Europe, North America · 54 Days · 366 Moments · January 2017

Mirko's Journi nach Costa Rica

17 March 2017

Arriving Essen almost on time
Home sweet home, sub 20 hours
Back in Germany / Cologne
Caught the train after a tough sprint :-)
Touch down Franfurt. Travel time 16 hours

16 March 2017

stop over Santo Domingo
Testing in flight
Ready for take off
Safety at SJO is not well organized. Cueing to the outside of the airport :-(
Started the way home

15 March 2017

Awesome view from our last hotel - Xandari
Time for coffee
Recycling to road marking
Arrived at our last hotel. Don't expect to travel quick in Costa Rica
too cloudy to see anything, so this will be on our wish list for the next visit to Costa Rica
no risk for any Iguana in the moment

14 March 2017

Feeding the group travellers
low budget
first ever cheese cake ice cream - its good
Done after 5 hours of hiking at 35 degrees
Tough stepper exercise
Punta Serrucho
Whale crossing point - Isla Verde
Mirador Punta Cathedral
much better
not the same, calm and quite national park as the others we have seen in Costa Rica
manuel antonio
not now
Praising the morning
Morning walk to Ma

13 March 2017

First thing on the breakfast menu. Cheers

12 March 2017

Next step in the Costa Rica Espresso Challenge. Arenas Del Mar Hotel Restaurant does not score top 3
Arrived at Arenas del Mar, close to Manuel Antonio National Park.
close to final destination for today
palm trees, palm trees and nothing but palm trees for the last 10 k
Getting the field ready for next generation
2700 meters down over the last 40 km.
On the Panamericana
Following Panamericana / Interamericana at 3400 m above sea level
Slowly time to leave this beautiful place. Dantica Lodge is great. Fantastic views, great private trails, humming birds in front of your room and a fresh climate at 2700 m elevation. See you again Dantica

11 March 2017

still on the local trail
The local trail is super 👍
Hiking the local hotel trail
Local lunch
Quetzal crazy people
That's early 😴but the best time to see Quetzales

10 March 2017

tapir 2985
coffee break
might be a longer stop
back on gravel, finally
Almost done with San Jose
Close to San Jose, another payment
More traffic jam. Get us back to the gravel roads :-)
Traffic jam at 38 degrees celsius. Thanks to the inventor of air condition
Close to Puntarenas
much easier driving with 2 lanes each site :-)
Less gravel more traffic. In total it comes down to almost the same average speed. While gravel roads are giving the more beautiful views.
first 50 km of gravel done for today
Small cemetary in the mountains
Carribean clouds
Our last view on the continental weather split with the clouds drifting over from the carribean site, releasing all their into the cloud forrest
On the way down you get plenty of great views
Good bye Monteverde. What a great place for hiking and bird watching. Coffee is also good :-)

9 March 2017

From Monteverde you have a fantastic view down to the Pacific coast and Nicoya peninsula
Restaurant around a tree
Refreshment in Don Juan's coffee shop
Finally the sun is coming out and we got the chance to see the Quetzal
swing bridge
Huge tree
close to the highest point of the cloud forest reserve. 1700 m above sea level
Awesome beauty
All the trails are well marked
This is the most impressive look out point, where the clouds from the carribean sea meet with the air of the pacific ocean. High speed winds with very high humidity.
Beautiful Cloud forrest, arrive early to avoid other groups
Beautiful cloud forrest, arrive early to avoid other groups. The park opens at 7 am that's the thing me to start. 5-6 hours are enough to walk all trails with no hurry
monteverde cloud forest welcomes us with a curious little guy

8 March 2017

30 km to Montrverde
Back on gravel
On the way back to the cloud forrest
Bye bye Nicoya
Almost back on main land
Ready for the next gravel roads to Monteverde

7 March 2017

The espresso in the Tango Mar Hotel does not make it to the top 3. When you see the reflection of the bar lights in your coffee there is obviously no crema on it.
Close to Montezuma - barely a one way bridge
continue to Monteverde on smaller roads
Santa Teresa
Cool rest room
Here is an update on the overall Costa Rica Espresso Ranking: #1: Rain forrest Cafe in La Fortuna #2: Coffee Roastery central market San Jose #3: Zwart Cafe in Santa Teresa Will keep on testing
Cool reception
Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa on the way to the beach
on the way or off the way to Santa Teresa
offroad trucking
Sunrise at Tango Mar Beach

6 March 2017

1000 kcal is what they call a small Pizza. Welcome to north american sizes
Good way to end a day with an ocean view beer
Arrived at Tango Mar
The very last piece of gravel for today
10 km to Playa Tambor
Police just opposite ATM - gives me a good feeling
Mal Pais we will do tomorrow
acufic view
Leaving a bit of dust behind
Just 50 km of gravel before we reach Playa Tambor
Looking forward to my first beer with Pacific view
Tough job at almost high noon and 35 celsius
Crossing the bridge to peninsula Nicoya
Following 1 to Nicoya
Pitstop at a petrol station. Those guys are makingan extra effort on security. Nobody can steel the soap :-)
Completely different landscape from the part where rain forrest still exists or exists again. Climate is dry and much hotter
On road Nr. 1
Drying my shoes after 2 days in the rain forrest - 35 degrees outside helps alot
Anonymus ? :-)
gravel road is fun
last crossing of rio celeste
on the way to Nicoya. A bit of mud and rain

5 March 2017

One last drink in Tenorio, tomorrow we will go to Nicoya
Costa Rica typical dinner, jam jam
The color is awesome
Too hot and too smelly for swimming
At Laguna Azul
thereid a reason
After changing shoes all Ticos are awake
when your shoe falls apart in the middle of the trail :-(
territory for advanced flip floppers
lets continue
nice place
Arrived at Tenorio National Park. Rubber boots for rent , to replace your flip flops. Wonder how many feet already sweat into this boots :-)

4 March 2017

Nice view on Rio Celeste
Trust the rust
Beautiful color of Rio Celeste.
Trust it or not ?
almost there
buce roads
Offroad feeling
Gravel Road to Rio Celeste national park
Ticos are taking good care of their roads
on the way to Tenorio
Lovely idea to have an ATM that can be accessed by car. Unfortunately nothing has been moving for the last 15 minutes.
Coffee with a view
The final bridge. Mistico is a very nice walk. Make sure you arrive at 07:30 to have the bridges for yourself. Later on there will be waiting time as only 15 people are allowed on a bridge at the same time. And the walk is much nicer when its quite
Bridge 2 in Mistico
Start of Mistico Hanging Bridges
Night was very rainy and clouds are still hanging deep. Can't even see the Vulcano this morning

3 March 2017

Linda Vista Viewpoint Panorama - awesome definitely one of the best view points in this region great to see the lake as well as the volcano just buy beer and enjoy the sunset
Finally some good coffee after leaving San Jose :-)
End of Trail, much less people :-)
Leaf Cutter Ants
Heliconias Trail
El Ceibo Tree
Some people really don't get the point of proper hiking gear :-)
Continue walking the National Park
Don't expect to be alone :-)
At the 1992 eruption
Beginning of Colades Trail
let's go vulcan hiking

2 March 2017

Perfect Vulcan View
City with premium vulcano view
Getting closer to Arenal
In Aquas Zarcas. Too much traffic even in the smallest town
Almost arrived in Venezia
One way bridges like in New Zealand
On the way to vulcan arenal
Driving away from the main road between San Jose and Limon is much more enjoyable
Travelling West and a bit north
bananas, bananas, bananas,..., Minions would go crazy :-)
Westfalia ? Sound almost like home
How else could you name a river in Bananas country
Bye bye TreehouseLodge, we are on the way to Arenal Vulcano Area

1 March 2017

Puerto Viejo
Bye bye Cahuita National Park
There are worse places on earth
River crossing
Very nice walk
Cahuita NP, beautiful also coming from the north
Day 2 in Cahuita. Entering from the north today

28 February 2017

End of Day 5 in Costa Rica. It has ben a great day of nature and photography. The howler monkeys woke us up at 04:30 am in the beautiful tree house lodge. So we decided to get up and followed the group of monkeys to the beach. Very nice start of the day. After having breakfast ourselves we drove to Cahuita National Park and took a 3 hours walk. Nice scenery and good wildlife . We have been lucky to see a sloth very close and stayed with it for 20 mins. We ended the day with a night walk in the garden of the tree house lodge, looking for red eyed frogs.
Sardines are famous in Costa Rica
Reached Cahuita Point, the most northern point of the national park
Cahuita NP
Cahuita National Park
Pre breakfast walk

27 February 2017

Arrived in the tree house lodge, tiny little place for the next 3 days
Cemetary in Limon
back from tuning shop
Chiquita Containers. It's all about Bananas here
Took me 30 minutes to get my first ticket in Costa Rica :-(
Working horse for the next 18 days
At the rental car office
Chiquita Bananas as far as you can see
Sun protection is important. On the way to pick up our rental car. In the middle of Chiquita and de Monte land
Back at the Bus Station
Bye Bye Evergreen Lodge
That's why its called rain forrest
Rain is on the way, time to leave Tortuguero

26 February 2017

Ready for hiking in the jungle - from 11 to 1 pm - guess this will be hot
Carribean Sea
Time for breakfast
Super relaxed
Canoe only area of Tortuguero
early morning canoe trip
Busy in the morning
05:30 local time. Ready for the canoe tour

25 February 2017

End of Day 2 - Awesome place for a bar
Don't swim :-)
deeper into Tortuguero
Almost there
Continue to evergreen lodge
On the way to Evergreen lodge
Mass Tourism :-(
Arrived at the entrance to Tortuguero
Bananas de Monte
Touri Stopp on the way to Tortuguero
on the way
Clean and muddy river
Time to leave San Jose
Closing Day 1 in Costa Rica at 19:15 local time. Next stop Tortuguero national park. pick up 06:30
Desert Crazyness
Time for food

24 February 2017

more street art
Goethe Institut ?
Banco Central
Inglesia de la Merceo
Car Parking
Protecting Airplane industry or pilots ? :-)
Not worth a visit as there is no real china town
Vodka Sachet - looks like an emergency pack
Huge Coke
Teatro Nacional
Pura Vida
central Market
Mini Cola
Chicken Planet
flowers 24 hours
Parque Morazan
Plaza De La Lebertad Electoral
Street Art
Exploring downtown San Jose. First stop Museo Nacional
Breakfast Costa Rica - omg Need to find alternatives :-) or do plenty of sports
Rice and Beans :-)
just waiting for our luggage and off we go to San Jose
Welcome to Costa Rica
Looks promising
Sun's rising on the way to San Jose
Next stop San Jose
Stop over Santo Domingo / Domenican Republic. Local time 03:50 am

23 February 2017

Travel food for super heros
Arrived in Frankfurt
Enjoy the rain and wind in Germany :-)
Let's trust Deutsche Bahn getting us to Frankfurt on time
Ready to go
Weather forecast looks good. Train to Frankfurt leaving in 6 hours

21 February 2017

48 hours to take off

4 February 2017

Route planning completed - ready to go

3 February 2017

3 weeks to go before touch down.

27 January 2017

4 Weeks to touch down Costs Rica. Looking forward to visit a country I haven't seen so far.

22 January 2017

Little more than 4 weeks to departure. Fully immersed into planning