Denmark · 198 Days · 3 Moments · February 2014

Mie Ørbæk's odyssey through Denmark

6 September 2014

Tønder, Denmark If i should choose any place to visit in Denmark, this instant, i would choose 'Kloster cafeen' and sit at the table by the window. I am happy that i managed to visit before they closed

30 August 2014

Tønder (Tondern) - Denmark If you are fond of folk music, you should make sure to plan your trip to Denmark in time to visit Tønder Festival. It is an entire weekend with folk music and beer and i guarantee it will be worth the wait (and possibly rain.) I have visited a lot of festivals but never experienced anything like this. There's a nice atmosphere and you discover that quite a lot of artists hang out in the bar at night.

20 February 2014

Visiting the Wadden sea might be one of the most special experiences you can get. Danish children from the Southern part of the country, are taught all about it in elementary school. It is beautiful and unique and it contains a lot of bird species. This is however not a picture of the Wadden sea. At the Weastcoast there is great opportunities to collect amber and a lot of tourists do so.