United States of America · 5 Days · 16 Moments · July 2017

Roadtrip USA

1 August 2017

Nothin' to say...

1 August 2017

Custer national parc and its environments
Badlands are quite a bizarre place. Look surreal somehow...
More 1880 town
So funny. This town is so authentic, gets you the feeling of really living in this century. Honestly i'd like to :P

30 July 2017

Mall of America
Sioux falls 😍 beautiful place

29 July 2017

Mississippi river
Madison, a beautiful place for a short stop
Miller Brewery ➡️Milwaukee

28 July 2017

Chicago... Such a vibrant place. Enjoyed it way more than ny. It is less sterile, people are less stressed and way friendlier... Definitely worth a trip...
Chicago by night
Buildings in chicago :D
Different spots in chicago :D

27 July 2017

Navy pier :D what an amazing view during nighttime
Millennium Parc @ chicago... went there straight after my arrival.