Europe · 163 Days · 10 Moments · December 2016

Michelle & Alan's Motorhome Tour of Europe

13 May 2017

Stopped off at a little aire in Rugles, France on our way to the Calais ferry. France is full of hidden gems like this

8 May 2017

Sleepy little village called Torquemada near Palencia in the north of Spain. Just a one night stopover on our way back to France. Parked in the village aire right beside the cemetery. Sweet dreams.

7 May 2017

Walking over the Roman bridge towards the old town of Salamanca, Spain. The original seat of learning in Spain with its oldest university. Amazing architecture in the cathedral and university but overall the city left us a little underwhelmed.

5 May 2017

What a superb stopover. A castle and walled village above and the largest reservoir in Europe below. 360 degree views from Monsaraz castle in Portugal. If you want a seat, why not have a view!

21 April 2017

Monchique, Portugal. An hours drive away from the coast is the beautiful town of Monchique. The narrow, cobbled streets wind their way up to the church and viewing point and little artesian shops hide away disguised as village houses.

20 April 2017

Faro, Portugal. I thought this was going to be a beautiful historic town. Instead the old town is run down and neglected but managed to find a few special places as usual. You just have to look hard enough

14 April 2017

Evora, Portugal. Home of the famous Chapel of Bones. Where the skeletons of 5000 monks were disinterred and used to build a chapel. The inscription over the entrance reads "we, the bones that are here, await yours". A sobering thought. Well worth a visit. The €4 entrance fee allows you into the adjoining cathedral. Close by is a viewing point where you can see the way whole city spread out and in the middle of the city is the ancient roman temple of evora. A really spectacular sight

6 April 2017

Seville. Beautiful, sophisticated city. Possibly my favourite city so far. A fantastic mix of old and new. Too much to see in one trip meaning we will have to come back - yay.

20 March 2017

The amazing sights of Ronda. Could easily spend another couple of days exploring

1 December 2016

The journey begins. Waiting in line to board the ferry to Cherbourg.