Netherlands, Italy · 1 Days · 6 Moments · June 2015

Michelle's trip to Netherlands

7 June 2015

Wonder how they keep their cows happy?
My ride in Rome! Kidding just relaxing in the airport car in Fiumicino Airport
Best thing about my layovers! Dutch stroop waffles 😍
Go tell it on the mountains. Over the Hills & everywhere. Loving the aerial view of the Alps, maybe?
So I asked a Schiphol airport personnel at baggage check after landing at Amsterdam where Gate D78 is. He pointed me to the right direction. Then he says, "But you have to go to Pess-port Control first." Bewildered I asked, "Pest control?!" "No. Pess-port control" Realization dawned and I thanked him, barely controlling my laughter. He then winks, unbeknownst of the joke. So here I am going through "Passport Control." The only problem I faced was the officers confusion to my ethnicity and nationality.
Frosted wild flowers against Dutch Sunrise!