Hong Kong S.A.R. · 2 Days · 8 Moments · March 2017

Hong Kong // Art Basel // Craziness

26 March 2017

The "Ding Ding" - Hong Kong's street cars That tall two- story cable cars that move like snails amid the surrounding high speed buses. They look like they belong to an old fashioned movie scene. With the mahogany colored wood interiors, these were perfect way to slow down the pace a bit and sight see the HK island.
Not so much of "architecture," but one construction technique that struck me was their use of bamboo has the scaffold for the new high rise. And they are everywhere. I thought this was interesting, but must be an ubiquitous, common techniques in some parts of the world - no one else was gazing at the pile of bamboo stalks like I was.
Where the stuff comes from .... Ever wondered where those ridiculously cheap, one time use "stuff" come from? I think I found the source, or at least, I got one step closer to the source of the frightening throwaway culture.
Old temple.

25 March 2017

Bestest Food. I grew up thinking there's no better cuisine than Japanese. Then I discovered Korean, and recently, I savored the wonderful Portuguese. But, food offering in HongKong expanded my horizon yet again. I finished a really good swim session one morning, and started wondering through the narrow back streets for warm Congee. I found it. The "it" was a tiny Congee shop near MetroPark hotel where I stayed. There was a line for take out order of their fries bread. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood among the others until I got the attention of the shop owner. Half shivering, and sort of fading in the post swim starvation, I shyly said, "can I eat inside?" I was kindly ushered into the "restaurant space," which is a cramped corner of their congee/fried bread operation center. I whipped out my phone, found a google review on this place, and pointed to the picture of bowl of congee and rice noodle wrapped fried bread (yes it exists). Under $3 for both. Best Breakkie. Ever
Found fellow Trekkies! In a total coincidence, I found out that three of the Trek engineers are also traveling through HongKong! We met up for a dinner. Good to see familiar faces in a foreign land!
Art Basel Hong Kong This is the reason I came to HK! Visiting Art Basel has been on my radar for a while. The scene was somewhat chaotic with constant rubbing of elbows with the fellow gallery goers over the hottest modern arts from around the world. Found my new batch of "it" artists, techniques, and perspectives that I was smitten with.