Australia and Oceania, North America · 88 Days · 91 Moments · August 2018

Mick's tour through Canada

28 October 2018

Trip Summary: Distance driven - 19,500km (5,500km shared with Matt) Trip duration - 88 days Total spend = $13,185 ($150/day) Spend breakdown - Airfares - $2,563 (incl. $613 change fee) Car - $3,000 (buy, sell, taxes, insurance) Fuel - $2,000 (ave $1.40/L) Accomodation- $500 (mainly free camp) Food/drinks - $4,000 (approximately) Other - $1,185 THE END ✌️
Day 88 - 28th Oct had a nice rainy day sleep in then went out to watch a movie (A Star is Born). Afterwards I had a wander around town, grabbed coffee and cake then back to the hostel to have a shower and pack my stuff. Currently at the airport waiting on my 11:55pm flight arriving Sydney on Tuesday 9:30am. Thanks for the memories Canada, it has been a trip that I will never forget ❤️✌️. Weather - 12 rain periods Spent - $135

27 October 2018

Day 87 - 27th Oct up early again and drove 35 mins to Surry to meet Ramaht and execute the car changeover. On the way back to the hostel I picked up my packed bike then changed my flight home and cancelled my car insurance. When all of the loose ends were tied up I could relax. In the afternoon I stopped into a few breweries , had lunch and later walked to Rogers Arena to watch the ice hockey. Unfortunately the local team (Vancouver Canucks) lost but it was quite the spectacle. On the way back to the hostel I passed hundreds of party goers dressed in Halloween customs out for a good time. In bed by midnight. Weather - 13 sun then rain Spent - (-$3,750)

26 October 2018

Day 86 - 26th Oct up early to drop the car off for the BC safety inspection. While that was getting done I bought tickets for the hockey tomorrow night and rode my bike to a store to get it packed for the plane. The mechanic repaired a few items and passed my car so I visited an Autoplan broker to check that I was good to sell and transfer ownership. Back later I did some wash and a fellow came to look at the car and put down a deposit to be finalised tomorrow. When that’s done I’ll change my ticket to fly out Sunday night. Weather -15 partly cloudy Spent - $760

25 October 2018

Day 85 - 25th Oct after breakfast we drove out to the glass place to replace the car windshield. The fellow (Dan) informed me that the driver and passenger windows are not allowed to be tinted in BC so he stripped them for me also. He was a great guy driving us to and from the train station to go to downtown and kill 4 hours. We had lunch then watched a movie (A Simple Favor) before returning to the car. Back at the hostel we made up some signs and listed the car for sale on Kijiji and Facebook. We had pizza for dinner and had a look in a marijuana dispensary, we you can go and have a few joints/bongs and hang out just like a cafe. I drove Leah to the airport in the evening and I’m with her waiting until it’s time for a sad farewell to my little travel buddy. Weather - 12 showers Spent - $620

24 October 2018

Day 84 - 24th Oct we were approached by security to move on this morning but we were about to leave anyway. Late last night we found out that my father in law’s condition has worsened so we made plans to get home and support our family. We caught the early ferry to Vancouver then drove to Whistler to sort out our gear etc and clean the car. We drove to Vancouver Downtown Hostel then booked Leah on A flight for tomorrow night back to Sydney. I’ve booked my car car in for a new windshield tomorrow and a mandatory safety check for Friday morning. I’ll list the car for sale tomorrow for a keen price and hopefully find a buyer this weekend then settle the legal stuff Monday/Tuesday and fly home mid next week. It’s a sad and early end to our trip but family is the most important thing. I plan to keep my journi going until I leave Canada, hopefully next week. Tonight Leah and I toasted Petar Prenc ❤️ Weather - 12 sun/cloud Spent - $462

23 October 2018

Day 83 - we awoke to a low cloud day which dashed our plan of climbing one of the nearby peaks. Instead we had a look at Lady Falls and Lupin Falls then drove back to Campbell River for a Tim’s brunch. From here we took the scenic coast road south to Nanaimo and visited the aquatic centre for a swim, sauna, spa and shower. We stopped off at the regional library so Leah could send some job stuff then headed to Parksville a little north to have a feed and watch two movies- First Man and Sharkwater Extinction (both very good). We overnighted in the nearby car park. Weather - 10 cloudy Spent - $86

22 October 2018

Day 82 - 22nd Oct we stirred the ashes and got the fire going in the morning and chilled out for a few hours by the lake in the morning sun. On the drive back down south we stopped into Woss and Sayward for a peek before returning to Campbell River. After a DQ lunch we had a wonder around the sea front and later got some supplies for dinner. We then drove west to Strathcona Provincial Park and set up camp at Buttle Lake campground . We had a walk around, cooked dinner and had a fire. It’s very quiet here and we’ll have an early night Weather - 14 sunny Spent - $114

21 October 2018

Day 81 - 21st Oct we got up early and had a look at Elk Falls before anybody else got there. From here we drove just under 2 hours to Telegraph Cove , cooked up brunch and had a wonder around this pretty little northern outpost. We then continued north for another 40km stopping at Port McNiell and Port Hardy for a look. Late in the afternoon we picked up a few supplies and fire wood then headed back south a little to a beautiful free camp along Nimpkish Lake. Leah cooked a nice dinner then we spent a great few hours having a few drinks, talking and listening to music around a roaring fire with a full moon beaming on the lake. It was the best night ❤️ Weather - 14 sunny Spent - $13

20 October 2018

Day 80 - 20th Oct we said our goodbyes to Brandon and Lizzy this morning and left the awesome coastal town of ❤️Tofino❤️ and drove across the island to the eastern side. We had a few short stops along the way - Port Alberni for lunch, MacMilan Provincial Park old growth Douglas Fir tree forest and Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. Heading north up the east coast we stopped off at Comox Valley information centre then drove on to Campbell River. We checked out a camp spot at Elk Falls Provincial Park then went back into town for a Chinese dinner. I’ll be doing some trip planning tonight then a fairly early night. Weather - 17 sunny Spent - $102

19 October 2018

Day 79 - 19th Oct after breakfast we drove back to Ucluelet to do the last 8km section of The Wild Pacific Trail then we had lunch at Zoe’s again. It was a beautiful day so we sat in the sun beside the river/harbour watching the seals swim back and forth. In the afternoon we drove back to Tofino and did the Tonquin Trail to some remote little beaches . We saw Brandon, Dillon and Alex so we hung around the rocks for a while taking pictures in the nice late afternoon light. We later watched Brandon, Lizzy and Dillon have a sunset surf while Alex flew his drone overhead taking cool footage. Leah cooked Spanish eggs for dinner and we are about to walk to the beach to have a fire and a few drinks with the crew. Weather - 16 beautiful Spent - $35

18 October 2018

Day 78 - 18th Oct we did a bit of a day trip to the Pacific Rim National Park and Ucluelet today. There was a couple of walks in the National Park (Rainforest Trail and Bog Trail) that was very nice then we headed to Ucluelet 40 mins away to have lunch and coffee at Zoe’s Bakery (yum !!!). After lunch we did the 2.6km Lighthouse Loop of the Wild Pacific Trail through beautiful old growth forest and past craggy coastlines. It was a little misty and cool which added to the dramatic scenery. We popped back into town to have a look around then came back to Tofino to pick up some supplies. Leah cooked up spam, eggs, tomato, mushrooms and baked beans which was yum. After dinner we had a walk around a hippy community called Poolsland then went to The Shed bar and restaurant where Brandon and Lizzy worked and had a beer. We followed everyone to the Tofino Brewery and had another beer before headed back to set the van up for the night at 10pm. Weather - 14 mist/fog Spent - $

17 October 2018

Day 77 - 17th Oct got up and had a walk along the beach and checked out another caravan park while Leah slept in . We had brunch then went to Chesterman’s beach to watch Brandon surf. After a while we checked out the tourist info centre and planned some walks for the next day or so. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the supermarket and walked around town checking things out. Back to the beach for sunset and a bit more planning then dinner back at the van park. Leah went to bed fairly early and I watched a movie in the camp kitchen. Bed at 11:30pm Weather - 15 sunny Spent - $10

16 October 2018

Day 76 - 16th Oct well you are full of surprises Canada 🇨🇦. Brandon took us to a few beaches (MacKenzie and Chestman) around Tofino and we did a trek/climb up a big hill for a nice view. After Brandon went to work in the afternoon Leah and I did a beach walk along a spit and out to a small island. We found a beach to do some stretching and admired a beautiful sunset over the ocean. We cooked dinner in the camp kitchen then went to the local craft brewery for a flight (sample paddle) each. A group of Brandon and Lizzie’s friends met us there and after a while I drove back to the camp spot and left the youngsters to party on. 11pm to bed. I Weather - 19 gorgeous Spent - $16

15 October 2018

Day 75 - 15th Oct after breakfast , shower and a look around White Rock we drove to the ferry terminal at Tsawassen and caught the 12:45pm car ferry across to Nanaimo , Vancouver Island. Before boarding we met Al a retired Canadian United Nations officer who happened to be a guitar teacher. He taught me a few revelation techniques and we jammed at the bow of the ship during the crossing which was very cool. When we landed it was another 3.5 hours scenic drive to Tofino and we arrived just after sunset. We caught up with Brandon, Leah’s friend and a guy I also know from Nelson Bay. He was working so we scratched up bits and pieces for dinner and found his camp spot. We feel like we’ve been travelling all day and are quite tired so an early night and fresh day tomorrow. Weather - 17 sunny Spent - $203

14 October 2018

Day 74 - 14th Oct up at 6am and out at very first light to spot beavers . With patience and perseverance we spotted two of the critters and heard a loud bear nearby cranky about something or other. After breakfast we walked out and back to the Coquihalla Canyon and Othello rail tunnels in amazement at the engineering feats to get the railway through the mountains 150 years ago. Later on we hiked up Thacker Mountain for a nice view of town and surrounding scenery then had lunch along the river. From Hope it was 1.5 hours to White Rock on the west coast an hour south of Vancouver. We caught up with Leah’s friends Trevor , Hannah and Rebecca whom she met in Brazil . We had fish and chips by the beach and had a few brews at some local seaside bars . We are sleeping at the front of their place tonight. Bed at 12pm Weather - 17 gorgeous Spent - $112

13 October 2018

Day 73 - 13th Oct a great nights sleep then drove back to Clearwater for a Tim’s breakfast and coffee . Heading south we dropped in to have a look and walk around Sun Peaks, Canada’s 2nd largest ski resort. Heading south again we had lunch at Merrit and watched a local all age mixed gender softball game which was pretty interesting. Our last leg was onto Hope where we got some tourist information and sorted out a place to free camp for the night. We spent the night at a local pub having a few beers, dinner and watched a local blues band. Early 9:30pm bed as we are getting up before sunrise tomorrow to try and spot beavers and otters nearby Provincial Park Weather - 16 sunny Spent - $113

12 October 2018

Day 72 - 12th Oct after a good nights sleep we cooked coffee and oats waiting for the information office to open. We got some info, maps and firewood then headed into Wells Gray Provincial Park. We did a few shortish walks and saw some pretty nice waterfalls (Spahats, Moul, Dawson and Helmcken) along the way . There were several scenic points along the 65 km drive and we finally arrived at Clearwater Lake campground late afternoon. We had a warm bucket bath and got a fire going and now cooking dinner with half hour daylight left. It appears that we are the only ones here and being off-season the camping is free. Weather - 9 mainly cloudy Spent - $67

11 October 2018

Day 71 - 11th Oct up around 8am then drove up Maligne Lake Rd to find a nice sunny spot along the river for breakfast. We drove past Medicine Lake and then onto Maligne Lake. We attempted a 8.5km hike on the Opal Hills Circuit but had to turn back as it was too icy and we don’t have the right footwear. We decided there and then that we need to leave the high alps and head for lower ground as we would find every trail difficult plus it didn’t make sense to buy snow chains for just a few days. On our way back to Jasper we stopped and watched a Mum and baby Moose grazing. We fuelled up and had a bbq Chook for lunch, drove west then south to Clearwater. We stopped at Rearguard Falls and Little Hell’s Gate along the way for a look. We are sleeping at the tourist information centre where we cooked a nice spag bog, read for a while then bed at 9:30pm. Weather - 6 sun then cloudy Spent - $58

10 October 2018

Day 70 - 10th Oct we got up to see and walk Katie to school and also say our goodbyes to Connor and Wanda after a brilliant 5 nights with them. We drove back to Jasper arriving early afternoon then sorted, washed and dried our clothes. We had a look around town and considered our sleeping arrangements for the night . We saw that the forecast is for -9c overnight so we booked into the only Parks Canada campground that is open (the rest have closed for winter) getting a spot with electric hookup so we can run the heater. We had a nice fire and cooked a yummy mince stew with veggies and crusty bread. Bed at 9:30pm as it’s getting mighty chilly outside. Weather - 6 mostly sunny Spent - $93

9 October 2018

Day 69 - 9th Oct after breakfast we drove to West Edmonton Mall with Connor (Wanda’s son). This is the largest shopping mall in North America and it houses an aquatic centre, wave pool, indoor bungee, roller coasters, amusement park , ice skating rink, hotel, restaurants etc etc. after looking around for a few hours we headed to nearby Telus World of Science which is similar to Questicon in Canberra except on a larger scale. They had a great full scale and moving dinosaur section plus a good section dedicated to space and a planetarium showing the northern lights phenomenon. Late afternoon we watched Katie (Wanda’s daughter) doing her dance school routine and then headed out to Boston Pizza to celebrate Kyle’s birthday (Wanda’s other son). Back to Wanda’s for a chat then bed at 10:30pm Weather - 0 cloudy Spent - $126

8 October 2018

Day 68 - 8th Oct woke up to a sparkling fall morning with a few inches of snow on the ground. We chilled out at the lake cabin for a few hours after breakfast then drove back to Smith and said our goodbyes to Wanda’s family. Halfway home at Westlock we dropped in to visit Wanda’s grandma who is turning 101 next month and we were amazed at how physically and mentally fit she is. Back at Stony Plains , Edmonton at 5:30pm and Wanda cooked up a nice meal including Moose steaks that were tender and very nice. Wanda’s ex James came for the meal and we chatted the hours away before eventually getting to bed at 11pm. It has been a great Thanksgiving weekend !!! Weather - 1 sunny then cloudy Spent - $72

7 October 2018

Day 67 - 7th Oct we had a pretty chilled morning. Leah cooked pancakes then we all went for a walk around the lake with snow flurries whipping around us. Wanda drove us to see see some of her family, stopping in for coffee , drinks and food along the way. We got to her mom and dads at 5pm , had a few drinks then tucked into a big turkey Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. In the meantime it was snowing pretty hard outside making the day super special. Some cattle got out on the road so we were out in the snow on a quad bike rounding them up back into the paddock. We stayed for pumpkin pie, chatting and drinking then eventually headed back to the lake. We watched a movie then hit the sack at around midnight. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner with wonderful new friends in the snow on the other side of the world - bloody unreal ❤️ and a day to remember forever Weather - 1 snow Spent - $0
Day 66 - 6th Oct after a good nights sleep we had breakfast then packed the cars and headed 2.5 hrs north to Fawcett Lake. We stopped into Wanda’s parents place at Smith for a while to meet them and have a chat. After arriving at the lake cottage we unpacked and chilled out for a few hours before Wanda’s extended family came up. In the end there was 20 people and we drank, chatted and ate. Rob Wellsmore worked up here 32 years ago and knew most people here so it was good to hear stories from back in the day. We video called Rob and had a great night. To bed by 12pm after a few Bundies. Weather - 3 cloud / snow flurries Spent - $10

5 October 2018

Day 65 - 5th Oct had breakfast then looked around the township of Jasper. We drove to a few nearby lakes then did the Old Fort Road hike for a view over the town and hung out with some local big horn sheep. Nearby we also walked close by a herd of Elk happily grazing near the trail. After a nice lunch along the river we went to Maligne Canyon to do a nice circuit walk. As the day was getting later we pushed on towards Edmonton to meet up with Wanda, friends of Rob Wellsmore. We had a few drinks and chatted for ages before getting to bed at 2:30pm. Weather - 6 mostly sunny Spent - $76

4 October 2018

Day 64 (part 1 of 3) - 4th Oct woke up to a very chilly morning and after cooking breakfast and coffee we went back up to Lake Louise for another look with the morning sun. From here we drove the Icefield Parkway all the way to Jasper . We stopped at a lot of sights along the way including Bow Lake and Columbia Icefields. I have split this entry to 3 sections to fit in the photos that I felt worthwhile, as this app only allows 10 per entry. This is one of those days in your life that you know you will remember forever. A must do for anybody visiting Canada. We are staying in the van at Jasper complete with campfire tonight 😎. The small fan heater works really well. Also saw a Black Bear and Elk at close range. Weather - 0 sunny and beautiful Spent - $36
Day 64 (part 2 of 3) 4th Oct enjoy the pictures
Day 64 (part 3 of 3) 4th Oct what a magic day ❤️

3 October 2018

Day 63 - 3rd Oct up early and packed all our stuff. I literally had to dig the car out of the snow and had to do a couple of trips to load our gear as it was too icy to get up the hill. I dropped into Canmore to pick up a small ceramic heater plus extension cord. After getting fuel I picked Leah up and we headed up to Lake Louise very cautiously on the road. We saw the lake of the same name and did a short hike to a lookout point for a great view. Unfortunately Moraine Lake access road is closed due to the snow so we missed out on that. Tonight we are trying something different- we are in an RV park with electric hookup ($33) and we will run the small ceramic heater. It’s going to be -8c tonight. A nice dinner then 9:00pm early night. It’s getting very chilly outside 😬 Weather - 4 sun & clouds Spent $287

2 October 2018

Day 62 - 2nd Oct had a nice lazy morning watching the snow fall outside and enjoying the warmth. After scraping snow from the car we drove into Canmore for a look around town on foot then headed to Banff. We met Leah’s mates from Mexico, had lunch and chatted for a few hours then walked around town. I left Leah to party and stay with her buddies for the night and drove back to Canmore to visit The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company and sample some of their treats. It was almost dark when I drove back to the hostel and the temperature was dropping making the roads really icy. I had to park below the hostel coz the car couldn’t get enough traction to get up the slope. I hope I can get out in the morning. Had dinner and a few beers with some peeps then bed at 10:30am Weather - -2c snow all night and day Spent - $60

1 October 2018

Day 61 - 1st Oct we woke up to a bit of overnight snow and it continued all day. This limited our planned hikes into the mountains so we went a bit more low key. First of all we hiked up Tunnel Mountain to get a view of Banff but only saw the inside of snow clouds. We then drove to Minnewanka Lake (not a misprint) but it was snowing hard at this stage and we couldn’t appreciate the colours of the lake and we had lunch here. After lunch we spotted a group of Elk grazing, stopped to get a photo at a safe distance and headed north to Johnston Canyon, all within Banff National Park. We slipped and slid the 5km return walk to the top of the Falls and saw some amazing scenery. Back to the hostel by 4:30 for coffee and planning out the next few days followed by dinner and a chat with some friendly Canadians. Weather - 3 snow Spent - $30

30 September 2018

Day 60 - 30th Sept early start driving and Tim’s for breakfast then we did an Old Growth Forest walk in Revelstoke National Park. From here we continued onto Glacier National Park to do Great Glacier trail 6.5k return. The weather started closing in a bit with snow flurries by the time we got back to the van so we cooked up a warming lunch in a shelter. We drove further east into Yoho National Park and checked out Natural Bridge and Emerald Lake before pushing onto Canmore in Alberta. We have checked into the Canadian Alpine Clubhouse hostel as it’s getting down to -8c during the next few days with 30cm of snow forecast. We cooked dinner and chatted to a few peeps before bed at 10:30pm Weather - 6 overcast / snow flurries Spent - $137

29 September 2018

Day 59 - 29th Sept woke up to another beautiful sunny day. We had breakfast next to the river then did a couple of small walks in the National Park (The Old Ski Jump and Inspirational Forest) before returning back to the town to get some crusty bread, ham, cheese, tomato for lunch. We went back to a grassy spot next to the river and spent a few hours eating, reading, stretching and lying in the sun. A wedding took place nearby so we watched that then had a coffee in town followed by a shower. We saw our German friends again from 4 days ago (Lucas and Flavia) and caught up later at the Lunafest in town. We had a look around at the music and art displays and had burgers and beers for dinner. Lucas and Flavia followed us to our cool free camp spot and we were in bed at 10:30pm. Weather - 14 sunny, cool wind Spent - $84

28 September 2018

Day 58 - 28th Sept woke up behind the brewery which has been a dream for a while haha. We had breakfast up the mountain a bit while waiting for the gate to open. We drove into Revelstoke National Park and 26km towards the summit then walked the last 1km via a track. The day was beautiful so we continued on to Eva Lake (1921m) had lunch and took in the view then hiked across to Miller Lake (1891m). We returned to the car after completing 14km and back to an RV park for a shower. We then drove into town to have a drink and catch up on wifi expecting to see the Luna festival but it’s on tomorrow night. Finally we bought some firewood and found a nice free camp a little out of town along the river. Leah cooked a nice butter chicken dinner while I got the fire going. We sat around playing guitar then went to bed at 8:30pm pretty tired. Weather - 17 mostly sunny Spent - $23

27 September 2018

Day 57 - 27th Sept nice wake up at 7:30am then drove onto Salmon Arm to check out the tourist information centre and have breakfast beside the lake. We drove 40 mins to Haig Brown Provincial Park to see the salmon run up the Fraser River to spawn. Back at Salmon Arm we had a walk around town then had lunch at Canoe. From here we drove to Revelstoke, checked out the tourist info and had a shower in a nearby tourist park. We grabbed some supplies and drove to the Mount Begbie brewery, voted Canada’s best in 2017, for a feed, a few brews and a chat to the bar staff. We met an Aussie couple (Mitchel & Katie) on their honeymoon travelling around in an RV. Had a great night and we are staying at the back of the brewery wth the staff’s blessing. Weather - 22 mainly sunny Spent - $140

26 September 2018

Day 56 - 26th Sept up early to drop the car off at Canadian Tire for an oil change and tire rotation. While this was happening we walked 3km’s back towards downtown and did some thrift shopping and eating. Leah got a couple of good T-shirts, jeans, warm coat and a hat. I went and got a haircut. We got the car back a little after lunch then did some trip planning at Tim Horton’s, checked whether Leah could get her BC license (not easily so I’ll have to do all the driving) and I got a few spare guitar picks. We drove about an hour to Blind Bay to find our free camp for the night, cook dinner and have a wash. Leah started learning guitar tonight and I think she’s going to pick it up quite easily. 9pm now and bed time. Weather - 23 mostly sunny Spent - $119

25 September 2018

Day 55 - 25th Sept the alarm went off at 6:30am and after a quick breakfast we started the hike to Joffre Lake. We were the first on the trail and spent half an hour at the top glacial lake without another soul in sight. After we got back and had a snack we headed towards Kamloops , stopping many times along the way for lunch and photo opportunities. At Kamloops we visited Costco and grazed our way around sampling all of the promotional food. We needed a shower so we went to the Canada Games Aquatic Centre to use the spa, sauna, steam room and shower ($7.50 for both). After buying a few supplies we shared a chicken and salad for dinner then an early night at Walmart car park. Weather - 22 sunny Spent - $143

24 September 2018

Day 54 - 24th Sept nice sleep in until 9:30am then sorted out some stuff to leave behind while Leah and I are traveling. Leah did the same so we didn’t have unnecessary clutter in the van. We did a few errands like picking up mail etc, had lunch then said goodbye to everyone before hitting the road just after 2pm. Our first stop just 75 km’s away is Joffre Lakes. It was too late to start the big hike so we hung around the bottom lake and chilled out in the sun . We did some stretches, Leah coloured in and we watched the birds come in to feed on an apple core. Cooked dinner and chatted to a young German couple then went into the van at 8:30. We plan to get up early and do the 7 hour hike before the crowds arrive. Weather - 19 sunny Spent - $0

23 September 2018

Day 53 - 23rd Sept up at 10:00am but very tired after a BIG night last night. Leah and I took the gondola up to Whistler Mountain and then the peak 2 peak gondola across to Blackcomb Mountain . This gondola has broken world records for the highest (440m above the valley floor) and longest unsupported cable span (more than 2km) and it feels like your floating through the air. After a walk around we came back down to the village where Leah had a final interview to work on the mountain during winter, and got the job 👏😍. On the way back to the house we picked up some supplies, had a light dinner then watched Duel and Everest movies. 11:30pm now and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Weather - 14 sun and cloud Spent - $20
Day 52 - 22nd Sept got up had breakfast then checked the mail . Went and got fuel with Leah and had a coffee. We both saw Chistpher Robin the movie then lunch and a few drinks. Leah spent some time with her friends and I watched a music Festival and followed a few peeps around the village. Got back at 4:00am after a great night Weather - 13 rain Spent $230

21 September 2018

Day 51 - 21st Sept not much doing today. It rained all day so we basically sat around playing guitar and watching movies. Weather - 11 rain Spent - $0

20 September 2018

Day 50 - 20th Sept another lazy morning waking up to grey skies. After breakfast I drove to Squamish to have a look around and pick up a few things. I think I have a cold coming on so was in a melancholy mood and just drifted through the day. I got back at 4pm and Leah was home from work which cheered my up. I went to the supermarket with Shebang (chef) and Jess to get supplies for a big cook up. Shebang cooked butter chicken and spicy beef stir fry which was happily eaten by half the house mates. Dropped Leah and a few friends to a house party then watched Titanic with a Shebang and Jacob. Bed at 1:30am. Weather - 12 showers to rain Spent - $111

19 September 2018

Day 49 - 19th Sept a nice sleep in until 8:30am and absolutely loving not waking up to an alarm. A bit of a domestic day today doing some wash and sorting out a few admin things plus bagging up stuff to leave at the house to make more room for Leah. After lunch I went for a ride to Lost Lake then up to the village to get some information on the local hikes and bikes plus ferries in northern BC. When Leah got home from work we went for a ride then Leah cooked a yummy dinner with the help of one of the house mates who is a chef at one of the fancy restaurants. Watched Happy Gilmour the movie then bed at 10:00pm Weather - 17 mostly sunny Spent - $94

18 September 2018

Day 48 - 18th Sept a cold night getting down to zero last night. Had a sleep until 8am the did some hand washing and rang around to book the car in for an oil change and tyre rotation. The whole area was booked solid so I booked in at Kamloops further west for Tuesday next week, at the start of my next leg with Leah. After lunch Jess, Spence and I went for a hike up to the Garibaldi Lake. It was pretty much 9km’s up then 9km’s down but the lake and surrounding snow and glacier covered peaks were amazing. The pictures don’t really do it justice. Back for a sushi dinner in the village , watched Dirty Grandpa movie then bed at 11:30pm Weather - 17 beautiful Spent $31

17 September 2018

Day 47 - 17th Sept got up at 9am after a late night, had breakfast, a shower then Leah showed me around the area. I saw her old house at Creekside and several lakes including the beautiful Green Lake. We then drove to Pemberton to have a look around and visited a pick your own farm to get some blueberries and raspberries. On the way back we walked to Nairn Falls and then had a better look around Whistler Village. Back to cook dinner and had some beers with Leah’s house mates on the roof watching the late afternoon sun set and light up Whistler Mountain. Weather - 14 mostly sunny Spent - $70

16 September 2018

Day 46 - 6th Sept got up about 7am hit the road and found a nice rest stop for coffee and breakfast. I headed west to Hope then turned north along the Fraser Canyon stopping in at Hells gate for a cable car ride to the the rapids and exhibitions (it was belting down rain at this stage). After a few hours I headed to Lytton for a quick stop. It was 3 hours to Whistler so I pushed on and met my daughter Leah for the first time in 8 months. It kind of felt like yesterday since we had seen each other due to social media etc. After a chat an introduction to her house mates we headed into Whistler Village for a feed and see a band. It was a great night listening to live music and meeting Leah’s awesome friends. Back to the van at 2am Weather - 16 sun and rain Spent - $226

15 September 2018

Day 45 - 15th Sept up early and on the bike by 7:30am to ride the Myra Canyon rails to trails route. This is a 24km (return) ride over 18 restored timber trestle bridges and through 2 tunnels. What a breathtaking ride ! After getting changed and having Macca’s for breakfast I headed south past the lakes and valleys of the Okanagan region, famous for its Mediterranean climate, wines and Canada’s fruit growing area. The straw coloured scenery, as a result of little rain, is a stark contrast to the lush greenery everywhere else I’ve seen. I stopped for a few hours to look around Osoyoos then pushed on to Princeton for another poke around and found a spot behind a service centre to sleep for the night . Weather - 18 mainly dry with odd showers Spent - $107

14 September 2018

Day 44 - 14th Sept it pretty much rained all night and into the morning. I had little choice but to put on the rain gear and head out on The Galena Trail following the old rail line. This was a great ride over 26km and also included a hand pulled cable car to get across the river where the old rail bridge had fallen down. After getting changed into dry clothes I drove up to Nakusp for lunch then around / across the lake arriving at Kelowna in the late afternoon. I got some tourist info then did a small hike to a high point and found a quiet street to sleep for the night. I then headed out on foot to a couple of craft breweries meeting a guy from Oz on business (Andrew) and eventually back to the car to sleep. Weather - 16 rain off and on Spent - $126

13 September 2018

Day 43 - 13th Sept a bit of a sleep in as it was a late night. After breakfast etc I rode my bike along the disused railway corridor above the town of Nelson. This “rails to trails” program converts old rail corridors to bike & hike trails. It’s a great idea and the gradient is nice. In a lot of cases they also refurbish the old wooden trestle bridges. After this 20km ride I headed for Kaslo for a quick look around then pushed on to Three Forks to ride the Galena Trail tracing another rail line. When I got there it stormed and even snowed on the higher peaks. Postponing the ride until tomorrow I drove a short way up to the old silver ghost town of Sandon for a tea and cake. I found a spot to have a bucket shower then stopped at New Denver to cook dinner and sleep somewhere nearby. Weather - 16 rain on and off Spent- $6

12 September 2018

Day 42 - 12th Sept got an early start and drove through to Creston where I had a coffee and chat at the tourist office. I decided to push onto Kootenay Bay to catch the ferry over to Balfour, a 35 min journey. On the way down to Nelson I stopped in to Kokanee Creek to see the red Sockeye Salmon coming up stream after 4 years to spawn and then die. After hitting Nelson I did some laundry then checked out the local free camp site but found this to be a bit iffy so I checked into the main town RV Camping Park. I then walked into town to firstly check out the Nelson Brewery, had a burrito for dinner at a hippy taco place Finished the night off at Torchlight Brewing Co. Had a good chin wag with a variety of people and planned the day for tomorrow. Nelson is a town of 10,000 people and the streets push back up a steep hill from the lake. The architecture and terrain give it a mini San Fransisco feel. There are lots of health food stores an yoga studios. Weather - 16 overcast Sent - $11

11 September 2018

Day 41 - 11th Sept the rain cleared overnight and I awoke to a beautiful fresh morning. After coffee and oats I headed up to Island Lake Lodge to do a hike. There were a handful of other hikers just ahead of me who were also doing Spineback and Goldilocks trails (2100m , 9.5 km’s) so it was good that I wasn’t alone in Grizzly and angry Moose territory. I soon fell into step with Richard a solo traveller from Nova Scotia and we did the whole trail yakking away and enjoyed a great day. No bears today but saw a good size young male Moose on the way back down. Back down at the lodge I had a coffee with Richard and he kindly allowed me to have a shower at his accommodation then for dinner we had burgers and beers. I was going to move on this afternoon but ended up staying another night after a really good day. I ditched my new bear bell after a couple of guides informed me that they can pick grizzly bear poo because it contains bear bells 😳. Weather - 16 sunny / late showers Spent - $43

10 September 2018

Day 40 - 10th Sept rained off and on all day so I spent the day picking up a few bits and pieces and looking around town back to front. In the afternoon I went to Fernie Brewing Co. and had a few local craft beers and chatted to a solo US traveller - Tyson. After dinner I went to the cool cinema again and saw Filthy Rich Asians which was pretty good. 9:30pm now so early night and hope the weather is good for a solid hike up the mountain tomorrow. Weather - 17 Rain periods Spent - $62

9 September 2018

Day 39 - 9th Sept well what a difference a day makes. I found a really nice free camp along a river with toilet and picnic table and saw a good movie last night called Alpha. Today I did a couple of easy-ish hikes - Lake Trail and Old Growth Trail winding my way through old Cedar Douglas Fir trees. It is very peaceful hiking solo amongst trees that are hundreds of years old. My toe is not too bad so I also did a few bike trails - The Lazy Lizard, Rail Trail and a track along the river and around town. I am very impressed with British Columbia (BC) so far and this little town of 5000 people is very warm and welcoming. ATM there are more bikes around than people I’m sure. I plan to stay two more nights to do some more hikes & rides although it is forecast showers tomorrow so maybe a washing day and catch up on some things is in order. I am really pleased I made the effort to bring my bike with me. Weather - 22 mostly sunny Spent - $43

8 September 2018

Day 38 - 8th Sept not a good day today - I have been choked by smoke from the nearby fires since yesterday arvo and my second toe is swollen/Black/sore from when I smashed it getting in and out of the lake yesterday. I had to move on today to get away from the smoke and first stopped at Pincher Creek to give my car a wash and fix a stone chip in my windscreen. Not one hour later a truck flicked up a descent rock and put a crack in my windscreen. Anyway I got to today’s destination of Fernie which is a mountain biking Mecca surrounded by mountains . Hopefully My toe is ok to get my bike shoes on tomorrow so I can tackle some of the trails. The Mount Fernie Provincial Park Campground is full so I’ll have to stealth camp somewhere in town tonight. Just had chicken and wedges for dinner and plan to catch a movie at the local old theatre at 7pm Weather - 22 sunny/windy Spent - $48

7 September 2018

Day 37 - 7th Sept after a good nights sleep I started the trail/hike at 9:20am. It took me 40 mins to ride the 8.5km to the trail head and spotted 3 big bears along the way, in fact I almost ran into the 2nd bear as I was moving pretty quick. It then took me 2.5 hours to scale just over 1000m to reach Vimy Peak @ 2363m for a fantastic view. There was a couple from Vancouver Island that got to the summit just before me so we we had lunch and chatted for an hour. The descent was a killer on the thighs plus the ride back to the car arriving at 4:00pm. I checked out a possible wilderness camp for tomorrow night then back to the main campground. I put the budgies on and stood waist deep in the cold lake water trying to get better muscle recovery. I think I went a little soft behind the steering wheel across The Prairies for 4 days. Had Subway for dinner, a few stouts and caught up on some calls. Happy birthday Kel, we’ll catch up soon 😘. Weather - 27 sunny/ windy Spent - $36

6 September 2018

Day 36 - 6th Sept up at 6:30am, brew, oats, clean up then hit the road for a 4 hour drive, skirting past Calgary and landing at Waterton Lakes Nationa Park around midday, which is where The Prairies end and The Rockies start. Got some info then checked into the town camping area, got my bike off and explored the local area for a few hours. I locked my bike up at a trail head and did a moderate 6 km hike up to Lower Bertha Falls. I got back about 5:30, had a nice long shower (the first for a week - I’ve been swimming in lakes and having bird baths) then cooked dinner washed down with a nice local stout beer. Tomorrow I’ve got a big 13km trail ride plus 10 km hike ahead of me in 27 deg heat so early to bed and early start. Unfortunately half the Park is closed due to last years wild fire damage and there are fires still burning on the US side. I was planning to duck down to Montana but it won’t be worth it. Weather - 26 gorgeous Spent - $90

5 September 2018

Day 35 - 5th Sept a good nights sleep although a little chilly at 1 deg. While cooking up a brew and oats I was approached by a JW preaching about the watchtower magazine. I must have looked down and out haha but it’s nice to know there’s people out there that care. Anyway, after I sent him on his way I drove 2.5 hours to Drumheller and stopped into the tourist office for some info. I took a drive around the area to see The Hoodoos, Last Chance Saloon at Wayne (had a beer), Horse Thief Canyon and Orkney Viewpoint. I later got my bike off and went for a spin around town checking out the area. I saw that there was a hockey game on so I went to see the western juniors battling it out for spots on potential university teams. It was fast, skillfull, very physical and very entertaining. Weather - 23 glorious Spent - $116

4 September 2018

Day 34 - 4th Sept another big storm rolled over late evening, small hail and windy all night. No animals heard or spotted last night and I was on the road by 5:30am. I stopped about 1.5 hours later to brew up and have cereal then kept driving. I went via Yorktown, Regina and stopped at Moose Jaw for a Tim Horton’s coffee and pumpkin muffin 😋. I pushed on further across the prairies to Maple Creek where I had a walk around the heritage part of town and had lunch in a nice park. I then ventured south about 45 mins to Fort Walsh for a very informative account of how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mounties) kept law and order around 1875. From here I had a look at Conglomerate Rocks and pushed on further to Medicine Hut in Alberta. Tonight I’m sleeping at Walmart with a dozen other RV’s. It’s quite convenient as the centre is open from 7am - 11pm for supplies and a washroom. Weather - 16 windy mostly sunny Spent - $165 (mostly fuel again)

3 September 2018

Day 33 - 3rd Sept had a restless sleep last night with large animals snuffling, burping and farting next to my tent for over an hour last night. Spoke to the ranger for quite a while and he said it was most likely bears but not to worry coz there is lots of feed around. Went to the main Parks town Wasagaming for a look around and get some lunch plus fill up my water bottles. On the rangers recommendation I headed out to Moon Lake to camp for the night. He advised that they have just reopened this area due to masses of bears just starting to move on. I’m sleeping in the car tonight so I can look out and see what’s around late at night - should be plenty of bear and moose 🤞. I also caught up on my washing and saw a green Hummingbird, very cool. Weather - 26 sunny/ late storm Spent - $59

2 September 2018

Day 32 - 2nd Sept up at 6:30am after a good nights sleep, bought breakfast and coffee at Tim Horton’s while studying my next move. Decided to go to Riding Mountain National Park 2.5 hours north west of Winnipeg. I got here about 2:30pm then got my bike off to go for a ride in the forest and saw plenty of bear poo. It wasn’t long before I came across my first black bear and then two more over the next hour or so. At first I was very wary as I was on my own a long way from anywhere or anyone but on all occasions when the bears spotted me they ran off. After that exciting ride I set up camp at Lake Audy then went for a dusk drive and spotted a herd of Bison. The stars are incredible tonight and I can hear various animal calls like Elk and coyotes. Met a nice couple (JS and Windy) who have an awesome camper set up. It’s been a great day. Weather - 22 sunny Spent- $58

1 September 2018

Day 31 - 1st Sept two storms rolled through last night giving a spectacular lightning display over the vast lake. Up and on the road by 7:00am inching my way west. I stopped at Aguasabon Falls, Ouimet Canyon and Kakabeka Falls along the way and pulled into Kenora for the night. There are no published free spots around town so I found a little quiet spot near Tim Horton’s (for a bathroom and breakfast tomorrow) . Had a pizza and chat for dinner and bed at 9:30pm (I am now 1 hour back) Weather 25 - sunny Spent - $216 ( 2.5 tanks of fuel)

31 August 2018

Day 30 - 31st Aug a bit of a slow start after oats, coffee, shit, shower and shave. I hit the road just after 9:00am heading for Sault Ste Marie where Lakes Superior and Huron meet. I got some supplies at Walmart (which is always interesting - the FB photos are true) , refuelled and kept driving west. The day was windy, battering the coast and a bit grey so not too inspired to stop much. It’s always much nicer with the sun out ! The drive was beautiful along the northern edge of Lake Superior and occasionally drifting inland for more lakes and granite formations. I finally pulled into Marathon for the night in front of the pebbly beach shown in the photos. A quick meal, chat with Di and now I’m watching a massive lightning show across the lake. Weather - 23 overcast but brightish Spent - $125

30 August 2018

Day 29 - 30th Aug had a good nights sleep then spent the day exploring Manitoulin Island mainly on the eastern two thirds. Although it’s about the same size as Prince Edward Island the contrast is stark. This little time capsule is undeveloped and very charming with a strong influence of First Nations People, in fact the local’s won’t allow any large food organisations to develop, not even the household name Tim Horton’s. had a swim in the cool and clear waters of Lake Huron for my tub and chatted to a 77 yo legend of a lady named Earlene for over an hour. Found my way back to Little Current for another night and had a few brews at The Manitoulin Brewery then listened to some live country music at The Anchor Inn. Weather - 20 cloudy early the beautiful Spent - $88

29 August 2018

Day 28 - 29th Aug a bit of commotion around 10:30pm which turned out to be a guy activating his car alarm to scare a bear away and it was not spotted the rest of the night nor did it take the trap bait (what a prick 🤣). More storms rolled over last night making for a sleep in until 7:00am. Did the Mizzy Lake hike and saw Moose prints, beaver dams, chipmunks and squirrels. Back for lunch then strung up a line to dry some stuff while I had a shower. Dropped around to see Wayne and his friends to say farewell then headed to Little Current on Manitoulin Island. It’s getting dark and I found a spot near the marina suggested by iOverlander. Looks like a quiet and early night. The temperature has dropped with a cold change. Weather - 26 sun/showers/sun/showers Spent - $114

28 August 2018

Day 27 - 28th Aug two storms rolled in last night but I was snug and dry in the van. Got up at 6:30am had breakfast & coffee then had a swim in the lake. This is a nice free camp . Spoke briefly to the motorcycle dude then headed to Algonquin Provincial Park. There’s lots to see here so I booked in a camp spot at Canisbay Lake and discovered they have had a bear raiding anything the campers leave out so they have set a trap 60 mtrs from my site 😳 so it should be an interesting night. Did a few smaller walks then headed back to cook dinner and have a shower. Met a fella on the trail today so I’ll be going over to their fire later on. This is a beautiful area, thanks for the tip Matt & Arlene. Weather 27 - early showers then sunny Spent - $55

27 August 2018

Day 26 - 27th Aug I woke at 2:00am hearing the distant rumble of a storm and quickly packed up my tent an relocated to the car, just in time. I slept until 8:30am then drove to the local park square for a leisurely breakfast and cuppa. It was drizzling all morning so I had a bird bath in the amenities and did some hand washing. At about 11:30am I took the slow road north along the coast of Lake Huron stopping at towns and beaches along the way. My main objective was Honey Harbour but discovered the boat to Beausoleil Island didn’t leave until 1:00pm the next day and the Parks office was closed so I wasn’t sure there was any spots left. I decided to push onto just outside Huntsville for the night then do Algonquin Provincial Park tomorrow. Briefly met an English dude on a motorbike staying then night and will chat more in the morning. Weather - 23 dull some showers Spent - $77

26 August 2018

Day 25 - 26th Aug slept in until 6:30am had porridge/ tea then rode along a nice trail to Niagara Falls. Wow !!! What a sight with masses of water flowing over such a wide face. I did the boat to the base of the Falls and that highlighted the velocity and forces tumbling down. After getting back to the car I loaded up and headed west to Bayfield. This is a sleepy summer town on the lake with a nice village Main Street. I walked the length and breadth of the town and scoped out a good sleeping spot. It was a warm day and I felt like a beer so I sat at the bar of The Black Dog and chatted with Kieran (An Irish fella who met a local girl from this village and came here to live 15 years ago) and Andy (A Hungarian/Canadian who is 62, was out for a drive and stopped in for the famous pork chops) for a few extra shouts. Back at dark I set up my tent next to the car, because it is going to be 23 tonight , then went for a skinny dip in the lake for a bath. Weather - 27 sunny Spent - $9

25 August 2018

Day 24 - 25th Aug had a good nights sleep and got up and on the road by 6:00am feeling a little better. Fuelled up just outside Toronto then drove onto Niagara-On-The-Lake arriving about 11:00am. Found my spot for the night then made a cup of tea & oats for brunch. I got my bike off and rode around this charming but touristy town and discovered Fort George used to defend against the Americans in 1800’s. I’m not much into the military stuff but this was very good, with people in character wandering around and live enactments of the major wars. Had a swim in the Niagara river in the arvo then cooked dinner etc. the plan is to ride up to Niagara Falls tomorrow. Weather - 26 sunny / odd shower Spent - $106

24 August 2018

Day 23 - 24th Aug packed the car and said a sad and emotional farewell to my great friends Matt and Arlene. I had to drive away quickly before the water works started 😢. Took the slow road west on highways 7 and 15 stopping at Smiths Falls for a look at the many river locks and had some food. I headed on to Kingston then onto Gananoque. This is a beautiful little town where I had a coffee, looked around and did a 1 hour cruise around some of the Thousand Islands, at times crossing into US territory. I found a nice spot down by the water at Kingston to cook dinner, wash and look around. There was also a Blues Festival playing so I watched that for a while. Chatted with a couple from Quebec and Slovenia then decided to move on as it seemed like it would be noisy. I parked near some RV’s at Walmart (🤣 worldly explorer) coz I have been a bit off colour and wanted something easy. The van is working out really well. Weather - 28 sunny Spent - $66

23 August 2018

Day 22 - 23rd Aug went down to Home Depot with Matt to get some insulation for my van then picked up some last minute items at MEC outdoor store. Went for a local walk with Matt and his pup then came back and made up insulation panels for each of the windows. Matt wasn’t feeling well so the planned hike to Gatineau Park was just Arlene, Julie and myself. We started about 6:30pm hiking 5 km’s to a hut, cooked 2 min noodles + spaghetti sauce with cheese curds, bagget and red wine by candle light. We hiked back in the dark with a full moon and had a glimpse of my first Racoon. Very enjoyable 👍. I head off tomorrow. Weather - 25 sunny Spent - $240

22 August 2018

Day 21 - 22nd Aug after all the ups, downs, headaches, stress - finally I own a car in Canada to take me on the next stage of my journi. All went well at the motor registry and the fella that sold the car to me (Gary) was fantastic. I’m hanging around tomorrow to do a kind of farewell arvo/evening hike then I head towards Toronto area on Friday morning. A bit of a spending day with the car price + 13% tax + new plates + some cash I owed Matt from the trip. The van is in really good condition so I should be able to gain back a good price in Vancouver at the end of me trip. Very happy 😃. Weather - 22 cloudy/showers Spent - $5,780

21 August 2018

Day 20 - 21st August 2018 had a good nights sleep, Matt has sorted out a good routine with the puppy. Did an overdue yoga session then went to see the van, check bike transport options and sort out insurance. My research before I left home taught me to gather insurance declarations from home which really paid off with the premiums. Normally they would classify me as a brand new driver over here but my Oz details have saved me $600 over the term. A bit of an expensive day today getting a roof bike carrier and paying two months insurance up front. It’s all part of the set up though. Dropped the rental car back and the damage was completely covered with no excess/deductible which was a relief (thanks to Matt 👍). Only got to spend a short amount of time in downtown Ottawa as it was getting late and starting to rain. Back for home delivered pizza and fairly early night. I’m meeting the fella tomorrow to register the van then it’s mine 👏. Five Guys 😋 Weather - 24 cloudy/rain Spend - $53

20 August 2018

Day 19 - 20th August 2018 not a lot of sleep last night with Matt’s new puppy (Mikka) in the house for the first time. She’s very cute though. Headed into town to pick up some supplies for the road and even got a good second hand guitar to play with on the road. The car passed it’s safety test (basically a rego check) so ready to go. I dropped a deposit off at the guy’s place and ended up staying for lunch - nice people. Matt’s first day back at work so when he got home we had dinner and then went to the neighbours house for birthday cake , beers and a play on their drum set. My car is ready to go but I can only draw out so much per day at the ATM so I won’t be able to pick it up until Wednesday (22nd) when I have all the cash. Off to bed soon for hopefully a better nights sleep. And just before hitting the sack Arlene presented both Matt and I with a T-shirt featuring a photo that Matt took on The knifes Edge hike we did in Maine 2 weeks ago. Awesome ! Weather - 26 sunny Spent - $30

19 August 2018

Day 18 - 19th August 2018 spent the morning looking for cars online. There were quite a few private sales but not many answering, I think because it was such a nice day the Canadians get outside and do a lot of activities. Late in the afternoon I got a call back , inspected a 2007 Toyota Sienna and made an offer which was accepted. It’s a people mover but the seats fold and retract making a nice flat bed area for when I free camp. It will take a few days to finalise things then I’m heading west. Weather - 26 sunny Spent - $0

17 August 2018

Day 17 - 18th August 2018 up early to sort out a few things then went to the Ontario motor registry and successfully got my provincial license. Ironically a short time after I backed into a low concrete kerb and will have to sort out insurance with the rental mob. Luckily the car is fully covered and my travel insurance will cover any excess gap. The day was downhill from there and I didn’t see any cars worth buying. Tomorrow is another day though and with a bit more planning and expanding my search I’m sure to get something worthwhile within the next few days. Weather - 26 sunny Spent - $95
Day 16 - 17th August 2018 we were up early to a nice sunrise and on the road by 6:15am for a big days driving. As the hours peeled away Matt and I were working the phone and websites trying to figure out the best and legal way for me to buy, insure and register a vehicle for the next stage of my trip. It turns out that I have to apply for an Ontario license using my certified driving record from home. I got that sorted online and will have to appear at the motor registry tomorrow. I have some insurance estimates and if all goes well I hope to hunt for a car this weekend while we still have the rental. After a few pitstops we pulled into Matt’s driveway at 6:15pm (12 hours on the road). I have a night of preparation and online car hunting ahead. Stay tuned ... Weather - 26 sunny am the rain pm Spent - $112

16 August 2018

Day 15 - 16th August 2018 today we started heading back kind of towards home. We drove from Caraquet around the Gaspe’ Peninsula stopping at Perc’ to check out the huge limestone rock that rises from the water 500m long and 90m high. After wandering through town and having a coffee we continued on to just west of Mont-St-Pierre heading back towards Quebec City. We found a nice little free camp on the shores of the St Lawrence River. Weather - showers am then sunny pm Spent - $92

15 August 2018

Day 14 - 15th August 2018 happy Acadian Day, a day when French culture is celebrated from the war with England in 1755. At 6:00pm the street is packed with revellers making as much noise as possible for one hour. It’s crazy !!! We also went to a skid pan where Acadians let off steam doing massive burn outs. Thanks go to our host Natasha for spending the time showing us the sights and culture of this seaside town Caraquet. Weather - 26 mostly sunny Spent - $50

14 August 2018

Day 13 - 14th August 2018 happy birthday to me !!!! We got up with the sun(no alarm) packed our stuff, found a nice spot for breakfast then headed straight for Caraquet to check into a motel ( whoohoo). We met Matt’s friend Natacha who showed us around town. We got some fresh seafood and headed for the beach and a cook up. What a great day 😎😎😎😎. We are here for another night to take in the Ardiaca festival.Freshly caught lobster and clams cooked fresh on the beach 😍 Weather - 26 sunny Spent - $120

13 August 2018

Day 12 - 13th August 2018 watched a spectacular meteor shower last night for half an hour then was driven into the tent by swarms of mozzies. We kind of camped on farmers land last night to get away from the lake. As a result we got up at 5:00am , did a quick pack and drove over the 13km bridge to Prince Edward Island. After a wash, breakfast and chat to the tourist info we drove around checking out the sights. The island is fairly flat consisting of country side, fishing villages and beaches. We had a swim at Basin Head then found our camp spot at Little Harbour right on the beach (sand). After dinner we had a few beers overlooking the ocean, checked out the stars/meteors then bed. Weather - 28 sunny Spent - $20

12 August 2018

Day 11 - 12th August 2018 up at 7:00am and no bears last night which is a bonus. We did a couple of hikes in the National Park and then moved down the west coast for a swim and lunch. The rest of the day was driving and after changing our minds a few times we had dinner at Truro to see the tidal wave but it wasn’t scheduled until 1:00am. We moved on to Truemanville and found a camp spot for the night although the mozzies are crazy bad at this spot. Saw my first Moose today while hiking which was pretty cool. Weather - 28 sunny Spend - $91

11 August 2018

Day 10 - 11th August 2018 up and on the road by 7:00am. We stopped at Pictou to get some supplies, have breakfast and have a wash. We the drove to Cape Breton to start the Cabot Trail, a 300km drive around the island. I had me first swim in the Atlantic Ocean and we stopped at many vantage points to take in the scenery. We pulled into Pleasant Bay about 5:30pm and scopes out a free camp on a headland overlooking the ocean to the west. We cooked dinner etc and set up for the night. Matt spotted some bear droppings near our setup so it may be an interesting night. We’ll keep the car close by just in case. Weather - 26 sunny Spent - $129

10 August 2018

Day 9 - 10th August 2018 we had a bit of a slow start then headed down to St Martins for a quick look around then onto Fundy National Park. We took the 30 km drive on the Fundy Trail Parkway and witnessed fantastic coastal scenery and waterfalls. After filling our boots we headed to hopewell Rocks to see the 20 metre tide drop (largest in the world) and walk amongst the so called flower pots that have eroded over time. Tonight we used a new app call ioverlander to get a nice free camp spot near Tatamagouche - Nova Scotia. Weather - 26 mostly sunny Spent - $14

9 August 2018

Day 8 - 9th August 2018 we to sleep about 8:30pm and up at 5:00am. We did a quick pack, dropped the kids at the pool and hit the road. At the Canadian border crossing the USA guys gave us a bit of an interrogation, checked our car pretty thoroughly then let us go through to the Canadian check point. I guess because Matt looks pretty dodgy 😏. We stopped at a Tim Horton’s for brekky & coffee while we checked out what’s to do and book accommodation. We drove onto Saint John - New Brunswick and checked into a University student summer break room. We tried to have a look around downtown but the rain held us back so we only checked out the oldest continuest market in Canada and inside a big ice hockey arena. We checked out the Reversing Falls Rapids around low tide to see masses of water flowing out from the river creating huge rapids. The tidal variation between high and low is 6 metres. We cooked dinner and did some washing Weather - rain/storms Spent - $173

8 August 2018

Day 7 - 8th August up at 4:45am, quick get ready then got to Baxter State Park entrance at 5:30am. We had breakfast and waited for the ranger then got to the start point, parked the car and signed in for our hike. We walked up the saddle track to the summit of Mount Katahdin at 5267 feet. After a snack we took the knife edge trail which follows the summit ridge and is a skinny track that is high and exposed and quite scary. After lunch we came back down the Helon Taylor trail feeding on blue berries and got back to the car 8.5 hours later feeling very tired. It was a very hard trek but Matt kept up with me OK. After a shower, a few beers and a feed we hit the sack. Weather - 28 beautiful Spent - $40

7 August 2018

Day 6 - 7th August 2018 up early packed our tents, quick coffee with Alex then on the road by 7am. We headed south to the USA border and crossed over into Maine. We got a bit crazy seeing how far we could go one one tank of fuel and literally limped into the small town of Jackman on fumes stressed that we were almost certain we would run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. After calming down somewhat and having breakfast next to a nice lake, we drove another 3 hours to Big Moose Inn bear Baxter State Park, Millinocket to check in our lean too camp site. This is basically a rustic 3 sided shelter to lay our sleeping mats. We sorted out maps , gear and fees ready for tomorrow’s 5:00am start . While at the rangers station we met and offered a ride to Alex (nicknamed Lost Boy) who had just literally finished The Appalachian Trail after starting at South Carolina 6 months earlier. It was certainly a very interesting conversation. Weather - 30 sunny/storms Spent - $86

6 August 2018

Day 5 - 6th August 2018 we had a reasonable nights sleep and were up and packed by 6:00am just before a storm hit. After breakfast in the car we drove to the the St Lawrence River for a walk along the western side of the Quebec City bridge around Cape Rouge. Our next stop was a visit to the Citadelle and a wonder around the old town, train station and marina area. I had my first Poutin at AshTon which was very nice (chips, gravy and cheese curd). We then drove to a powerful waterfall of Chute-Montmorency for a walk across the suspension bridge and down to the foot of the falls to get absolutely soaked ( luckily it was a hot day). We cooked up dinner at a local park and used the showers at the nearby public pool. Tonight we are staying at Matt’s cousin in the ski hills west of Quebec City and will set up the inner mesh of our tents under their back veranda. I really liked this city and Matt’s local knowledge was invaluable showing me all the sights Weather - 29 sun/storms Spent - $27

5 August 2018

Day 4 - 5th August 2018 got up around 9:00am after a big night with Matt’s friends and neighbours, did some hand washing and chilled out for the rest of the morning. We picked up our rental car today then did some supply shopping, packed our gear and took off at 7:30pm towards Quebec City. Before getting to the city outskirts we found a little stealth camping spot near a 24/7 service stop. It’s 12:15am now and I’m hoping for an uninterrupted nights sleep. Weather - 30 sunny Spent - $188

4 August 2018

Day 3 - 4th August 2018 got up early after a reasonable nights sleep. Dan the back neighbor came over with a selection of different grades of maple syrup from his farm and gave me 1.5 litres of Canadian liquid gold (yum). He spent time explaining the whole process from tapping to bottling and how the colours change etc. mid morning we drove to Westboro to shop in MEC a hiking store for bear spray etc and look around town. In the afternoon we locked in a hike and camp site in Maine USA then had a BBQ. Soon enough a few friends and neighbors Came over and we had a great time doing shots of maple syrup and rum. Weather - 30 deg Spent - $129

3 August 2018

Day 2 - 3rd August again due to crossing the international dateline. In transit at Vancouver for 2 hours then 4.5 hour flight to Ottawa where Matt (Nepal buddy) picked me up in his new truck. He took me to Tim Horton’s for a double double coffe (2 x sugars and 2 x cream) which is a Canadian institution. We then went back to his place to chill, have pizza and catch up with a few of his friends plus his young daughter. The jet lag isn’t too bad and I’ll be going to bed shortly at 10:00pm. Weather - 29 mostly sunny Spent - $0

3 August 2018

Day 1 - 3rd August 2108 up at 4:00am, final pack and remembered my international drivers license at the last minute ... oops. Catching the 10:10am Canada Air flight to Ottawa. Bike is packed and ready for adventure Weather - 23 sunny Spent - $5