Australia · 12 Days · 14 Moments · February 2018

Michelle's journi

4 March 2018

Having arrived at my brother's late Friday I finally ventured with Liz and Archie to their in across the road..creek. I am super lucky to spend time with family like this and enjoy such wonderful nature.

2 March 2018

Friday morning!! I made it a whole week on the road plus! Maps said 5.5 hours to my brother - so that is where I headed. The grey day made it a lot easier, but before I went I stopped at a butterfly house : butterfly having been a symbol of this while life juncture! One even landed on my phone = the kinda blurry pic I've included. I stopped briefly to happy snap a pic of the big banana, pit stop at the Italy rest/restaurant and through Briz - hello traffic. Driving was pretty cruisey - and with daylight savings it was a big relief to make it finally!

1 March 2018

Kempsey to Coffs.. I was keen to try my first go at SUP but didn't end up being half as impressed by the south west rocks zone with its roots and Gaol. Time of year was wrong for whale spotting too. Coffs harbour had a lot of interesting tourist possibilities but tbh all I ended up doing was having a swim at the pool. The tent is getting easier to set up and pack up. Today was probs just one of the "normal" days - I needed to do some paperwork and posting. But I did ride my bike to do it and enjoyed the cool change as it floated through the region.

28 February 2018

I ended up in a small "nothing special" town called Kempsey. This morning I wasn't at all sure I wanted to continue driving and was nearly opting for a do nothing day.. when I found out about there being a cpl of beach spots worth checking out. Check out the view!!! I nearly cried and sat for quite a while feeling the air and watching the waves crash and froth on the "heads". Surfers had ripper swell and I was like a little kid again floating down the river as the current carried me. I jumped out and did at least 5 rounds before retiring back to Kempsey for bbq pancakes with berries and yog + a swim! So so so spoilt! I managed a swift ride in th arvo - whereby upon return Mags came and landed on my shoulder as I flip flopped back to the car! No swoops! Even the wildlife are friendlier here 😎

27 February 2018

Post rainfalls and sight seeing I made it through City!! Yes..CITY traffic of Sydney to Manly. Aghhh the beach!! I booked a backpackers and managed to say hi to an eclectic number of accents throughout the stay! Needless to say my safe haven was on the roof watching MAFS (ye gawd) and havin a quiet drink. The next morning was met with LOUD street sweeper and garbage truck -note to self : don't stay on a MONDAY :) oh and wriggling on the top bunk felt awkward..not to mention waking with the realisation nothing was stopping me rolling off the top?!??!?! Needless to say I made it out alive -hehe Still tuesday morning..ohhh myyyy!! Surf comp, a swim and my next destination. Which prior to leaving included using the NSW recycling systems/large unit type things in carparks! Yep.. points for being earthed and looking after it. Vic seriously has to get on board with this = donations or small $$$ in return!! Win win!

26 February 2018

Driving felt good today. I was not too stressed in City traffic - good old google maps! And saw a few weird things - a coca cola lightwd billboard, a dbl decker bus and an abundance of NSW number plates. What else should I have expected?!?! So i made it to kempsey -a cute motel where I finally had my bbq, and did some laundry - ughhh the living out of a suitcase life LOL. Adoring the new perspective..maybe QLD will see me in a whole new life adventure.
So today was my tourist/nature day. My $4 hiking boots came in VERY handy - but first things first! Was an easier start but slept in cos was so comfy. The visitor info centre proved handy - giving me good directions for the day. Bradman grew up not far away so I went to the museum of cricket in Bowra. Then coffee at a cute cafe in a neighbouring town where the buildings were of old..*insert town name* Then onto Fitzroy Falls - I thought Lake Hume was speccy - but this was amazing: Fitzroy Falls. The photos say it all. I managed the approx. 8km walk before deciding to drive. I have eneded up in Manly at a backpackers of all places. Having a quiet drink on the roof top I am definitely enjoying the music and breeze which is complimenting the eclectic trip I have started.
Recap for yesterday..only yesterday!!! The Bradman museum was awesome..I remember some of the players on TV like Warnie, Hughes, Boon,the Waugh brothers and many more. My new mission is to teach my nephew to play -JUST like Bradman did!!! ;) Was a little senitmental given my Papa played in a Bradman's xv rep side.... Bit inspired I must say!

25 February 2018

Driving out of Albury the weather changed. First grey and cool and a little dreary... then! rain so hard you couldn't see! Glad to reach Goulburn I saw the giant Merino, and then spent a bit of time debating my next destination. Mittagong ended up being my next stop - at a motel.... slacko jacko!! But was nice to be a bit kinder to myself - hot shower and a big comfy bed and kitchen made me grateful for the rain in the end.
The day started off grey but with a calm atmosphere. It then turned into heavy rain - gonna be a longer day than planned. On my way to Woollongong...

24 February 2018

What a beautiful ride around Lake Hume and beside the Murray. Was great to not feel pressure to compete or perform but it was fun drafting and pacing and even catching some riders. The views were awesome and for someone who hasn't been riding much lately was good to know my motor is juuust fine!
Post race went back to an eatery I really liked in the main strip of Albury. Funny how people all cross at intersections at the same time - giving you a 22 second countdown. The food was great -lamb hamburger (gluten free bun) and a cpl of Caronas with Lime. Footy on tele and under the best air-con seat in the house. Pretty spoilt if ya ask me!

23 February 2018

After deciding to head out randomly for a ride I managed two flat tyres.. so I trapsed to the bike shop was right near the train station which had old fashioned architecture. So after much walking and tyre rearranging I headed down the main street of Albury to scout some food and see what was about. One shop -bike culture - having sponsored the Hume Lake cycle challenge showed me the not so hilly map = my entry for Saturday booked and number collected later that evening. Whilst down the street I found a free ice-cream/frozen yoghurt voucher - score!!!

21 February 2018

And so it began.. after finalising the house, animals and deciding what would be kept, I got in the car and made it across the border - day 1! The tent took a slick 5mins to put up and I couldn't help but smile at the surroundings.