 April 2016

Last post for this trip, home sweet home :-)
36 hours since I checked out in Christchurch !! Feeling surprisingly well. Thanks to Emirates :-) Still looking forward now to complete this journey. There are many, many exciting and challenging things ahead of me. Let's go do it
Bye bye Dubai
Arrived in Dubai, just one more flight and a car ride :-)
Cleaning in progress. Same plane, same seat but third cabin crew now. 1 hour to take off for Dubai.

28 April 2016

Catching up with the latest movies
Same plane, same seat, new crew. Lets go to Bangkok
Arrived in Sydney. This time I am only going to see the airport
Food and drinks for the next 21 hours :-)
Ready for sleeping
Enjoying the lounge I hour to boarding
Very easy process at Kea to return the Camper. Flawless transfer and check in. Just waiting for the international gates to open
Back to his friends
Ready for check out

27 April 2016

Not leaving NZ without having some good lamb
Hagley Park
Everything is going to be alright
At Restart, a shopping center built from containers
I am stopping here-no more street art-its sooo much
More Street Ary
The people of Christchurch will never forget 22/2/11
All within walking distance
New Regent Street Caleidoscop
Nice City to walk
Dont have a book with me to exchange. Nice idea so
Nice one
Walking Christchurch, looking for street art
Bye Bye CamperVan
Fantastic, my room is available already, 2.5 hours ahead if check in time. So I get almost a full day for Christchurch, awesome
approachong christchurch city
beautiful drive
Beautiful road
Start if the last part if this awesome journey. Quite some kilometers in the end :-)
Morning view from the last camp ground. Let,s go to Christchurch

26 April 2016

Dinner in the Harbar in Akaroa, nice 👍
Nice place for my last night in the campervan
View from Hilltop Cafe
Driving to Akaroa
The Salmon Center of NZ
Just passed 44 degrees south. Some driving to do :-)
Short stop in Timaru on the way to Akaroa, 80 km outside Christchurch
Short stop at route 66. Power shortage, no coffee 😕
View from Mt. John Observatory. With Mt. Sefton and Mt. Aoraki far away.
No idea why soo many busses drop of people here every day ? An hour from now 100 chinese and japanese people will be flashlighting the hole place

25 April 2016

Welcome to Lake Tekapo
There must be an excellent cloud factory somewhere around :-)
This place is not easy to leave😢
Its April 25th. All safe, lets go :-)
The end of hooker valley
View from upper hooker swingbridge
Mt Aoraki
Hooker Bluff Swing Bridge
Great view on Mt. Sefton and Hooker Valley
Short walk
I very rarely had a better view when having a coffee

24 April 2016

Dinner in the local pub
on the way back to Omarama
Peter's lookout
Lake Tasman Jetty. Just 155 $ if you want to be in one of this boats
Lake Tasman and Tasman Glacier on the left
almost there, can see Mt. Tasman already
on the way to mt aoraki
Waitaki dam lookout
Final wine stop in New Zealand One to drink and one to bring
Maori rock paintings from 19th century. Not really worth to visit
Elephant Rocks
Time for coffee
On the way to Omarama

23 April 2016

that's it for today. Heavy rain shortly before sunset - next try for Moreaki Boulders at sunrise tomorrow morning
Moreaki Boulders. Getting cold feet at water temperature around 14. There is a slight difference between the iphone pic and the final result from the dslr :-)
Steampunk Oamaru - very, very crazy
At the harbour - more sea lions
Nice Art Gallery
Crazy great shop
Walking Oamaru
Oamaru Public Gardens. Very european, just the opposite season

22 April 2016

Shag Point - best seal colony More Seals, less people and for free
Puketeraki Lookout
Otago Peinsula
15$ for seeing a castle from the outside - no thank you
Royal Albatros colony
Royal Albatros Center
on top of Baldwin Street
Baldwin Street

21 April 2016

Japanese dinner
Dunedin downtown
On the way to downtown Dunedin
Arrived in Balclutha, lets find a coffee
Found my Paua Shell
Time for a carwash ?
Nugget Point - reminds me alot on Cape Point in South Africa
Nugget Point
on the way to Nuggetpoint
Lets go to Nugget Point
Good morning Sealion
Kiwi Clouds
Footprints of a Sealion
Morning Walk in New Haven

20 April 2016

Time for dinner
Looks like the end of the detour
Always wanted to see that place Just joking, a bridge was closed for repair until mid May and I am on a country site detour. Remaining daylight 1 hour. Let's hit the gravel road
Lost Gypsy - closed on Wednesdays, what a pity. Maybe I come back tomorrow
Florence Hill lookout with a rainy view on Tautuku Beach
did not take the 1 hour walk at Mclead Falls, too much rain making the road more and more muddy
Just a few of so many interesting trees next to the road
catlins coastal rainforest
Petrified forrest
Next Stop Curio Bay
no worries
When you follow the arrow on picture 2 you can see Antarctica - almost
View from the most southern point in mainland New Zealand
On the way to the real end of the world
Great roads
Gravel Roads for the next 12 km
Waipapa Point, again just me. No other people :-)
Dead horse road :-)
Just a normal road - very relaxing after weeks full of highlights
Very typical houses - leaving Invercargil towards Catlins National Park
Looking at Tuatara - animals that did not change for 220 million tears
Starting a rainy day with a visit to the museum

19 April 2016

Next stop on the global green chicken curry journey
Long way home. 18958 km to London is more than many people drive within a year. Its almost 4000 km closer to New York than it is to London
Shopping done to support the wine tonight :-)
Cosy Nook - fishing "village"
Great place for a short rest
On Monkey Island but Guybrush Threepwood is not at home
Steady wind :-)
Gemstone Beach
McCrackens Rest
Coffee and Muffin Stop
Clifton Suspension Bridge
A bit adventures. In Germany impossible. The cave would be locked
I take a look at clifton caves
Even so Lumsden sounds interesting I will go go for Tuatapere
Leaving Fjordland towards Tuatapere

18 April 2016

on the way back to Te Anau
Waiting for green light at the tunnel
Good bye Milford Sound. At least for a while
Awesome cruise :-)
The heart overruled the plan. 3rd cruise on Milford at bright sunshine - wonderful
Same lookout as 2 days ago
Today is the first day on this trip where I do not want to leave a place. Fjordland National Park is so stunningly beautiful that it's not easy to start the engines and carry on --- So in the I didn't and stayed for 1 more day --- with Milford Sound in perfect sunshine :-)

17 April 2016

back to Te Anau
bye bye Milford Sound
Getting ready for second Milford Cruise - totally different weather and another tour operator. So let's see
The chasm
At the tunnel, no fog today
More rivers and waterfalls in fjordland national park
I am a hungry camper. I am not feeding anybody
45 south
Mirror Lakes

16 April 2016

short stop in an ok looking area:-)
This is fu..... unbeliveable - 1000 m straight up
Waiting for the Tunnel-Traffic-Light to turn green
3 hours later the craziness is fully up and running
Back in the Harbour of Milford- much better waterfalls than Doubtful Sound, easier to access but also shorter and not that much variabilty. While the way to get here is already beautiful In the end it makes sense to see both.
Sterling Falls
Turn around point Milford Sound
On Milford Sound Cruise
This is a hell more touri style than doubtful sound. jetty space for 11 boats and plenty of busses
Arrived in Milford. Funny enough, for the classic postcard view you dont even have to take a boat ride
the tunnel
westcoast weather
nothing to look out for but clouds
getting closet
on the way to Milford
The early bird on the way to Milford

15 April 2016

Almost back in Manapouri harbour
Chill out on the boat back to Manapouri
on the bus halfway to Manapouri Lake
Quick Stop at a waterfall on the way back to Manapouri Lake
Back at the Jetty. Awesome trip :-)
end of cruise
a few minutes of complete silence, engines off, no talking, no cameras, magic moment :-)
on doubtful sound
First glimpse on Doubtful Sound - beautiful ! What a lucky bastard I am, sunshine and clouds - couldn't be better
on the bus going to the start of doubtful sound
West arm of lake manapouri. 1st boat done. Now we get on a bus to doubtful sound
On lake manapouri
Getting ready to board the first ship
06:55 Waiting for my pick up to Doubtful Sound

14 April 2016

Arrived in Te Anau - gateway to Fjordland National Park. I am booked on a Doubtful Sound Tour tomorrow. On Saturday I plan to go to Milford early morning and potentially visit Milford Sound as well
Parts of Fangorn Forest
Journey stopped for a while
one the way to Mavora Lakes
Turning West to Te Anau
Coffee Stop
Try this on a german Highway :-)
South End of Lake Wakatipu
Beautiful Lake Scenary
Leaving Queenstown

13 April 2016

Looks like a good alternative
I am not cueing 40 mins for a burger
Prior to dinner and beer I take a look at Queenstown from above . Full of chinese photographers setting up their tripods for sunset
LOTR, the Argonath
At Arrowtown war memorial
Lake County Look out
Between Wanaka and Queenstown on the Crown Range summit, the highest sealed road in NZ

12 April 2016

So why is that tree sooo famous ?
Flat tire compensation
Not the best ending of the day :-(
Lake Hawea Lookout. Its too much to see today. Got 80 km done in 6 h.
drift wood beach - again, nobody here
50 km to go to Wanaka
Here you get it all
At the blue pools
Continue my way along Hasst river towards Wanaka
Thunder Creek Falls
Following Haast river
Rain and Storm are gone lets drive to Queenstown and Wanaka

11 April 2016

Arrived and plugged in in Haast. Crossing fingers for improved weather conditions tomorrow
the day ends with heavy rain
Franz Joseph Glacier
on the way to Franz Joseph Glacier
Peter's pool. Extremely nice mirror. Unfortunately clouds are covering the glacier
Done with second breakfast. Time to visit some Kiwi birds
As close as you are allowed to go without a guide
the end of fox glacier

10 April 2016

This is beautiful
The normal photographers campervan meyham :-)
View of views
Ice Landing
Perfect weather to grap a Helicopter
On the way to Fox Glacier
07:30 on the way to Fox Glacier

9 April 2016

Arrived in Ross, Empire Hotel. This place is awesome. All owners listed since 1866
Short Stop in Hokitika
Pancake Rocks
Arriving at Westcoat. From now on its long sleeves and insect repellent time
Coffeestop in Westport. I am getting more and more Kiwi, driving my camper barefoot and running around in flip flops at 12 degrees outside

8 April 2016

Box Canyon Cave lets go for some unguided cave experience
Inside the Moria Arch
Entry to Moria Arch
The Moria Arch and some views from the track
The Oparara Arch- I am here now since 1 hour and I met one other person. New Zealand rules
Oparara Basin is an awesome place
Lets see if my short notice, local rental will manage

7 April 2016

Long drive today - will stay 2 nights here before I move all the way south
Arrived in Karamea, pretty much in the middle if nowhere
spooky forest
on the way to Karamea - 38 to go
Kilkenny Lookout
old miners cemetery
That place had such a busy look
Newton Bridge
The hope saddle look out. First glimpse to southern alps
End of Motueka Valley. Time for some life saving actions
Motueka Valley 300 km to go
long ride today

6 April 2016

Wherelse can you see seal puppies play together in a natural pool in freedome
Its named the most beautiful beach in New Zealand - I believe this to be true
Potentially one of the best located camp grounds in New Zealand
on the way to farewell split
Harwood Lookout
Where Gandalf is riding to Isengart in the Hobbit movie
Hawkes lookout
Great view on Tasman Bay

5 April 2016

Here we go
Interesting desert experience I am looking forward to
Continuation of a global series of trying Chicken Curries wherever I can. This one is green and level is hot, second highest on the menu. More spicy you only get by ordering "thai hot" I didn't dare to
end point of kayaking , great fun
Seakayaking and stopover in Fisherman Island
Getting ready for seakayaking
shuttle is arriving
Bark Bay
Sea shuttle to drop you of at several places of the park
Sandfly Bay
on the swing bridge
kilometer 3 on the short hike before kayaking starts
Hiking in Abel Tasman National Park - shoulder season - no people - awesome
The boat dropped me of, so now I am on my own. 3 hours to be in Bark Bay
boatride to the starting point
Getting ready for sea kayaking today

4 April 2016

Ready for some food
Great light
back on main road
at the old tophouse, unfortunately its closed
Some tasting can only be right :-)
The car is fixed, now I need bad weather compensation
Pitstop to get my car fixed
Have adjusted my plans. This is not whale watching weather at all but for driving its ok. So I go 300 km to Abel Tasman National Park. Forecast here us good for next 2 days

3 April 2016

Time to regain some energy
Seal Colony just next to the road
Great place full of drift wood
awesome black beach
Classic cars and airplanes in Blenheim
South Island
Arriving in Picton
3 ½ hours to travel
Ready to go
onto the ferry

2 April 2016

Additional duct tape required hoping for a dry night. Car will be fixed Monday
Short Stopover in lovely Whanganui
Hoping for a quick look on Mt. Taranaki
Here is the moment when you are grateful for having a role of duct tape with you
Saturday, April 2nd. Its raining cats and dogs. No chance to see Mt. Taranaki. Need to decide after breakfast if I wait one more day or if I make my way towards Wellington to catch the ferry to South Island as soon as the weather gets better. What a good choice to pull forward Forgotten World Highway

1 April 2016

Sitting in my campervan in Stratford and its raining. So, done everything right to travel Forgotten World Highway Today :-)
Almost in Stratford, the end of the forgotten world highway
43 km to, the road is not only mine :-)
Some demanding driving ahead
Halfway through
55 km into forgotten world highway. Still beautiful but getting also more exciting now
30 km into forgotten world highway. Super beautiful
Good that I an full
Lets explore the Forgotten World Highway
Tour starting in 15 mins

31 March 2016

Back to altitude where trees grow
This boots are made for walking
The Blue Lake
10 km down
Stunning view
at the Emerald Lakes waiting for sunshine
Almost done
on the way to red crater
Text Crater ?
South Crater Altitude 1660 m
In the middle of devils staircase
the soda springs
so far so good
walking on the moon
picking up altitude
Start and first km was smooth
Ready to go
05:30 am Time for breakfast. 4 degrees outside. What a wonderfull day it will be on Tongariro Crossing

30 March 2016

Great experience :-) Flying small airplanes feels much more real - like driving 30-40 year old cars. Fantastic views on Mount Doom and Tongariro National Park
Almost ready to go
Changing Plans. Somebody is joining in, so I can get a flight. Let's see Tongariro Crossing from above. Kiwis are nice, boat trip got fully refunded :-)
Checking in for my afternoon cruise to the Maori Carvings on Lake Taupo
Now we are talking :-)
Almost a full page on weather - wow
Finally the day can start :-)
First stop after breakfast. The Hoka Falls

29 March 2016

No Boat, no plane and no helicopter available tomorrow to go to white island. Next option was day after tomorrow in the afternoon - too late :-) So plans changed and went to Lake Taupo insteaf. What is good as I am close to Tongariro crossing and can be flexible to catch good weather
Some Maori carvings in an ancient cave
After Lunch forrest walk near Okere Falls
like on more ? Devil's bath
Flipping awesome
wow, hard to believe its natural
enjoyed Lady Knox eruption
Geysirs in Rotorua are big business. Around 7.5 k$ entrance fees sitting in the audience :-)
Audience waiting for the Geysir to be switched on at 10:15

28 March 2016

Closing a good day with geysires and a bit of Maori culture. Many people like it but its not my cup of the tea. I am still in favour of buddhism and ancient asian culture.
I have a seen Kiwi in Te Puia only in captivity but they exist
Heading to Rotorua this morning. The heart of Maori culture and geothermal activity

27 March 2016

Let,s have a beer in the green dragon you Hobbits
Short stop at the home of L&P world famous in New Zealand Tastes good :-)
Kumara and Blue Cheese - Deliciousiness
Lunch at Waikino Station, enjoying Kumara with blue cheese
Breakfast and Preparation for my Hobbiton visit

26 March 2016

Hahei Beach
Cathedral Cove - iphone panorama. Awesome :-)
My birthday place - Hot water beach. I will be back for low tide. To see people dig their natural pools
on the way to Hahei

25 March 2016

Time to sleep now. Very early start tomorrow, trying to avoid heavy traffic around Auckland
Kauri Forest is great, a bit like Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs
Short stop on my way to Waipoua Forrest

24 March 2016

Back at the camp ground. Good boat trip, small walk in Russels and Paihia as well as some food shopping. As over Eastern many shop will be closed. Highlight of the day: We had dolphins around the boat for 20 minutes :-) Close and big, up to 3.5 m bottlesnoses, fantastic :-)
Tour for today except hole in the rocks
crew just announced that we will not be able to go to see the hole in the rock as the sea is too rough. We will cruise the Bay if Islands instead. Sounds interesting as well an dolphins are at promise still
Going for a dolphin cruise , could become a bit rough
Offering a dolphin guarantee ?? Let's see if this promiss can be kept

23 March 2016

Will be awesome with sunshine
traffic jam sucks
Survival kit ready
Lets go
Home for the next 40 days
Its cloudy and raining in Auckland today. Time to pick up my Camper and go North

21 March 2016

Could be worse
That's a 10$ Ice cream. Worth every single cent :-)
All arrived with me - welcome to New Zealand
Ready to go soon

20 March 2016

Next Stop Auckland
Last day in Sydney, a bit of rain, no cameras, just floating around in the city. Feels good
Some culture and making some friends :-)

19 March 2016

Lunch in Kings Cross
Exloring Paddington, Surry Hills and Kings Cross today
Breakfast in Paddington

18 March 2016

In the beginning and in the end of a fantastic day in the zoo
Here we go
Waiting for the ferry to Toronga Zoo
now life is good again
Time for another brake
Among the best green curries I ever had. Spicy breakfast

17 March 2016

Final walk for dinner , cruise ship departure and night shooting