Europe, North America · 5 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Miami 2017/Q2

22 April 2017

Miami Beach. Hotellihuoneessa oli roskatkin valmiina

21 April 2017

Maailmanlopun pylväälle oli jonoa
Key West, osa 2
Key West

20 April 2017

Four hours and 250km. The beginning of US 1 in Florida, road to Key West, is something to see. Unfortunately I saw absolutely nothing. After quite a few involuntary detours at downtown Miami, I was finally heading the right direction around time of sunset. Soon it was totally dark. All I could see was the small part of the road at the headlights, occasional police patrols enforcing the too-low speed limits, and a few of their customers. With a bit of luck, help of cruise control and others speeding more than me, I didn't became another marking in the statistics. Got to my hotel just before midnight, only to find out all the bars nearby are closed. Well, need to start early tomorrow

19 April 2017

Line 10, pick any car. Keys are inside.

18 April 2017

Iberian lentokoneruoka ei saa peukkua ylös
Lähteminen on kaaosta. Ei aikaa keskittyä eikä panikoida