Italy · 10 Days · 17 Moments · June 2018

Michelle's tour through Italy

14 June 2018

Sentiero dei limoni, The Path of Lemons. 600+ stairs up from Minori and down to Maori, with about 3km's of path linking the towns. The path winds through amazing lemon groves and really old country. The rain only drizzled for a while, and it was a lovely experience.

11 June 2018

The amazing gardens at Villa Rufolo, what a stunning view and the gardens in full loom. Proves that colour blocking with simple plants makes a statement

10 June 2018

The ruins at Pompeii. The massive scale of work done over the centuries to unearth this 2000 year old town is awe-inspiring. A tragic event gave us such a clear view of life at that time.

9 June 2018

Napoli walking tour continues Along the famous tourist sites : San Gregorio Armeno, Piazza del Gesù, Church of Santa Chiara, Cappella San Sever, Church of Gesù Nuovo, Naples Underground, Piazza Bellini, Piazza Dante) we had two more tasting food. From the pizzeria "Di Matteo" we tasted the typical Neapolitan frying frittatina di pasta, just a few steps from the artistic work of Banksey. We visited the old Squitieri grocery store, where we tasted buffalo mozzarella, provola, caciocavallo, Neapolitan salami, Parma ham, olives, dried tomatoes. We finished the walking food tour with an ice cream at Mennella - Torre del Greco a few steps from the subway station in Via Toledo
Napoli food walking tour. Hi all, this is a summary of my walking food tour. We met a few steps from the National Archaeological Museum, and we started the experience with the sfogliatella (riccia or frolla) at the Mignone pastry shop. Then we took the typical espresso coffee, from the Neapolitan company Passalacqua (founded in 1948) at the Bar Cavour. We continued on Via Foria and Via Carbonara where at the Capriccio pastry shop (founded in 1917) we tasted the Babà and its evolution, the Capriccio. We continue at Rescigno bakery where you tasted the tarallo n'zogna e pepe after have visited their bread factory After entering Via Duomo, the street of the Cathedral of Naples and the murals of Jorit ( local street artist ) about San Gennaro, the local religious saint , we took the famous Spaccanapoli street, the heart of the city's historic center.
Napoli moments

8 June 2018

Gelato tour in Rome. Sicilia orange and Napoli lemon sorbet and wild cherry gelato. And the best pistachio ever

7 June 2018

Rome at night. How lovely! And hot!
Twilight over the Tiber
The Spanish steps and the area around them. Some beautiful vistas

6 June 2018

Sunset in the eternal city
I heard music and stumbled upon a troupe of traditional Flag dancers performing for a couple who had just been married. I had to climb 100+ stairs behind the The Altare della Patria English: "Altar of the Fatherland"), also known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II. It was amazing to watch!
Largo di Torre Argentina is a set of ruins of Pompey's theatre. It is said that Julius Caesar was assignated here. Now it is home to a cat shelter! There are over 100 cats to be found here. Some are right at stairs and happy to have a chin or ear scratched.
In the middle of Trastevere listening to hard Rock, drinking beer and having a BLT, not very roman but loving it!
Almost 20years ago I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain hoping one day I would be back. I threw another coin in this visit... Just in case!

5 June 2018

Arrived in Roman managed to clear customs and passport control and get my bags within 45 minutes. I jumped on a bus and went to the main Rome terminal where I figured out how to navigate to get onto the Metro, three stops down to San Giovanni. After settling into my bed and breakfast I headed out to explore Rome. I walked to the Colosseum where it started raining! It was absolutely beautiful being in those old ruins with the rain pouring as there were very few people around in the rain. I landed up at the piazza Navona where I sat for ages listening to people playing music and singing and fountains gushing water. Dinner was at small pizzeria where I had a ham and mushroom pizza. After that I picked up a tub of chocolate gelato, walked back to the piazzo to sit in the last rays of the Sun watching people come and go watching the beautiful fountains. From there I wondered through to the Pantheon but it was closed. I took the bus back to the B&B for the night