Indonesia · 10 Days · 11 Moments · September 2017

Michelle's tour through Indonesia

14 September 2017

Day 12 Last day!! Had brekkie with Win2 and Wei2 at Common Grounds! Great juice, coffee and food!!! Said goodbye to ema and ikung at lamping! Got a reflexology and red velvet drink at Bandung domestic airport. I wanted a head massage too but Aawin won't do it with me as he didn't want his hair messed up 😡 Arghhh got to Bali airport at 4:30pm but flight to Sydney not til 10:30pm!!! Had something to eat at Two Dragons to kill time.

13 September 2017

Day 11 Last full day!! Brekkie at Miss Bee!! Tried a Batella Stuffed French Toast, Lean Brekky, Hazelnut Creme Brûlée, Cappuccino and Strawberry juice! Went to Lamping then up the mountains to Lembang to visit Aunty Seiling house with Aunty Fenn 😊 Went to Kebun Begonia Lembang, what beautiful flowers, plants and fruit and veg!! Then too Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort and The Lodge! Some cool activities at The Lodge, skytree, hot air balloon, mid air bikes etc Had lunch with Monique, her bf Jordy, aunty Fenn at Lembang then Monique took us to Yu Yuan Bang for a full body massage. After massage we went to Lamping to spend time with the Sugono!

12 September 2017

Day 10 Went back to Two Full Hands but super disappointed this time!! They pretty much ran out of everything 😡😡😡 Then went to Rumah Mode for some outlet shopping!! Afterwards went to Lamping and took Ema out for yum cha at 23 Paskal!!! Yummm!! Taught ikung how to snapchat then napped at Lamping from full bellies!!! Snacked on Niya's wintermelon soup and veg before going shopping at PVJs Bought a pair of wedges at Heatwave and dress and top at Pretty Pastels then coffee and Nutella Blast at DJournals! Omg sooooooo yum!!!!!

11 September 2017

Day 9 Happy Monday!! Got an uber to Two Full Hands for some western brekkie!! Finally got my first Chai and Aaron got his first piccolo latte!! I got a pulled pork bene and Aaron got a grain bowl with eggs! After brekkie we went shopping at Chiwalk and foot reflexology 👣 Then visited Michelle at Everjoy and went to spend sometime at Lamping and Ema cut the durian tree!! 😱 Aunty Fenn then took us to a fancy spa place where Aaron got his first haircut away from home and we both got a mani and pedi! 😍 Then back to Lamping for dinner!

10 September 2017

Day 8 Last morning in Candidasa!! Checked out of resort and headed to the Loaf Cafe for our last brekkie!!! Off to Denpasar to catch flight to Bundang!! Lol on our way to airport we drove past some pigs and our driver pointed at them and called them bacon 🤣 Had some traditional indonesian dishes at Mandai restaurant at the airport. Bought some snake skin fruit as souvenirs too. Aunty Fenny picked us up from the Bandung airport and we spent the rest of the day with ema, ikung, winwin, fenn, ivanny, bev, brandon and weiwei! Ema pulled out some old albums and a HK article about LorLan lol Stayed at Fenn's guesthouse and spent time talkimg to the other Michelle!

9 September 2017

Day 7 Last full day in Candidasa!! Brekkie at the Loaf Cafe! Aaron finally got his free coffee lol 2 hr spa treatment at Earthbound, massage, facial and hair treatment then lunch at Ari's hotdogs! Aaron had the mango burrito I had last time and I finally had their hotdog!! Back to the resort for our last swim by the pool! Pool was busy lol saw a bunch of retirees doing some aqua dance to the music. Had our last dinner at Candidasa at the dining room. Got a seafood pizza, quesadilla, pork ribs, choc lava cake, choc mousse and cocktails!! The pork ribs fell straight off the bone, shame they didn't have more!! Aaron got so drunk he couldn't finish his drink so I finished it for him! We decided to visit the gym at the resort on our way back. Hahaha omg there was a bike, broken treadmill, part of a couch, weight bench with 2x 1kg weights and a bunch of plastic bags 🤣🤣🤣🤣

8 September 2017

Day 6 Surprise! Brekkie at the Loaf Cafe again lol this time Aaron tried a bircher with poached pear. We then headed to the Bat Cave Temple! It was a super hot day! Learnt the Hindu culture and their ceremonies and saw millions of bats!!! The ones we saw on the entrance of cave is apparently the ones that couldn't get a spot inside! Then we headed to the rice terraces and drove up the mountain to see the volcano! Had buffet lunch at Bangli- Batur Tengah where you face the volcanos while eating! Enjoyed hot springs at Toya Devasya! Amazing views!!! The hot springs are warm, not too hot! Afternoon tea back at the Loaf Cafe lol had a lemon tart with strawberry ice cream and watermelon juice! Went for a hot stone massage at Earthbound then dinner at Rajas. Tried a squid curry and chicken masala with lots and lots of cocktails!

7 September 2017

Day 5 Again brekkie at the Loaf Cafe lol scrambled eggs with mushroom and brown toast 🤤🤤🤤 CandiDasa is such a small place! Keep running into same people each morning haha After brekkie went for a short walk to a near by resort and got a pedicure at their spa! And saw the world's smallest froggy ever!!!! Morning tea at the Loaf Cafe to try their lemon meringue pie!!! Yum!!! Our driver picked us up and off to Kuta we go! First stop Upside Down! Then we went shopping at Beachwalk in Kuta, lunch at Paradise Dynasty and happy hour drinks at Cafe Sardinia. I bought Aaron a ring as our proposal anniversary gift and he bought me a GC watch ✌️ Lastly dinner at Langsam Jimbaran!

6 September 2017

Day 4 Brekkie at the Loaf Cafe again! Aaron had the eggs benedict with cuppacino and I had omelette with mushroom and iced choc! We cancelled our trip to the white sand beach as it rained and spent some time relaxing in our room. Sun came out so went for a walk to grab lunch and had a traditional indonesian meal at Joglo. Tried their beef randang, seafood mi goreng, nasi kampur with bapi and lots of cocktails! Loved their mango mojito and omg look at their frozen magarita!!! Aaron had a blue bird which had gordon try gin with triple sex, blue curacao and lemon juice! Went back to resort for a swim and get ready for the "presentation" haha Presentation went for 7 mins lol Aaron has been so worried and ott about it! Went for a massage and reflexology at Earthbound Day Spa then dinner at Warung Astawa. Aaron had the seafood set menu with spring rolls, banana leafed fish, grilled prawns and fruit. I had a soto ayum soup and a mixed grill satay with a mango lassi!

5 September 2017

Day 3 Brekkie at the Loaf Cafe, I had eggs benedict with iced coffee and Aaron had poached eggs on toast and a cappuccino! Massage at Sari's Spa then lunch at Gary's Aussie Burgers. I had a mango burrito and Aaron had an Aussie burger! Shopped along the main street and made our way back to resort. Enjoyed music and cocktails by the pool until our next Spa treatment at the Resort spa! Got a traditional balinese massage and body scrub followed by a flower bath! Then we went dinner at the Crazy Kangaroo, had a mushroom soup, sate chicken, beef randang, lime key pie, white choc flan and cocktails along with live music!! Some live music back at the resort too!

4 September 2017

Day 1 Landed 9pm Sunday and got to hotel almost 1am!! Candi Dasa is far!! Day 2 Did a sight seeing tour around Candi Dasa on Monday. First stop Water Palace! Very beautiful gardens. Then Peraturan Taman Tirtagangga and Last Stop Tenganan Village, Bought a nice hand made scarf Lunch at warung Bintang. I had calamaris and Aaron had coconut chicken curry with sticky rice then had an apple pie and coffee at Loaf Cafe. Went for a walk to the local shops and restaurants. Then off to The Palm Spa for a Bungan Bali Spa treatment. Flower foot bath, herbal massage and traditional facial 😊 Dinner at the Hungry Crocodile, entree with had a seafood soup and spring rolls, for mains we had a Mediterranean plate and Traditional Balinese assorted plate and dessert we had a Nutella Crepe. Tried their avocado juice, not as great as Din Tai Fung's one! Pina Colada and Margarita were great! Food was yummy!!