United Kingdom, Vietnam · 15 Days · 29 Moments · August 2017

Michelle's adventure in Vietnam

29 August 2017

Final shots of the sun going down as we take the boat to the airport. We have loved you Vietnam!

27 August 2017

Market day in Nha Trang

26 August 2017

Speedboat trip to the lobster farm today. Each farmer lives on his hut floating on the water with his nets. He buys baby lobsters for $20 and sells them at full weight (1kg) for $100. It takes between 18-22 months to grow a lobster to this weight. During that time it regularly sheds its skin, and has to be kept clean and at 24C to protect it from disease. No wonder it costs so much! Each farmer owns a dog to keep him company on the raft.
More photos of the lobster and Cobia farm
A trip to Monkey Island where the monkeys are wild. This is a Vietnamese tourist attraction, with v few westerners. Highlights included watching the mums carrying around their babies and the one that tried to chase Keith when he disturbed their drinking at the monkey watering hole! Tuan our guide carried a slingshot - not to use - but just the sight of it stops the monkeys from being aggressive.

25 August 2017

More cookery school and A final shot of Keith at the end - obviously exhausted from a full afternoon in the kitchen!
Today Vietnamese cookery school at Six Senses with Tuan the chef. Beef and prawn spring rolls , fish soup and caramelised fish stew in a clay pot ! Delicious and keith & Sammy loved it too!
Making the spring rolls - took 3 goes to get it right and Keith's ended up with a split in it! Which Sam of course thought hysterical!

24 August 2017

Back to basics today - hit that point in the holiday where the digestive system is longing for plain chicken soup for dinner and fruit for breakfast - I've finally been beaten by the breakfast buffet Moira Carmenate!!!! Need you here to keep the troops going!
Great hike around the peninsula today
More hiking piccies!

23 August 2017

Welcoming in the sunset with a passion fruit margarita #me time
Lazy day today - have come down with a cold and a temperature, so prescribed myself an exercise free day, high tea and margaritas at the beach. Starting to realise how hard I find it to stop and do nothing! Have hikes and workouts planned for tomorrow hopefully!!!

21 August 2017

Our boat journey from Nah Trang to the Six Senses was just 15 minutes - lovely accommodation.
Boat approaching Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

20 August 2017

Arrival in Nha Trang - pictures of six senses to follow tomorrow !!!

19 August 2017

Life at the An Lam - pool and afternoon tea
Trip to Con Gio Mangroves - crab fishing !
Bat watching in the Mangroves
Sam's favourite thing - the crab hunting and cricket feeding, mine.... the monkeys !
Bird watching in the Mangroves on a river boat

17 August 2017

Spent the day relaxing by the Mekong - reading Mansfield Park and recovering from jet lag. Sam has had bad jet lag and sickness and has coped so well with it. Not many kids here to play with but sam is happy to read and chill out 🙂

16 August 2017

Beautiful rest day - sam could do with a friend but was. Happy to edit his VLOG!

15 August 2017