United States of America · 271 Days · 19 Moments · December 2015

Miles and Smiles away USA. Exchange student✨

20 September 2016

Hello! Soo. On friday we made this awsome Monkey bread (no worry all lil monkeys are still alive) in my culinary arts class. It’s bread with suger and cinnamon taste and a little bit of vanillia 😍 It tasted soo good! I got the recipie and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the last time I made it ☺️ Later the day I went to my first football game. I had to take pictures for the yearbook, so I was able to be verrryy close to the players and the game. I was scared sometimes when they came running to me but nothing bad happend. I’m still alive soo. It was really cool. My school has a lot of school spirit and they were shouting and clapping for their them. ✨
Saturday we had our EF meeting and it was fun to meet the other students and to hear their stories. We had to play funny games, make thank you card for our families and got some information. In the end there was a big big biiigg buffet because every familiy had to bring something to eat. Loved to taste different food from other countries like asian food or italien food. 😊 Michelle and I made a beans dip and oh it sounds strange but it’s awsome 😍 Tomorrow my 4 week of school starts and I’m here for a month now. Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun. Feel really sorry for all the families and friends that lost a member today 15 years ago. It was tragic and horrible. Hope something like that will never happen again. 9/11. Always remember never forget. ❤️

13 September 2016

Story of the weekend 😂 Okay you want something to laugh? Here you go! Some people of Jeffs family (host dad) and I were playing the “heads Up” game. A person has their mobile phone on their head and the other people have to describe the word on the phone to without saying the word.
So our categorie was animals. The sister of my host dad had the phone up and a strange animal came up and the others were like:
“It’s verryy dangerous. It can kill you! It’s a fish” and then when she got it I started to google it and showed them a picture.
“Is it this one?” I asked.
They noded and suddenly the girl next to me ,Abby, said: “we’ve got it in our pool to clean it” to her sister and dad. And i was like:
All of a sudden all of the people around me started bursting in laughters and i was sooo confused. When they finally told me.
It’s also a brand of a pool cleaning machine!!! 
But my face was like: WHAT?!? 😂😂😂 Life of an exchange students 💁 You get used to it 😂😂🇺🇸

8 September 2016

Soo. I spend the weekend of Labor Day in North Carolina with my host familie and the whole family of my host dad ☺️🇺🇸 We went to a lake house, played games, cooked and had fun! 😊 On saturday we watch the Nebraska football game ( the family members are the biggest fans! they love and live for nebraska ❤️). I also got a big fat nebraska hoodie so you can call me a HUSKER now (PS. Nebraska fan☺️) 
However after all the competisions like the ping pong tornament or the seventure hunt we also spend some time at the lake. 
I tried to water skii, which was soo much fun! But when a boat came so close to us that it nearly litterly killed me i had to stop 😁 
After a big dinner with home made garlic bread and lasagne our family weekend came to his end. It was a great time and I hope I will see these people again! All of them are so lovely and kind! North Carolina is also a beautiful place! It definitely wasn’t my last time here 😉 Good night and see ya 💕

26 August 2016

Hiii! Today was a loong day but it was awsome. We pre celabrated the birthday of my host dad and went to topgolf to play golf ⛳️🏌 After that we played golf (I lost but hey at least I tried 😂) we went to one of the best BBQ restaurants in the US. It’s called Blacks 😎 In the afternoon after I finished my homework we played a card game called Hand and foot. It’s so complicated but is so much fun. But the best of the day was the good night s'more we made. If you don’t know what a s'more is: 1. the best desert i have ever eaten 2. cookie + chocolate + marshmellow 😍 When you eat it you feel like you would camp and sit next to a bonfire 😊
That’s it from me today! see ya

21 August 2016

Cajuen Food! 😳🇺🇸 Tried alligathor today! It was pretty good but tasted like kicken - lobster mix 😂 Really enjoyed Cajuen Food! Spicy but good! 😍

16 August 2016

First days 🇺🇸 Heyoo! So I have been here in Texas for like 3 days and it’s raining all the time. I expected sun and hot weather and instead of that I got flooding and wet clothes 😂👍 However I had a great time! We made awsome Buttercake Pancakes, went shuffelboarding, have been to a volleyball game at my school and cooked a speacial food called Birchermusli! (my host day is still trying to pronounce it right 😂)
Today was my first day “alone” but Kristin a family member (she’s the same age as me) came over and we played wii the whole day! I also met an other exchange student from germany and can’t wait to meet the one from Norway! But now I’m going to sleep! Night ✨

12 August 2016

Welcome Days 🙌✨ Hello! Soo.. I have been here at the EF Campus next to NY for 3 days. Tomorrow all of us 450 EF-exchange students will meet theor host families and start our adventure ✨ I’m going to tell you a little bit about Welcome Days. On the first day my group and I arrived at the JFK Airport in NY. There we got picked up from EF Staff and drove with a bus to the campus. I got my room and shared it with 2 other people. A girl from Norway and a girl from Thailand 🙈😊 On the second day we were put into groups. All the people in my group are going to Texas and our leader was born in Texas and lives there 😉 (IF YOU’RE GOING TO TEXAS CAN I GET A : HEY YOU'ALL 💪 GROUP 12 ❤️) 
We got lots of information about Texas our host families and other important things for our year.
Today on the third day we went to NYC 🇺🇸. It was a great but hot trip. All the people were sweating and every store with air conditioner was our best friend! 🙈 We went to famous places like 5th Avenue, Time Square and last but not least the Central Station 🙌 (Gossip girl fans couldn’t hold themselves back because that’s the place where Serena arrives in the first Episode) ☀️ In the evening we had classes again where we checked in and got the last information about the following day. Luckily I have to leave at 3:45 and not at 1:00 like other people 😳 After that we had BBQ and in the big hall was a party with lots of party games and snacks. It was great! Welcome Days were awesome and I will miss lots of people that I met here! I’m very excited to see my host family again and can’t wait to spend my year and life with them ☺️💕

10 August 2016

Preparation day, host family, flight.. ✈️ Hello 😊
One week ago I finally had my preparation day. It was a hard and long way to find the hotel it was taking part but in the end i just arrived 2 minutes late. You know the awkward feeling you get into a room full of people and they watch every step you take just because you’re a little late. Yeah that happend to me 😂 However the day was very long but it was nice to meet exchange students who have came back from their exchange! I got a lot of information and also a cute bag with lots of things in it. I finally have a selfie stick yeah 🎉☺️

3 August 2016

One monday I was so excited. It was a very special day. My host mum and dad arrived at my house and I wasn’t able to sit calm on my chair while I was waiting. We spend 2 lovely days with each other and I had so much fun! I still can’t believe that I was able to meet them befor my exchange and I’m so happy I did. Can’t wait to meet them again 😍
Today I got an e-mail from EF about my flight! I’m going to fly from Zurich to New York where I’m going to spend the Welcome Days! Only a few days left! 🙌✈️

3 May 2016

Visum ☺️ Heyoo, One week ago I went to Vienna to get my visum for the US. 
And clumsy I am it was a pretty funny day! 😂 My mun and I stood up very early and took the railway to get to the embassy of america. Our hotel was like an hour away. 
When we got there the first thing we saw were a huge white building with a electric fence around it. 
My mum and I gave each other the “okay?” look and then a man in an uniform came to us. I toöd him I’m here for my interview for my US visum and he suddenly started to smile widly. “You’re wrong you have to go the the other side of the city”. When he told us where we had to go we recognized that the new building we had to go was like 5 minutes away from hour hotel 😂 
When we finally arrived there my mum had to stay outside while I did everything to get the visum.
I waked through an security check and after that I had to go to a counter to check my paperwork. 
But as lucky as I am my photo wasn’t acceptable. 
I had to make a new one in the little photo box. But if this wasn’t enough I only had cent coins in my wallet and I wasn’t sure if I had enough to pay my photo. I stared to put every 10 cent coin into the box and hoped that it would be enough. And you know what. I had exactly the among of money I needed. 😂
After this everything went perfect and the interview was very fast and no one has to be scared about it! 
It was a very exciting trip but in the end I just can laugh about it 😂

19 March 2016

Birthday Card ✨☀️ Hello again! 👋😎
Sorry for not posting much lately but school is so stressful and I drown in my books. 😩
So.. whatever. My birthday was one week ago but yesterday felt like a second birthday to me. 
My mum came into my room and handed me a red letter. I was pretty suprised because to be true, I never get letters from anyone. So I took a look at the adress and saw: Texas.
I coudn’t hold myself back and jumped around in my room like a gummiball. 
My host family send me this lovely and adorable birthday card. It’s so cute of them and I’d made my day. Or my life haha 😊

6 January 2016

So. I thought it’s time to create my “diary map”. I didn’t want to take a normal diary with me bc when the little book would be full of, hopefully unbelievable and worth-telling stories, i would have to buy so many new ones. With this folder this problem is solved. I will be able to but as many papers as I want into it and it’s also easier to store fotos in it. I’ve got most of the picture from one of my favourite sides @weheartit! Can’t wait to starting to create memories. Btw. Last week I got a letter from EF. They informed me, that the meeting, where we will get some infos about our departure, the USA and other important stuff will me on the 18th of June. So excited! I will go to sleep now. Night ✨😊

24 December 2015

First contact! (: Hey! (: So i got the best christmas present ever! My host family contacted me via e-mail!! I was soo happy when I checked my mails and saw that I received an e-mail from them! (: The best thing is, that they love to travel as much as I do! Travelling is my passion and it’s so lovely when I’m able to share my passion with them. I’m just happy and this really made my year! See ya’! xx