United States of America · 49 Days · 28 Moments · May 2016

Michigan - Canada 2016

21 June 2016

Headed to chicago airport on the way back to Malta

20 June 2016

Visited grand haven beach for sunset

19 June 2016

Checked out of the hotel and went to mass, had brunch afterwards Drove by the falls and headed back to Michigan

18 June 2016

Had breakfast, did gift shopping and went to the falls. Went to the Casino Bought an ice wine Went up on the skylon tower for sunset Went walking around niagara, had buffer dinner and went back to the falls at night, gift shopping and walking

17 June 2016

Headed to Niagara falls, Canada Arrived at 1am at the Empress Inn hotel, 5 minutes walk from the falls

16 June 2016

Went to founders brewery for some drinks and walked to the bridge in Grand Rapids by Marriot hotel

15 June 2016

Went to shipshewana flea market

14 June 2016

Had breakfast Went antique shopping at pinky's Went shopping Went kayaking in the river. Tipped over and lost gopro handle. Walked against the river trying to find it

13 June 2016

Went to ming ten buffet lunch with jim and linda Went shopping Had dinner at logans fried cat fish

12 June 2016

Went to mass Went to see whitecaps baseball game and lasted 4 hours Cooked pasties at Rita's house

11 June 2016

Went to silver lake Visited dunes beach Had two fun buggie rides on the dunes. Watched John doing a stunt jump. Went to Bob's house for bbq and kayaking in the lake at sunset

10 June 2016

Went to start of summer celebration festival in Rockford Watched a movie in open air on the ground at night

9 June 2016

Checked out more gift shops Crossed mackinac bridge Had fish fry at the bells fishery Headed to mackinaw city Went wine tasting at two different places Headed to petoskey Went to mackinaw trail winery and bought a syrah for 40 usd Arrived cari's home

8 June 2016

Headed to St ignace Stopped at different gift shops Booked a hotel at the Huron Had buffet pizza Walked around the harbour and gift shopped all day Had fudge ice cream and pizza calcone at bc pizza

7 June 2016

Packed and had pasty for breakfast Visited warner creek falls Went to Presque isle park scenic overlook and walked almost till the lighthouse on the breakwater Drove to munising and visited: Alder falls Wagner falls Went to a bar and ate curly fries Then we got pulled over by police for speeding Then we slept in a rest area

6 June 2016

Had a buffet lunch at hong kong restaurant Went shopping at goodwill, menards, pier 1 imports, tj maxx, target, art van, walmart.

5 June 2016

Hiked in the mud for 1.3 miles to Ok kan do kun waterfall and back. Seen caterpillars, a toad and some dragonflies Went to bond falls and was amazing Went to agate falls seen a large bridge on the way. Hiked down near edge of waterfall Drove to Marquette and camped at tourist campground by the lake over a nest of chipmunks. Went to pebble beach picked up some pebbles and ate pasty

4 June 2016

Went copper peak longest ski jump. Had a great panoramic view from 26 stories high Crossed the border to wisconson to get to superior falls Went to bad river casino in wisconson Went to ashland, wisconson shopped at good will

3 June 2016

Afternoon Visited bonanza falls Visted nawadaha falls Manido falls Manabezho falls Watched documentary about porcupine mountains at the visitor center Visited nonesuch falls, mine and historic village in the forest Cooked chowder at campsite

2 June 2016

Afternoon Visited black river parkway - went to Great Conglomerate falls met a toad - went to Potawatomimi falls - went to gorge falls* amazing - went to sandstone waterfalls - went to rainbow falls Went to black river harbour, crossed a bridge and goproed a guy catching a fish. Hiked to the other side of the river to see rainbow falls again and while I was there goproed a guy kayaking down the water fall. He was being filmed for a tv show named crazy kayakers and his email is Aaron_erdrich@hotmail.com Evening Cooked steelhead lake trout stew Watched sunset from campsite

1 June 2016

Morning Went hiking down to lake superior by the porcupine mountains campground Hiked for 2 miles to overlooked falls and greenstone falls Hiked to summit peak scenic area and had an amazing view of the forest and mirror lake Afternoon Visited lake Gogebic Visited the lake of clouds scenic area with amazing views of the forest and lake and rocky cliffs Evening Went back to campsite, cooked dinner Went hiking on presque isle beach. Collected a really cool draft wood piece container shaped and an edgy rock

31 May 2016

Was a rainy day did some errands Had freshly made pasties from ironwood at amy js Slept early

30 May 2016

Morning Left ft wilkons campground Had thimbleberry jam turnover for breakfast Took some photos on a sunny day before leaving Collected a green rock and small driftwood from copper harbour beach Collected large driftwood and tree bark from eagle harbour beach Seen a huge butterfly in eagle harbour Afternoon Camped at porcupine mountains wilderness state park and set camp fire

28 May 2016

Morning Lit camp fire, made coffee and made grilled sandwiches Afternoon Headed to Manganese falls which were amazing hiked a bit, too many mosquitoes Visited silver river falls Visited jacobs falls Visited lake superior scenic view Visted eagle river falls and historic bridges

27 May 2016

Morning Had beef and pork pasty for lunch at the pines Visited a gift shop named laughing loon and found a big spider in a mug Visited east campground and took photos of the lake Afternoon Drove to quincy copper mine Bought some copper and gold ore souvenirs Went touring the mine seen the biggest steamer hoist in the world then went on a speciality tram and then went 7 stories below in the mine on a tractor Drove to hungarian falls and hiked through the waterfalls trail Evening Went to get freshly smoked white fish from petersons fish market in front of quincy Drove back to ft wilkons campground in the rain

26 May 2016

morning Next day drove to canyon waterfalls and went hiking there, the waterfall and area was amazing Afternoon Then we seen the snow fall record monument We drove to eagle harbor town We drove to ft wilkons camp ground in copper harbor Set tent, went to souvenir shops. Got abalone shell Went to copper harbor marina Cooked fish stew Slept early

25 May 2016

Morning Left rita s house and drove to mackinac city Afternoon Had smoked teriyaki fish and white fish amd fish sausage under the mackinac bridge Crossed the bridge 2 times because i lost my gopro piece Night Drove to van riper campsite in pouring rain and pitch black There was nobody at the camp ground and slept in the car.

4 May 2016

Morning Went to our lady of pines church Bought fresh lake trout from jamsen's fish market and a fresh loaf of soft bread and cooked lunch Afternoon Went on brockway scenic drive tour Stopped by copper harbor overlook Saw a snake on the cliff Evening Went beer tasting at brickside brewery, tried 8 different beers Cooked dinner on campfire