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The Zamora's - Year 1

8 February 2018

I was so sleepy today. I wasn't very productive in school today but was able to get a few sentences and research in. Today consisted of relaxing, good meals, and sexy time 😍 This evening, J skipped his 5B meeting so we could see Laura and Enrique instead. They drove us to Hoki Poke and got some yummy food. Afterward, went to their house and played a card game featuring DC characters. It was fun! It was nice just spending and catching up with them. I tried looking up deals for them to Universal Orlando for their upcoming trip with the kids. We also found out about Laura's ancestry today. Now J is convinced he wants to try it too. Yay!

7 February 2018

I did a lot of school work today. I was telling J today how I'm actually interested in these two competencies, so I am excited. I know it's going to take a lot of work though. We had a dentist appointment early this morning and met my new dentist, Dr. Schraeder. I told him about my jaw clicks and he recommended I try a night guard first. We will be back in four months so I'll probably get fitted then. We saw Sarah and I wanted to eat dinner with her. So we made plans to see each other and everyone else at night. This evening, we went to Ekodo Richardson with Sarah, Jaime and the kids, plus Andi and Jr. It was a great time and good meal. Apparently, there was a famous Rangers baseball player there too. But I didn't notice him... Anyway, we'll hopefully see them this weekend. Jr wants to go have dinner and then dancing at the club haha!

6 February 2018

This afternoon, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A with Andi before our scheduled meeting with her. During our meeting, we renewed our Auto insurance then talked about life insurance (finally!). I had been wanting J to talk about this with her. Well, we finally got it started and have some great plans for them. It was nice to be with Andi. We also told her about HelloFresh and for her and Jr to go to bachata with us Monday. This evening, we also had a free dinner at Buca di Peppo to talk about time shares. It took forever, but got some great information I need to tell Daddy. This was also J's first time eating here at "Buca de Pepe" (ew, lol!) and he loved it! He wants to come back for Valentine's!

5 February 2018

Had a productive day today with my love. We put up our luggage, laundry, made appointments, and did homework. Jose even cleaned our luggage using a Mr Clean eraser! It worked wonderfully. Although we were productive, we didn't work out... It's ok. We exercised a lot with our trip, and I will make it a priority to workout tomorrow. This evening we hung out with Cynthia and Josh! Bowling at Pinstack, then dinner at IHOP. Reminder: I need to watch The Matrix

28 December 2017

Yesterday we got another baby sister. Alhamdulliah Aaliyah is a healthy baby girl, iA

24 December 2017

Went to Tita Tina's house today. I tried my best to act normal. It was still hard though because I feel guilty about Mommy. However, I was glad Jose was able to meet some people from my childhood. Here is a cute pic of him and Ayah.

14 November 2017

I'm in a bad mood today. I'm moody and easily offended. Idk why. I didn't get up in time. But was still able to get some stuff done. However - not timely at all. First went to the post office for Harley. Then Glossier in Dallas. Bought Ima's gift and split something with Harley for Remi. Then Michaels and got Christmas decorations. (after getting McDonalds). Then Starbucks and did some work. Then Barnes and Nobles. We set up the tree. It was nice. But I'm still in a bad mood...

13 November 2017

Visited mommy's house today. My husband was so sweet enough to rake the leaves outside. Our house was like the only one on the block with a leafy mess! And Absi was very helpful on helping Jose pack leaves up in the bag. And of course Asher is so cute. He did better with me petting him today - no scratch!

12 November 2017

The wedding for the Asuncions! The Filipino group went to our apartment afterwards and we played the phone game. It was a lot of fun. Billy and Johnny got us some Shake Shack

11 November 2017

Omar and Maribel's Baby Shower! We had a lot of fun. And a lot of wins! Jose won the baby bottle drinking contest. I won the game with the lime in between the knees. Also the one with feeding Hannah baby food the fastest while blind folded. Lastly, feeding Jose the fastest baby food too lol

2 November 2017

Ate at True Food after work to get our free Margherita pizza with purchase. Had an awesome server, great view of the fountain, enjoyed the weather and had an overall lovely dinner. <3

29 October 2017

27 October 2017

Bruno Mars!