Europe · 27 Days · 37 Moments · May 2018

Mikalah's trip through Europe

17 June 2018

Made it to Iceland for my last European stop. Had a good time at the Blue Lagoon and then dinner in Reykjavik at midnight. That picture is how light it was all night. Early morning surprise to find out it was Iceland’s Independence Day. While interesting it made it difficult to get to the airport and a kind stranger gave me 100 euro for a taxi when I started to panic. Turns out no need to panic because my flight is delayed

15 June 2018

World Health Organization on my last day of class

13 June 2018

United Nations in Geneva

12 June 2018

Sat out by the river and watched some baby ducks after class

11 June 2018

Geneva day 1 before it started storming
Views from the train and the view from my room in Geneva
Before I start that journey to Geneva I took a train to “The Top of Interlaken”

10 June 2018

Right outside of my hostel in Interlaken
A few pictures from the train trip from Lucerne to Interlaken
Rode up Mt. Pilatus in a cable car to 7000 ft. And then down the steepest train in Europe? The world?
More from walking around Lucerne. It is pretty much exactly what you picture when you think of Switzerland
Some famous spots in Lucerne

9 June 2018

Zürich: Probably the most beautiful (and expensive) city I’ve ever been in
Few hours walking around Basel and eating pretzels

8 June 2018

Spent the last day in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Walked though the red light district and went to the museum of prostitution and the sex museum. After we went on a canal tour which included pizza and all you can drink Heineken. Turns out on the close of week 3 all I can drink is not that much
Last day of class at the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons

7 June 2018

At the Escher Museum during our lunch break before the final trip to the ICC

6 June 2018

Beach in The Hague

5 June 2018

Pictures from our tour of the Peace Palace. Had a lot of thoughts about Harry Potter while we were here. Of course needed to take a picture with the giant Cat statute too.
View from the outside of the Peace Palace which was built in order to house the Permanent Court of Arbitration and now also houses the International Court of Justice

4 June 2018

Had a great time in Antwerp; and then a not so great time trying to get back to The Hague. The trains were not cooperating

3 June 2018

Went to a bar with 3000 beers that holds the Guinness world record for most beers. Taylor and I probably tried them all but our favorite was a cherry beer
Took the train to Belgium today and spent the day in Brussels. Saw the Grand Palace and walked around to earn ourselves a real Belgian Waffle and chocolate.

1 June 2018

Explored Cologne today and the Rhine river looks a lot like we were in Portland until you turn around and see the old town
Had a long day at the special tribunal for Lebanon and then got on a train to Cologne, Germany

30 May 2018

29 May 2018

Beautiful view on our way to the International Criminal Court

28 May 2018

Post first day of class
After a nice view and sunset last night, Taylor and I set out this morning for our first full day to learn how to use the transit. We used transit successfully and now we’re very earlier so we thought we’d check out a local brewery but it was closed...

27 May 2018

Moved into our home for the next 2 weeks and we have a little Airbnb Cat to keep us company

26 May 2018

Final day in Dublin started off with a tour of some crypts to see the mummified bodies in them and then to some other elaborate churches and the Dublin Castle. Ending with a Guinness and vegan sandwich at the world famous Temple Bar

25 May 2018

At the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and the little island it connects to there was the most beautiful view. It didn’t hurt that we had perfect weather especially by Ireland standards. Also made a friend who took some fun pictures of me. On our way in and out of this part of Ireland we saw a few different filming locations from Game of Thrones but all those pictures are on my real camera
My second trip out of Dublin took me through Belfast where I took a black cab political tour and learned about “The Troubles” and got a feel for the current political climate. I also briefly was able to see the Titanic Museum and the shipyard where it was built After Belfast we moved along to another UNESCO site, The Giant’s Causeway where we were able to decide whether the tale of the Giant or some science stuff was what created it

24 May 2018

After the cliffs we made our way to The Burren which is a UNESCO heritage site and also some of the inspiration for Lord of The Rings
On my first day trip away from Dublin I went to the Cliffs of Moher and asked strangers to take pictures of my for the first time in my life

23 May 2018

View in the little patio of my home at the hostel for the week