Spain · 8 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Spain 2017 ❤️

23 July 2017

I just had an intense 10 minutes of Complete Core with Sworkit #Sweaty #BestFeeling

20 July 2017

Enjoy the little things in life! I think this quote is very important to be happy. Focus on the little things in life and enjoy every single moment. Life is too short to be sad, so take your moments and be happy! Stay positive. A positive mind will give you a positive life.☺️ I hope you all had a great day! Keep smiling 👼🏼

16 July 2017

We ate very very well! I like how the meal looks like☺️
Enjoy the little things in life ☀️
Did some gymnastics at the beach yesterday ☺️ it was a very great day and we had 35 degrees! We enjoyed our day very much 🙈

15 July 2017

After 14 hours of travelling, we arrived in Spain. So good to be back again!🇪🇸🎉❤️