Africa, Europe · 9 Days · 83 Moments · June 2017

Mike's Munich to Venice

10 June 2017

Final selfie. Finished after a hot 108 km today. About 600km in all What a magnificent experience. Loved every minute of it. May have to come back and do it again ๐Ÿ˜€
The end
Entering Mestre
Riverside riding
Through farm lands
Last day cycling. Conegliano to Venice. Nice and cool this morning

9 June 2017

Day 6 complete. After a chilly start, a very hot 90 km in seven hours.
We are now into wine country
Day started off with a fast descent on Road with real switchbacks. Having too much fun to take photos but Graham was recording on go pro
My way of saying- coffee at Victorio Venteto at 13h48
Back on the main road again
Hotel for tonight. On strict budget
Lake Santa Croce
Then we did get some cycle track
Occasionally we were led through some tiny villages
Much of today spent on roads rather than bike paths
Gonna be a big day today. 90km and 1 500 m climbing. Will be hot too, with possible thundershowers in late afternoon

8 June 2017

Even though we've been in Italy for 2 and half days we noticed today as we cycled down that this was now more Italian and less and less Austrian/German. This picture now proves we are in Italy. You can hang your washing in the window!
Amother glorious day. Mostly downhill as we dropped down from the Alps. 6.5 hours, 65km.
Great finish to the day
Lunch with a view
We were famished, then saw a few deserted tables under umbrellas in a field. Turns out to be fine dining
Old Olympic ski jump
Cortina (not the Ford).. ski town
Onwards and downwards
Tourists from the bus again. Wishing they could ride a bike
More glorious track
Cappuccino and chocolate at the top if the pass at 15 km. Most if the rest of the trip (50 km) is downhill!!
More lakes, more beautiful track
Tourists on a bus. Ha Ha Ha
Day started off with a gently rising gravel track through Alpine Fotest
Neu Tolbach. The (now) traditional morning, start up selfie. Cos we won't look as fresh any time soon
Woke up with no major pains, just need to get riding to ease out all the knots! We are way up in skiing country. When the sun is out during the day it is hot, but otherwise can get chilly. This morning it is very fresh outside... 1 degree, but blue skies. Hopefully no rain today
Brisk, but sunny morning. View from bedroom...,

7 June 2017

Morning sefie
Moon peaking out on walk back from dinner
The most stunning day of riding. About 7 hours. 57 km. Didn't get lost today. Seems the Italians are better at signage than the Germans. Go figure
Stunning scenery as we wind our way through fields of flowers.
Rio de Pisteria/ Muhlbach - picturesque town. 50km inside Italy, it looks Italian but seems like mostly Austrian influence. The hotel manager is the Austrian version of Basil Fawltey. Don't think he's seen this sign outside the hotel! ๐Ÿ˜€
Having morning coffee in front if the hotel before packing then breakfast, then off for the dayโ€™s ride
We have decided to sleep a little later this morning to recover a little. No need for a watch with this view from my bed.

6 June 2017

Just finished. Started 07h45 finished 18h30. Did 108km instead of 90km because the signage is terrible Tired but was good day. Heavy rain twice. Quite an adventure. Particularly when we got lost and had to use the highway to get back on track. Arrived in heavy downpour, and went back and forth through seriously steep streets trying to find hotel. Eventually arrived, tired and wet through
Vipiteno Sterzing. All towns here have both Italian and German names
How do you decipher this sign? The blue is Munich Venice. The right answer is left
Despite being wet, great riding down from the pass
Bikes on train to Brenner pass
Train station in Innsbruck
Stopped at Swarovski. Impressed with electiric charging
Setting off from Hotel in Jenbach to Innsbruck
Long day ahead. 90km with a train trip from Innsbruck to Brenner Pass in the middle

5 June 2017

Graham's favorite waitress!!
At our hotel on Jenbach
Just the best day cycling today. Stunning scenery. The first 40km through forests and the second half past the Achensee Lake. So much natural beauty, and so few people to spoil it. I expected it to be scenic but I hadn't realised how spectacular this part of the world would be. I can't remember the number of times I said "wow".
No need for bottled water
Making friends in the forest
Graham having a dip
Carbo lunch
06h30 and view of Alps from bedroom. Thatโ€™s where we are heading today

4 June 2017

Evening stroll at Tergensee, then excellent Bavarian pork for dinner.
More from today
Day one cycling is done. Beautiful Bavarian countryside, even under cloudy skies and intermittent rainfall. The only negative is the signage on the route, which combined with a slightly dodgy GPS meant that we ended up doing 70 km instead of 60. Never mind all good. ๐Ÿ˜€
Pork sausage and sauerkraut. Delicious
Stopped at real Bavarian restaurant for lunch. Done 40 km in 3 hours and 18 mins. Lots of stopping, checking maps, cursing GPS, backtracking.... the locals seem to like the traditional kit. No English spoken.
Spent most of the morning lost, but really pretty countryside. Cool and some drizzle but not an issue
Old fashioned carbo load breakfast
Breakfast time. Starting to rain
Heavy rain and thunderstorms overnight but no rain now

3 June 2017

Did a sneaky 20km bike tour if Munich before we kick off tomorrow
Arrived. Sleep for couple hours. Shower. Then find a place just down the road for pizza and first beer!
Hotel in Munich. Looks like a cycle friendly city

2 June 2017

Now flying direct to Munich with SAA
Interesting start to trip!! Flight cancelled!