North America, Asia · 30 Days · 18 Moments · October 2016

Mike & ZoΓ«'s trip to Thailand

18 November 2016

We arrived in Bangkok to spend our last night/day at the fancy W Hotel, to find out we had been double upgraded to the "fantastic awesome OMG wow suite" πŸ˜…... it was dope, felt like we were in a music video, and will probably never see a hotel room like that again. Now for the long journey to LA! Can't wait for some thanksgiving foods, and time to relax.

17 November 2016

Our last day in Chiang Mai. We rented a scooter (which crapped out on us and which we had to get off and push up a mountain) but pre-pushing... We started driving the mini Mae Hon Son loop and ended up at an enormous waterfall. Giant spiders are scattered about in huge webs, so be wary! The water had begun to swallow the trail but we made it to the top, aka lvl10, and then headed along our merry way. Wish we had more time to explore the mountains here as they're so truly beautiful. By the grace of god we made it back to Chiang Mai and in time to have a quick beer and some deliciously stewed pork from the famous 'cowboy lady' (living out our Anthony bourdain dreams). Quick flight to Bangkok and onto our last day in Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

16 November 2016

We had ourselves another wonderfully delicious and relaxing day, starting with some giant ice coffees. We then made our way through the scenic old city of Chiangmai, and found our vegan cooking class. We made a total of 10 things! Ranging from chili paste, pumpkin hummus, pad thai, and soup. All delicious, all very vegetarian and healthy. Afterwards we had ourselves a nap before heading into town for some live music. The North Gate Jazz Bar is a great hang out, filled with tourists and locals alike. The band was super fun, playing a range of covers, and inviting guests to join in. We did some more walking, found a lantern display, and a dragon statue before calling it a night. Last day is tomorrow 😒

15 November 2016

BUCKET LIST MOMENT: Our day began at 8am when we were picked up by our guide Omo. After filling the van with 10 more people around town, we headed north into the mountains. The elephant compounds are all very close together, but "Happy Elephant" was a rare sanctuary amongst these camps. After our brief introduction, we put on our smocks, and met a trio of elephants consisting of a 8mo old infant, his mom, and a 40+ year old female. We fed them, we walked with them, and we played in the river! The little one was a rambunctious 600lb ball of energy that wanted to wrestle everyone, and knocked over a girl in our group... hilarious πŸ˜‚. There was another family of 3 elephants, that blasted us with their built in water canons, I couldn't get enough! Truly amazing day.

13 November 2016

We got to Chiangmai at 9am after a 24hr travel marathon from Myanmar, so we were insanely tired. Ended up sleeping till about 4:30, after I had a brief bout of shock from dehydration and exhaustion, but rallied and got some dank vegetarian Thai food. The next day we dove into the city, and instantly fell in love! It's got such a friendly, relaxed, almost European feel (probs from all the euros), and just walking around is very enjoyable. We got ourselves sky and river lanterns nice and early, since the big release was taking place that night. Once the sun got too hot around noon, we retreated for a siesta, and gathered energy for the evening. The Yee Peng lantern festival is something else! So many people out and about, scrambling to find lanterns since they're in limited supply. Had some drinks at the THC roof top bar, before grabbing some great organic Thai food at Dada Cafe! We then high tailed it to the river, where we caught the magic, and released 😍

3 November 2016

Finally got some snorkeling in!! If you're able to get the 4 island snorkeling package on Koh Lanta for 600bhat, it's πŸ’― worth it. You get a full day on a long tail boat, with 2 snorkeling spots, a nice lunch on a beachy island, and a tour through a breathtaking pirate cave. Amazing day! You definitely want to eat breakfast before hand, and grab dinner shortly after since you'll be exerting lots of energy. The snorkeling is average at best, but the emerald cave is cray. Def recommend it! Now off to Myanmar 😍

2 November 2016

We had ourselves a beautiful beach day! Not many people around, but lots of bars offering great happy hour deals for sunset cocktails. We also tried Thai morning glory sautΓ©ed in garlic and butter which was fantastic! Very relaxing day πŸŒ…β˜ΊοΈ

1 November 2016

Compared to Koh Chang and Phuket, Koh Lanta is very laid back. Lots of jungle, sparsely spread out towns, and new resort construction seem to be what make up most of the island. The beaches are long, sandy, and beautiful with sandbars stretching far into the ocean. We did an awesome jungle hike to the only waterfall since it was raining on the first day, which also included a bad ass little cave! Many Swedish families on this island, and plenty of space to enjoy and explore.

30 October 2016

The last day on Phuket was probably our best! We scootered about an hour north to a nature preserve featuring a Gibbon sanctuary and gorgeous waterfall. The 500meter hike felt like a scene from the Jungle Book, with breath taking rainforest, and little river pools to swim in. We made it to the 30meter high waterfall, and couldn't resist going for a dip. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! After our swimming and hiking adventure we scootered back into Phuket old town and explored the Sunday Market. Best market thus far with gourmet food stands, featuring chefs from well know local establishments. So many Thai locals with their families, dressed in their Sunday best, the market had a wonderful vibe. We even found $3 specialty cocktails, which were phenomenal! The market began to die down around 10pm, so we grabbed some wine/beers and scootered home to relax. To anyone who says Phuket is to be skipped, I say it's all in where you go. The island is so big and has much to offer!

29 October 2016

Second day on Phuket we explored our peninsula further and ended up at the islands aquarium. Super fun, small, and easy to walk through and learn about the islands marine life. They have a 360' glass tunnel which is cool, and offered a view of the sea turtle which was my favorite. We then ventured into Phuket and found ourselves at the weekend variety market. Try ALL the food that looks interesting, it'll always be worth it. Personal favorite were the little quail eggs cooked with seafood, unbelievable good for 50baht. The rain came at sunset so we headed home, and didn't make it back out for any nightlife. Which was good since we need our rest after getting sun burned our first day 😳

28 October 2016

First day on Ao Yon Beach in Phuket was far beyond expectations! We arrived at our condo late at night, and was pleasantly surprised to be a few feet away from a private beach. We woke up to a view like non other, and went for a swim before grabbing a scooter for the day. Renting a scooter is a MUST on Phuket, since it's so large and varied from east/west/south. We hugged the coast going west, and happened upon a tiny beach nestled between two mountains. The roads are windy and steep, so make sure you're sharp when riding. After enjoying some beautiful beach time, we continued on towards Patong stopping at various scenic view points. The town and beach of Patong is inundated with tourists/people, so be wary if that's not your thing. We had drinks/dinner at this great little place called Iguana Beach Bar, which is known for having scenic sunsets. πŸΉπŸŒΆπŸ πŸŒ… Now, the nightlife in Patong... It's crazy, there are bars everywhere, gogo/strip clubs, and street performers.

26 October 2016

We got rained out our last full day on Koh Chang, but still managed to get down to the market pier for some delicious seafood. I helped Mr Gus install some plugins for his reggae tracks, and had a great time connecting over music. ZoΓ« and I traveled via sea/land/air to arrive at Phuket, which will surely lead to some interesting nights! I strongly recommend Bangkok Air, since they are relatively inexpensive and provide the BEST hospitality I've experienced on an airline. (Free coconuts!)

25 October 2016

Day 1 on Ko Chang was filled with pretty much being in awe of how beautiful our little beach and bungalow setup is. We kayaked for a solid 5hrs, saw monkeys playing on rocks, and came home to the best BBQ we've ever had. Our gracious host Mr. Gus is the best reggae artist in the island, and treated us to music, rum, and food!

23 October 2016

Last day in Bangkok was the best yet... got the best 🍜 I've ever had from the coolest guy, who sang beautifully while we ate. Explored the markets in the sweltering heat, and then went to Wat Pho which is next to the royal palace. The temple was incredibly beautiful, glistening colorful tiles, incredible statues, and the largest lounging Buddha I've ever encountered. Ended the evening at Moon Bar, on the 61st floor, with breathtaking views. Then ended up on Koh San Road with all the best/worst things, including lady boy gangs, buckets of mixed drinks, and whippets galore. no posted pics from that adventure πŸ˜‰

22 October 2016

Gotta say the best thing so far with Bangkok has been the food! You can spend all day trying street meats, and soups, and spending no more than $2 per dish... amazeballs. The river boats are by far the cheapest and most scenic way to get around. Trust nothing the tuk tuk drivers tell you, but still use them since it's so fun to ride them!

21 October 2016

Day 1 was a great success! Walked around Bangkok and tried some amazing street food. Made it to the back alleys of China town, saw some interesting things, and then took a tuk tuk back to our neighborhood called Silom.
I got bored at the airport... these giants were cool tho πŸ™ƒ

19 October 2016

Big adventure calls for a big plane :)