Indonesia · 30 Days · 133 Moments · June 2018

INDONESIA.... 2018. June 14th - July 13th

13 July 2018

Flight from Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)...

12 July 2018

Out on the town on our last night in Yogyakarta...... 1st to the Neo Sky Bar for dinner, a bucket of Bintang & cocktails then back to our local Lucifers to have a dance and say goodbye to the boys.
Aborted train trip to Solo so had a day around town

11 July 2018

Tubing down the river..... very relaxing.
..... more Cave tubing
Cave tubing in Pindul Caves.

10 July 2018

Gudeg ( a really yummy local jack fruit dish) with the locals than out on the town
The carnival.....the most amazing drum troop and lots of guns on show.
The tuk-tuk ride
The bird & pet market
Batik & puppet making and around Yogya town
Taman Sari (The Water Palace) - pleasure park of pools, saunas, private rooms and secret passages for the Sultan and his entourage.
The Kraton (Sultan's Palace) - a walled city that is home to the Sultans of Yogya.

9 July 2018

....... more Prambanan.......
Prambanan.... Hindu temples built between 8th & 10th century, amazing....
........ more Borobudur......
Borobudur - a Budist temple, 1200 years old, which stands on a 118m x 118m base... this place blew my mind....

8 July 2018

Arriving in Yogyakarta (Java).
Pantai Bira to Makassar by car directly to the airport.

7 July 2018

A day out on the boat. A group of us went snorkeling then had fresh fish & a Bintang on the island. When we got back to the mainland a policeman with a big gun took us to the ATM and hung out with us for a while, he was very friendly. There are more goats in Bira than cars, awesome place, be sad to leave tomorrow.

6 July 2018

To Bara Beach for the best curry I've had in Indonesia.... really, really delicious.

5 July 2018

Another swing before heading to Sunrise Bar overlooking the sea. Across the road was a brick building used to house birds kept to collect their nests for birds nest soup. Then out to "kareoke" bar.
More baot building yards.
Riding through the villages...
East Beach
Hire a motorbike and go exploring for the day.... Start at the harbour and then head around to a boat building yard.

4 July 2018

Pantai Bira..... an evening at the beach
Night sleeper bus from Tana Toraja back to Makassar (10 hours) then public car from Makassar to Pantai Bira (5 hours). See salt drying ponds and seaweed drying on the roadside.

3 July 2018

Londa Cave Grave
Village life.
Paddy fields in the Highlands.
..... more rice harvesting...
Splitting rock to make megaliths and house foundation stones.
Harvesting the rice.
We drive and tramp around northern highland villages..... this is actually live.....
....... more market......
..... more market......
Rantepao Market

2 July 2018

The Baby Grave Tree (Kambira)....... . the Torajans cut a hole in the grave tree then put their dead baby in it (only for baby with no teeth), then cover the hole. The tree grows over the hole and all that remains is a square scar on the trunk of the tree..... Cacao, coffee beans & kids fishing. The view over paddy fields from our Guesthouse balcony.
Lemo stone graves.
The Suaya Royal grave tau-tau (effigies) and cave grave at Tampang Allo.
Heading back for lunch.
Sacrificing the buffelo.... the first of 24 to be killed over the next 4 days of the ceremony.
Palm wine, coffee & cake then food preparation time.
The Funeral Ceremony.... the family can keep their dead relative in their home for years (drinking tea and talking to them) to save up for a full ceremony.............. Tambunan Village.
Megaliths and graves cut into huge holders by hand.
Preparing for the Funeral Ceremony.......
Kete Kesu..... The Cave grave and tau-tau (ephigies in the likeness of the diseased).
Kete Kesu..... The Village.
From Makassar to Tana Toraja, 9 hours by luxury bus. See fish traps, amazing rocky highlands, paddy fields, rainforest and locals at work and play. A lovely spot for lunch in a warungs over the sea.

1 July 2018

To Omas shop for a cold Bintang and a traditional dish of grilled bananas and palm sugar.
Back to the dozens of fish warungs beside Fort Rottadam to eat with the locals.
The Floating Mosque
We take a tuk-tuk down Gold Street (every shop full of gold), went the wrong way down a one way street to arrive at the Floating Mosque at sunset.
The local Makassar market.
A trip in a Pete-Pete (bemo) to pick up bus ticket for tomorrow.

29 June 2018

Finish the day with pecking duck in China Town (where we are staying) then fried bananas with chilli sauce from a street side stall.
Walking around Makassar then having a traditional local dish of beef intestines, brains, lungs and offle called Coto Makassar (not intentionally).
More photos with the locals (this time a soccer team) then to Fort Rottadam and a Bintang over the sea at Hotel Pantai Gapura.
Goodbuy Flores & hello Sulawesi. Flight today from Maumere to Makassar.
Fisherman at sunrise

28 June 2018

Evening beach walk...... relaxing times....
Kids playing on the beach.
Off to buy tomorrow's plane tickets on an Ojek...
A walk before lunch... of taro, banana, peanut & coconut milk soup....very different.
And then there was sunrise before breakfast.....

27 June 2018

Fun with Oushi & Ikba as the sun sets.
Going for a walk along the beach and meeting miss piggy next door.
Catch a ride in a Bemo with the locals from Ende to Maumere (4 hours), then book into our B&B. It is so right on the beach that 2 of the units washed away in January.

26 June 2018

... and some more... as we carry on back to Ende down the ranges.
Then we pass some rice pattie fields...
... and more... like clove trees and puppies, and the carvings on the side of their houses that said what was important in the occupants life...
.... and even more amazing people.....
Arrive at Wologai Tengah traditional village..... amazing houses and coffee....
Passing forests, villages and markets heading down the ranges.
To Miro for lunch.... of course we had to have Miro Cakes (slightly spiced potato, Vege, cheese patties), yummy.
Say "Hi" to the monkeys again as we head back down Mt Kelimutu.
At the summit, after the fog lifted slightly, we see 3 lakes in the crater that looked like they were filled with slightly different coloured paint. Then the fog settles again.
Kelimutu National Park..... the tramp to the summit

25 June 2018

Arriving in Ende then out to dinner with our guest house guide
Breakfast on the deck before going to the airport to take $39 flight to Ende further east on Flores.

24 June 2018

Heading home after an amazing day in Komodo National Park....WOW.
We leave Komodo Island and head to the stunning Pink Beach for a snorkel... we see amazing rainbow coloured fish and beautiful corals... then an ice cold Bintang to celebrate.
Meeting the big boys.... KOMODO DRAGONS.....a monitor lizard on steroids.
Arriving Komodo Island and heading off on our guided tour.
Padar Island.... climbing the 1000's of stairs on this island walk is worth it for this amazing view.
Off to find the Komodo Dragon. Leave the port at 6am and head off into Komodo National Park aboard traditional Flores long boat, passing rugged landscapes and pearl farmers villages.

23 June 2018

FLORES****** Arrive Labuan Bajo in Flores. The view from the deck of our Guesthouse,
BALI*****Padangbai port to Denpasar Airport by shuttle to catch a flight to Labuan Bajo, Flores.
Big travel day today. Shuttle from Mataram, through beautiful rainforest for 40 mins back to Bangsal port to catch fast boat back to Bali.

22 June 2018

Pura Mayura Park & Temple, built in 1744 as the court temple for the last Balinese King in Lombok.
Around Mataram
LOMBOK***** And hello to Lombok. About a 45 minute drive along the beautiful coast line from Bangsal, through Senggigi to Mataram where we are staying for 1 night.
Goodbye to Gili T. on this boat.

21 June 2018

To the night market for dinner, yum. $3 for a good feed.
I walked all the way round the island today... It took me about 4 hours. This is what I saw.

20 June 2018

The nightlife...... awesome time at the Reggae Bar
The bintang
The town
The beach
"Little Woodstock"... Our accommodation for the next couple of nights, a bamboo hut with our own ensiut and verandah. $4.50/night each including breakfast.
The markets
Island transport....... there are no powered vehicles on any of the Gili Islands..... horse and cart, push bike & carts only.
****LOMBOK***** Arriving on Gili Trawangan to stay for a couple of nights.
Goodbye to Bali, we caught the fast boat to Lombok today.

19 June 2018

Dinner at the cooking school, Vege Curry & Rice for me, Gado Gado and Banana pancakes for Tony, yum.
Spent the morning hanging out in "The Monkey Forest" then cruised the Ubud Markets in the afternoon.

18 June 2018

Walking up the road for dinner at the cooking school.. Gado Gado again, best so far.
Gunung Kawi Temple....8m high ancient stone shrines carved into the cliffs either side of the Pakrisan River
Tirta Empul Temple in Tampaksiring.... water from a sacred spring.
Tegenungan Waterfall, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) then lunchtime... Suckling pig again.
More Barong and Kris dancing this morning......
Wijaya Guest House (Ubud) for 3 nights. $10/night including breakfast.

17 June 2018

..... and a show. Traditional Balinese dance troop.... Pura Taman Saraswati at the Ubud Water Palace.
Walked down and up the valley from our guest house for dinner.....
****UBUD****** ...... Sucking pig and coconut water for lunch then on to the Kings Palace.
From Tana Lot, to Canggu Beach then Pura Taman Ayun Temple.

16 June 2018

Night out with the lady boys
Kuta/Legian Sunset
Dinner with Freddy and his family, thanks Tony for amazing seafood extravaganza.
Padang Padang Beach then Luwak coffee
Pura Luhur Temple... Uluwatu

15 June 2018

Nice afternoon with lovely Balinese family then crazy night in Kuta.
*****LEGIAN/KUTA******** Our accommadation for 1st 3 nights...... Baleka Hotel

14 June 2018

Arriving into Bali