Canada · 85 Days · 29 Moments · August 2017

Pearson College Term 3

19 November 2017

Guy Fawkes celebration with a makeshift guy, hot chocolate and my British first years

23 October 2017

Diving began today - we saw whales, octopi, giant crabs and swam with sea lions

22 October 2017

We went shopping in Victoria and I got a $7 jacket that I'm too proud of

21 October 2017

CAS Week begins - staying at Shaleen and Wally's and we went on a rainy walk

19 October 2017

I finished my bio IA today

15 October 2017

Apac pt2
I made a study buddy

14 October 2017

We had a truly amazing apac pt1
Our late night conversations ended up with matias portraying Humpty Dumpty at 3am

11 October 2017

I went diving in the kelp forests at prison rocks, swam with a shoal of rockfish and made a new urchin friend

8 October 2017

We spent thanksgiving weekend relaxing downtown

7 October 2017

Thanksgiving began with SAT and ended with dinner at Ted and Katie's

2 October 2017

TEDx meeting was clearly v productive

30 September 2017

NARD was a wonderful day filled with people looking vaguely better than usual

29 September 2017

Jelly growing life
Dry suits were tested and jellyfish were fed

22 September 2017

We have a bat in Vic House

20 September 2017

Mao had a good delivery and we had a productive session

17 September 2017

After the best Japanese film of all time we had a room bonding

15 September 2017

Snorkelling in the eelgrass meadow at Weir's Beach
Metchosin Day was pretty great

12 September 2017

Seagrass poster is making me v proud

5 September 2017

Brontës cake was a disaster without any eggs but her day was filled with love ❤️carried on through the night by an EE crash session with Tamar

3 September 2017

Buddy day in town and shrimp catching
Cultural speed dating ❤️

1 September 2017

Day began with the launching of the new outrigger - safety talk in the maxbell with Adrian as a bear

29 August 2017

First day back was a great reunion
After a stay at Anita's (a host family) for a night we finally made it back on to campus 🌞

27 August 2017

Journey back to Pearson was as chill as always - was struck by the difference between fields in Scotland and in Alberta!