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Milly & Finn

23 April 2015

Brazil & home

22 April 2015

Last night meal!

21 April 2015

National art museum
Serious dog walking!

20 April 2015

Horse racing πŸ΄πŸ‡

19 April 2015

Boca juniors stadium
La boca
The market on defensa

18 April 2015

Puerto madero
Woman's bridge

17 April 2015

Recoleta cemetery, which was really interesting - never seem anything like it. Majority were family tombs
Tried to go on a walking your of the city but no one turned up - did some sightseeing ourselves

16 April 2015

Our friends in BA, who we have spent most days with, tom and joe who we travelled with from Uruguay, angelica (Venezuelan), juan and Kate (columbium), nata and santiago (BA) and georgi (Russian)! This picture was taken during a massive thunder storm in which we all got drenched and it was really fun!
Plaza de mayo
Antiques market
Modern art museum

15 April 2015

Ferry to buenos aires
Loved this!

14 April 2015

Oh dear.......
Mi amigo
Cutest cafe
View from the old light house
Walking around again

13 April 2015

The river between Uruguay and Argentina
Quick look around when we got there! Absolutely tiny!!
Bus to colonia

12 April 2015

Giant hand!

11 April 2015


10 April 2015

Night in a castle
Staying with maddies godmother

9 April 2015

Met with Maddie!!
Breakfast by the beach
Punte del este
Ended up waiting in the bus station from 1 till 4 in the morning!

8 April 2015

Argentina or England?

7 April 2015

Journey to Montevideo

6 April 2015

Finn drinking mate
Empanadas and beer
Super hot one!
Amazing hot springs!!! Loads of different pools and temperatures!
Bus to cachueta

5 April 2015

Finn 19!

4 April 2015

Finns bday meal!
Wine tasting!! 4 tasters, two empanadas (pastys) and a free bottle of wine for 3Β£

3 April 2015

Rafting and ziplining

2 April 2015

Ordered a lasagne - this is what it looks like!
For David Viner

1 April 2015

Found a twin
Crazy roads to get up the mountains
Off to mendoza!

31 March 2015

Briefly back in santiago
Bus bus back to santiago

30 March 2015

Amazing jeweller, he made everything from cutlery
More street art
Love the buildings here!
Baltic heather

29 March 2015

Looked around the market
Hi mum
Market food πŸ›
Muffin hostel
Bus to valparaiso

28 March 2015

Nicolas took us sightseeing
Was crazy because we met this guy in Bangkok, and bumped into him!!

27 March 2015

We met our friends from Melbourne, they took us to their English club house, which was amazing!
Virgin Mary h
View from San cristobal
Love the graffiti

26 March 2015

Some street art
Bellas artes museum
View from our hostel
Fleeting moment in Peru

24 March 2015


23 March 2015

Manhattan beach

22 March 2015

Giant banana
Finn having anther haircut

21 March 2015

Making more friends...

21 March 2015

Malolo cat back to mainland

20 March 2015

Hermit crab racing
Basket weaving
Learning how to cook kokoda- coconut milk, raw fish, lime + salt(to cure), cucumber, carrot and sea grapes
Picking sea grapes with Michael the cook
Snorkelling again!

19 March 2015

Local game - slightly like pool but you have to flick the counters! And free cocktails
Free massage and clean clothes!!!
Tried some snorkelling just off the resort

18 March 2015

Had a nap and woke up to this!
Today we went snorkelling - have to download pictures from camera! It was amazing thousands of fish and so many colours

17 March 2015

Kava and dancing
Marie and florie who work at funky took me on a walk, there is a building site here with a 10 year contract to build a massive port...
Walked to the top of the hill near funky
Mini hermit
Our hut
View from our hut

16 March 2015

Free cocktails
Boat over to funky fish

15 March 2015

The giant sanddunes, went boarding down them
So many churches
Green green fiji
All the rugby teams were out

14 March 2015

Rugby! Fiji vs Japan
Finn and his 'brother hood'

13 March 2015

Corn on another beach
Road trip
Stopped for a swim
Bed bugs!!!

12 March 2015

The water comes out of the spring at 70c then it's filtered down to cool it into 3 more pools
Mud bath
Gardens of the sleeping giant

11 March 2015

16 dorm! NO AIRCON
Market (kava)
Bus to nadi

10 March 2015

Bamboo hostel
Beautiful fiji

9 March 2015


8 March 2015

Spot festival

7 March 2015

Mardi gras

6 March 2015

Giant waves Coogee

5 March 2015

Bondi beach
Coogee beach
Finn the poo fairy and Maia and Elah (finns cousins children)

4 March 2015

Habour bridge
Sydney opera house!
Darling harbour

3 March 2015

Flying into Sydney - dad you can see some sort of racetrack

2 March 2015

Goodbye meal with Adnaan!

1 March 2015

Kangaroo feeding!
Healsville park with Finns cousins family

27 February 2015

Victoria state library

26 February 2015

Botanical gardens in Melbourne for the day

25 February 2015

Went to st Kilda for a beach day

24 February 2015

Today we went to Victoria markets and then relaxed by the river

22 February 2015

Finns hair

21 February 2015

White night

18 February 2015

First day in Melbourne! On the phone to Finns auntie- where we stayed till 23rd which was really good!

17 February 2015

Philippines airport for 7 hours!!!

16 February 2015

B88 hostel
Went to art gallery today - tried to go up the building in the picture but we wernt allowed!

15 February 2015

Light show
Gardens by the bay
Singapore bay - spent the afternoon/evening here looking around and having dinner
China town
Little india
Another amazing banana leaf restaurant - this was a 3Β£ mixing plate, the guy was so nice kept bringing over different things for us to add to the meal and then at the end we got these seeds to freshen your mouth
First night in dorm - little India

14 February 2015

Arrived in Singapore

13 February 2015

Saw max and Kerry one last time - they got to KL today
Second cave, steps were horrendous to climb!
First cave we went in -thaipusam
Travelled to the batu caves, the monkeys were so cute πŸ’πŸ΅

12 February 2015

Our first sign of rain!!
Today we went to butik bintang - high end shopping place

11 February 2015

Amazing mini art galleries near where were staying in china town
Petronius (twin) towers in KL, we then looked around the shopping centre and park nearby them
The tickets for the LRT and monorail in KL so so cheap
Just went to banana leaf restaurant - 19 ringets for us both (under 4Β£)

10 February 2015

Finn at the Hilton (8 years on)
We got in at 5 in the morning, found a hostel had a little sleep before looking around KL. This is the space centre

9 February 2015

Relaxed on the beach all day before getting the bus and ferry to Kuala Lumpur - left max and Kerry in langkawi
Another beach bar

7 February 2015

Home from home, didn't do much today, looked around shops and relaxed on the beach

6 February 2015

Our favourite beach bar on langkawi
Went to an amazing beach on langkawi

5 February 2015

Banana boating 🍌 underwater world earlier in the day but didn't take pictures!

4 February 2015

Ferry from mainland to langkawi - the ferry we were planning on getting was delayed so had to get a taxi instead. So so sad to leave libong :(

3 February 2015

Crazy sunset - it was full moon and the tide went the whole way out to the island so me and Kerry walked to it
Hammock chillin
Crazy triangle spider we saw

2 February 2015

Finn and alex were taken squiding with the locals (some sea gypsies too) as it was full moon - ate them alive!
Inside the dugong look out point - we asked a boy to show us to a hill to see the sunset and he took us here, it was amazing!!
Very safe mopeds
Millions of tiny crab hatchlings! 🐚
Rescued a kitten! Our resort suggested we take him to the village, we luckily found someone to take him in
Snorkelling on the boat trip, one of the locals spearing a cuttlefish fish!!
Boat trip around ko libong, left around 9, we first went to spot dugong (but we didn't see any), then to bird spotting (ko muk) we then had lunch on ju hoo national park. After we went into the mangroves and then to thung ka beach to snorkel!

1 February 2015

A lady gave us some fish and we brought some crab to have a BBQ
The pier on ko libong - the kids from the village took us up and they were still building it.

30 January 2015

Alex and phoebe came to koh libong too
So cute

29 January 2015

Our hut
To the resort!
Ko lanta
Ko phi phi
Ferry down to ko libong

28 January 2015

Chilled by the pool today
Bungy jump!! So scary - 50 metres

26 January 2015

Finn and max went to thai boxing match and me and Kerry adopted a cat 🐱
First place we've managed to find good desserts at a market!
We got to phuket at 7 am, and headed to patong beach but it was to busy. 15 mins away was kata noi beach which was so nice!
12 hour bus down to phuket

25 January 2015

Bye bye bkk

24 January 2015

Bus back to Bangkok!

24 January 2015


23 January 2015

Stayed one night at paddys palms before heading back to Bangkok!
Swinging - spent the whole day on the beach.

21 January 2015

Fire dance whilst we were eating!
Our place at prao klong resort
Klong plu waterfall for the day

20 January 2015

Buffalo bills for dinner
Hired kayaks and kayaked to tiny island off ko Chang took about 30 mins
Sunbathed and had drink at pool bar

20 January 2015

Pool after we got back from kayaking 🏊
Bus to ko Chang (6 hours!!)

19 January 2015

Most amazing place ever, klong prao resort
Ferry to ko Chang
Roof pool, at sleep withinn. Didn't do much today

17 January 2015

This was so good!!
Cocktails 🍸🍹🍷🍻
Sky train!! To chatachuk market
Mum you can get these smoothies made with whatever fruit you want for 30 baht!
Tuk tuk - to new hotel on rambutchri rd (sleep within)

16 January 2015

Pat pong market
Pad Thai
The reclining buddha, made from brick and stucco with mother of pearl patterns on the feet. It's 46 metres long and 15 high! Thought to bring peace and happiness
Wat pho - first grade royal monastery and temple dating from first reign of royal house of Chakri. The colourful towers are called pagodas. The Chinese stone dolls were used to stabilise ships returning from trade with china, then placed as decorations in the temple.
Park near the wat pho - there was giant snakes and turtles swimming in the moat!

15 January 2015

Tuk Tuk πŸš™
Buddy beer (spent most of the day on ko San road- looking at the markets)
Prince palace
Street food near prince palace

14 January 2015

Prince palace hotel
Arrive at Bangkok airport!
Deli airport 🎎

13 January 2015

At heathrow 😁