United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · August 2016

Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg, TX

3 August 2016

Yoga on top of the Rock
Final family shots and of the sunset before heading down. Definitely make sure you have your lights. We had a head lamp and light sticks. It is a must if you stay until sunset because by the time you climb down it's pitch dark. We stayed at campsite until 10:30. Since fire wood shop closed at 4 we couldn't get a fire started. But with plenty of insect repellent we sat and laid in parking lot and watched the sun showers. It's amazing how much one sees out here away from the light pollution. According to pollution map, here or out towards the gulf past Galveston (3.5 hrs away) are the sweet spots. Then the bugs got to us and worried about the drive back. After washing out the repellent from Tati's eyes we made it back back 11. We sang Las maƱanitas to Tatiana and she blew out the candle on her cupcake. FIVE YEARS OLD!! My precious baby!!! All to bed exhausted. Tomorrow is a long drive back-
After a day in the high 90s we headed to Enchanted Rock around 6:00. It's is a good 35 minutes outside of Fredericksburg. We had to circle back for gas because there is absolutely nothing between Fredericksburg and the Park. The Drive is beautiful winding roads up and down through the rose colored rocky hills. We got there by 7 and out the car ready to go. Because of the time we decided to go straight up the side which takes about a half an hour to scale. If you have all day the trail going around the Rock gets you there in an hour and a half. The scale up is pretty steep and you pass all the natural pools within the Rock. They are little mini ecosystems. Prohibited to touch them as it disrupts. Tatiana was a trooper and did better than the girls at times. Maybe because she's closer to the ground (hahaha). Once at the peak it's a beautiful 360^ of all the Hill Country. So peaceful- just nature.
Main Street Fredericksburg and the back D&D shoe with swords and knives. The candy store and the numerous boutiques. Also winery store frog s with chocolate and salsas and rubs. We discovered Earthbound store here. And since have revisited in Dallas Galleria. Lots of quaint shops but now much for German. The store outside of town had EXCELLENT variety of drinks, eta. But way too overpriced for us. Ate at the Rathaus cellar. Not the best, and made by Latinos. Also at cupcake shop off Main and down the street from Holiday Inn we stayed at. Cupcakes were awesome along with the coffee. Trick is to freeze tres leches and then thaw- another of Tatiana's birthdays celebrated in a hotel.