United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · January 2018

Mick 's voyage in Milwaukee, WI, United State

23 January 2018

The Catholic Basilica, which is a Pope's church, is one of 84 in the U.S.. it was built by Polish immigrants in the late 1800s, and was completed in 4 years. People from all around Milwaukee go there on Sunday mass to pray and take place in congregation. Giant painted canvases cover the ceilings and walls, and carved stone decorate pillars.
The Jewish Synagogue was located in a 20th century stone house. The congregating area was fairly small, as Judaism is an ethnic religion, having somewhat few followers in the area. It was built by Jewish descendants that wanted a place of worship. The most interesting and captivating part of the chabbat was the Mikva.
In the Masque, the congregation is composed if people standing in rows, organized by a pattern on the floor. They also sit on the floor, and the place of worship contains no pews. There are no images of Alah, and there are also no images or pictures decorating the surroundings. Muslims migrated all around the world, and are now located in almost all nations. The Masque was built there for the worship of local Muslims.
The Muslim community believes in only one god, and that they shall worship only one god. Their day of worship is on Fridays, and they have 5 prayers per day. In the United States, there is no primary ethnicity of Muslims.