Philippines · 30 Days · 18 Moments · June 2017

Miguel's adventure in Philippines

20 July 2017

SELF EVALUATION In my short time in the PNRI, I've learned more than just working in a library. I learned to be in a professional environment. I learned that it takes a well rounded person to be a good librarian. You also have to be creative, adaptable, physically sturdy, perceptive, resourceful, and even bold and unflinching. Did I do well in my time in the PNRI? I can say for certain​ that I've done enough, but not as well as I had hoped to do. If I had more time to do the things I was supposed to do, I could proudly say mission accomplished. But even as I write this, I still feel uneasy about the unfinished work I will turn in tomorrow to Ms. Rissa. Maybe one day I'll come back here to continue the job I had left behind. But for now, it's time to say good bye.

17 July 2017

On the last day of our OJT, I did everything I could to finish my work, but I couldn't. At best I was halfway to completing the booklet. Ms. Rissa was proud of it anyway. As a parting gift she gave us each a shirt and left over nutri bars from the NSTW. I couldn't believe it was our last day. I genuinely will miss working here.

13 July 2017

On the third day of the NSTW, Ardee, Ken, and their two other friends plus Ms. Rissa joined me and Jesse in driving to the World Trade Center. It was like a field trip with 5 of them cramped in the back seats while we all enjoyed snacks and music on the way. For the most part, the exhibits remained the same. Mr. Hanz asked me to help film a seminar while Jesse was asked to handle a registration booth. But other than that, we were just free to roam the exhibits. I met with my friend and former co-student council member Khasian. She now works for the DOST-STII. Apparently it was DOST-STII who developed the system which uses the computer which I cannibalized a monitor, mouse, and keyboard from. Oops.

12 July 2017

It's the second day of NSTW aaaaand... We're back in the library. Apparently we weren't needed there today. So it's back to our usual desk jobs. I did need to finish up some stuff anyway. I worked on a milestones section of the booklet. Getting the font and the theme just right is hard. Especially for a government facility where everything is uptight. Professional and appealing to high schoolers don't exactly blend together very well.

11 July 2017

On the first day of the NSTW I woke up early to make sure that we reach the World Trade Center early. In doing so I tired myself out so I couldn't roam the exhibits when we got there. Luckily there wasn't too much work to do just yet, so I was able to sit and rest on the sidelines for today. The exhibits were mostly technical, demonstrational, and tasty. That last one was very true since the central part of the exhibit was all about food. Even our booth on the corner had food: Honey Nutribars

10 July 2017

The NSTW starts tomorrow and since we're part of the NIDS (Nuclear Information Dissemination Section), us OJTs have been called upon to help set up and document the event. But mostly we're extra hands for whatever the staff needs help with. The first day went... Well. Aside from the MEST van crushing the wooden platform it was supposed to be on, the ingress went pretty smoothly. As I have always theorized, ingresses always provide a team building experience. This is where Jesse and I got to better know Ms. Tina, Mrs. Rhoda, Mr. Hanz, and Ms. Rissa. Mrs. Rhoda was particularly nice. She had this grandmotherly feel to her that you just can't fail to love. That means she kept us fed all throughout the ingress. We also had a mannequin dressed with a radiation suit. I call him Geoff.

7 July 2017

Today we finally met our mysterious 4th co-worker. A fellow OJT named Ken also from New Era. With his creative input, I was able to finalize the map's design. It turned out so much better than what I had originally envisioned. Sometimes it actually does pay to listen to others' ideas. Who would have thought? *Lol*

6 July 2017

I decided that tests and games were not going to be enough to fill the booklet so I decided to throw in a map of the PNRI compound. With the help of Mr. Hanz from the NIDS department, I was able to take a decent shot of the scale model of the PNRI compound. It'll have to do since we can't use the drone to take an actual aerial photo.

5 July 2017

I decided to liberate more of the unused computer's peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard to help me better use Photoshop. I set myself up a nice little workstation similar to what I had at home. Ardee and I were able to set up an internet connection using LAN cables and some command prompt wizardry. Add a comfortable computer chair to that and I have the perfect workstation to make a booklet for guest students.

4 July 2017

Today I've been assigned to create some quizzes designed for elementary and high school students who usually tour the PNRI. I took advantage of the unused computers and hooked one of the monitors to my laptop since my laptop had a defective screen. I used photoshop to create simple tests and games such as crosswords, wordhunts, etc.

3 July 2017

I've finished scanning all of the Nucleus journals we had. Since Ms. Rissa had a meeting for the rest of the afternoon, Jesse, Ardee, and I had nothing to do for the rest of the day except keep the library manned. I've forgot to mention in my previous entries, but we also enjoy our time here outside doing our tasks. The cafeteria staff has gotten to know us since we buy a lot of snacks. I think they're fond of me especially since I'm the only one who takes the time to bring down our food tray back to the cafeteria (we usually eat in the library's backroom on the second floor). The NIDS department's, the department which the library is under, staff is very fond of us as well. It all feels like we're treated like children, doted on by titas and lolas.

30 June 2017

I am making cracking progress on scanning the Nucleus journals. It is tricky to scan books with stiff spines, but it's a good thing the scanner I'm using has a detachable lid. God I hope it's detachable, or I may have broken it.

29 June 2017

We're still scanning fat stacks of documents. My main focus are the Nucleus journals. These journals date back to the 60's when they were just 8-10 pages long. But today, I'm scanning the 80's and 90's issues that come in 50 or so pages. The job's getting monotonous, but it's a good thing Ms. Rissa let's us walk around, listen to music, take breaks, basically anything that keeps us motivated.

28 June 2017

Today Jesse and I started talking with Ardee, the library's other OJT. He's younger than us and goes to New Era College just across PNRI. He and Jesse scanned old documents while I scanned old journals. We've finally moved on from indexing

27 June 2017

We're still indexing newspapers and/or clipping them. Unlucky for us the batch of newspapers we were doing were issues when North Korea was having another one of its tantrums. For us that means every issue had at least one article involving nuclear weapons. But hey, at least now we know to automatically tick the Proliferation and Terrorism boxes when we see North Korea.

23 June 2017

We received our ID's today. It feels like we're really a part of the PNRI staff now. As for our today's task, we've went from indexing newspaper articles to making newspaper clips for future trainees to index.

21 June 2017

I'm starting to develop a smooth flowing procedure for indexing newspapers. I like tasks like this where I can break it down to something I can do step by step in a rhythm. I hate staring at things for too long because it holds me up. It destroys the rhythm.

20 June 2017

The first day of any job always require some kind of settling for newcomers. The attire, the manners, the temperature, the smell, the people, it all takes time to get used to. But for us, we settled in pretty quickly. Our supervisor, Ms. Rissa Amper, made sure of that. She was as enthusiastic to have us as we were to have her. We arrived early, but our job wasn't to begin until after lunch time where ma'm Rissa finally found us our first task: newspaper indexing