Thailand · 2 Days · 5 Moments · February 2017

Miriam's voyage in Bangkok, Laos, Vietnam

17 February 2017

He became our personal chauffeur for a few hours taking us everywhere and anywhere we want. He dropped us off for food so we began walking around and bumped into two German guys from the hostel. We explained about our personal chauffeur so they decided to tag along. We went for food a rice, chicken, online and pepper dish the street food is very tasty. Then we decided to go back to Leo our personal tuk tuk driver, but he was gone and we did not pay him. One German guy recommended a market so we caught a tuk tuk. The market was mainly food and meat this was a big culture shock as there is no such this as storage and sanitation. Later we caught a boat to see a few temples. At this point I was feeling sick and tired but over all not great so I took some rehydration medicine and had an ice coffee. This helped and I carried on. At 4:30 I said goodbye to my friends and caught a tuk tuk for 300baht was originally 500baht but I haggled.
Woke up at 7:30am ate breakfast at the hotel, sat watching the city from the window its so interesting to just people watch. Later I began messaging Alexi a girl I met on lonely planet, we arranged to meet up but she was waiting to check into her hostel. I waited in the reception of my hotel, I was a big hungover and wanted to take it easy plus there was wifi. Decided to start speaking to a girl sitting behind me and we realised we had a lot in common. She is also a female traveler, but she was feeling really lonely as she had only just arrived and the panic began to set in. The night before I was feeling the same way, that's the problem with hotels you don't easily meet like minded people. I recommended the oh Bangkok hostel (the hostel David was staying at) and went with her to bring her things to her new accommodation. Leaving the hostel bumped into a tuk tuk driver who offered to take us around the main temples/attractions for 40baht, so I haggled down to 25baht.

16 February 2017

She inspired me to do what I love and everything else will follow. Later we went to koh sang road had a few drinks did some laughing gas, met amazing people. I ate a scorpion and a grass hopper they were crunchy like a salted crisp. Later I got a taxi back and I had the best night.
Woke up at 12:30am, had a bad night sleep. So today I'm meeting up with my brother who has been out here for 6 weeks, we met halfway between our destinations. We had ice coffees and I met his friend Mike a German guy David keeps crossing paths with. We stayed in the cafe a while and had a great catch up talking about a range of things. Can't believe how much he's changed, he has become a much more open and accepting person. After we went for food and Mike left us to go back to the hostel. We both had the Pak Thai, very tasty but even though I feel hunger but my appetite is gone. So I struggle to eat what I need for the day. We had a very meaningful discussion and it meant a lot to fully understand someone and for them to understand you, these people will only add and never take away anything from your life. They are the important people. Later we went back to Davids hostel and met a very interesting solo female traveler who blogs about travel, lifestyle and works in hostels.

15 February 2017

So after a 17 hour journey I'm finally at my first destination Bangkok Thailand. Once I got into my hotel room the jet lag hit me and I went straight to sleep, although now halfway through the night I'm still very tired but struggling to sleep. Very excited for tomorrows expeditions! What to do first?..