United States of America · 5 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

Southern Road Trip

10 August 2017

What a great vacation...minus the jellyfish sting! We will miss you Hilton Head...until next time! Day 5 ▶️Breakfast at the Skillet ▶️Beach Time...margaritas on the beach. ▶️Lunch and Drinks at Tikki Hut ▶️More boogie boarding...got stung by a jellyfish ▶️Ride to Piggy Wiggly for vinegar ▶️Dinner at Poseidon ▶️Drinks at Rooftop bar and made new friends ▶️Drinks at Bamboo with new friends.

9 August 2017

Too bad the weather didn't cooperate...but we had fun drinking "Nutty Sailors" and listening to live beach music. Day 4 ▶️Breakfast at the Skillet ▶️Pool Day...then rain ▶️Afternoon delight at the Tikki Hut ▶️Took another nap ▶️Rita's water ice and night shopping

8 August 2017

Exploring the island. Day 3 ▶️Breakfast at the Skillet ▶️Pool Time in the morning. Wine at the pool ▶️Vacation Timeshare presentation...what a scam! Fun to listen to and received some gifts. ▶️Walmart shopping and Marriott exploring in a downpour. ▶️Lunch at The Crazy Crab on the marsh. Delicious lunch and fanatic thunderstorms. ▶️Nap Time ▶️Dinner at the frosty frog
Pool day...hotel is a great location. Fast access to the beach. Day 2 ▶️Drove seven hours ▶️Checked into The Beach Hotel... a holiday inn waterfront resort. ▶️Boogie boarded in ocean before dinner. I haven't laughed like that since I was a kid. Best memory of trip! ▶️Great dinner at Rockfish Seafood and Steaks at Bomboras ▶️Met friends at the Sandbar and had frosty drinks at the Frosty Frog 🐸

6 August 2017

Cute little town! Dave loved the chicken and dumplings at The Palms, tasted like his grandmother's. Told me if I could replicate it he would ask me to marry him. I asked to chef for the recipe!
Great photo opts! Best part was Dave's parents face timing us! Who would have thought! That was funny!
Our trip to the Natural Bridge in Virginia. I'm in awe of this site! Day 1 ▶️Drove 5 hours to Natural Bridge, VA ▶️Had lunch before hike in Cafe...very long wait. dave told me I have to have patience in the South...until he got annoyed standing in the long line and he said never again. Lol ▶️Checked in at Robert E. Lee Hotel in Lexington, Va very quaint. ▶️Happy hour in hotel bar. Made a publisher friend who was trying to escape from his family. ▶️Dinner at The palms ▶️ice cream for dessert. ▶️back to hotel for more ice cream.