Guatemala · 3 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Mikayla's adventure in Guatemala

12 July 2017

Today Ruth told an abuelita that she had pretty eyes and she started crying and it was soooo sweet. She was super sweet, she kept like kissing our hand and stuff.
Today when me and Ruth went to the area with the abuelitas we met this kid who's Mormon and was volunteering with his school. He was like talkkng to us Im Spanish and Ruth was helping me understand and it was just super cool. I even knew a word she didn't know. She didn't know how to say autumn and I knew it was otoƱo. It was cool. I was really proud of myself lol.
I had a really good talk with Ruth today. I feel like I got closer with her. It always feels like things start to get super fun and great here like right as im leaving. I might come back again because I really just love it here and I love Spanish and the people here.
Today at the hospital was so awesome! Me and Ruth and a lady named Nicole I think took Melvin outside and we practiced walking around on the grass with the ball. He did so good. He could walk on his own for like a little but he needed help most of the time but with more practice he could totally walk on his own. He fell in the grass so many times and just got right back up. We practiced stairs with him too and he was so oooo determined. He fell in the grass so many times and he was so tired after the stairs. His cheeks were all red and he was sweaty but he never once got upset or wanted to stop. He was so persistent and ready to keep on going. Nicole also showed me some things to do with the kids since she's a speech therapist and works with kids like the ones at the hospital. She was telling me to like hold the ball in front of the kid and and if they want it and if they like respond you give it to them and say pelota. And she was trying to teach Melvin some sign language signs too.

10 July 2017

There's this girl In the volunteer house and she was talking about how she's living in Alabama and I was like omg where and she goes Huntsville! She's a nurse at Huntsville hospital. Fucking small world.
Every morning I see this old white man with a long white beard walking with a colorful bag

9 July 2017

Yes Jew bean we love you and we miss you have the bestest time" in all caps