United Kingdom, Canada · 15 Days · 43 Moments · December 2017

Our adventure in Canada

14 January 2018

Home! Tired!! Amazing trip. 10/10 - would ride again!

12 January 2018

Last night at Ripley's Aquarium. Sad to go home!
Leaving The Blue Mountains... Maybe a little too much hot sauce!

11 January 2018

Well deserved after a day on the slopes!
More skiing!

10 January 2018

$10 staff discount Nachos! The joys of the English accent! Tally ho, old boy!
First night in the Blue Mountains!

9 January 2018

Let's go Raptors, let's go! Beat by 1 point in the last 3 seconds!!!
Raptors and Wurst

8 January 2018

Best Day Ever!!
Top day of skiing! Shoop shoop!

7 January 2018

Day 1 Skiing
Day one of Skiing!

6 January 2018

Frozen Lake Ontario.
Fort York!
Ice hockey

5 January 2018

Birthday Ice Hockey
CN tower
Lysette's 30th up the CN Tower

4 January 2018

A little wander around in the sunshine before the cold really hit!
Bahn Mi Boys

3 January 2018

Distillery District
Another successful day!

2 January 2018

Vegan foods at Doomies
Delicious vegan food. And only 99 calories! Ha!
Delicious, delicious beers!
Lysette's pineapple beer!

1 January 2018

New Year's Day at Niagara Falls!
Road trippin' to Niagara Falls!
Huevos Racheros! Nom!
Oh Canada!! Happy New Year!! Poutini's house of Poutine really made it!

31 December 2017

New Year's Eve!! 🇨🇦
Left our beer on the balcony. Beer slush!
Long Johns on: Doing it!
Working up the courage to go outside!

30 December 2017

The first night exploring Toronto! Bbbbrrrrr!!!