Spain, Morocco · 32 Days · 47 Moments · April 2017

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30 May 2017

Tuesday May 30. Our last full day in Spain spent at Sagrada Familia, Montjuic and the Gothic Quarter. Sagrada Familia was worth a second visit but was especially enjoyable watching Maia and Mackenzie see it for the first time and remembering how I felt when I first stepped out of the subway tunnel and glimpsed the Passion Facade and walked into the sanctuary to see the huge space filled with the light of stained glass windows and power of the architectural design to support the huge roof and towers. We rode up the Montjuic Funicular Rail and then took an epic journey down a series of escalators back to Plaza Espanya. We kept going back to the Gothic Quarter for shopping and eating. Bacoa Burgers has the best hamburgers. We are sad to leave tomorrow but also ready to return to reality and the comfort of familiar surroundings.

29 May 2017

Monday May 29. Getting near the end of our trip so is more difficult to get up early after staying up late. We did not leave the apartment until 13:00 to wander through the Boqueria Market and the Gothic Quarter shopping, sight seeing and eating. Alcohol is cheap in Spain. 12€ buys six 1 litre bottles of Good Cider. Helps make for a fun evening of cards

28 May 2017

Sunday May 28. Lazy morning followed by a trip to Montserrat Abbey an hour drive outside Barcelona. One bit of excitement while walking to the car park was to encounter soldiers of the empire (Star Wars). My geeky heart almost burst when they agreed to to pose for a picture. We Parked at the base of the mountain and rode the Cremallera de Montserrat to the abbey. The "Zipper of Montserrat" is a narrow gauge rail train that winds up a narrow track 1804 feet above the valley floor. The view is spectacular and the basillica is beautiful. There is also an excellent museum at the abbey. My favourites include "Penitent Saint Jerome" by Caravaggio and "La Religiosa" by Casas. The abbey has a fascinating history. One of my post vacation goals is to learn more about the history of Spain including Montserrat.

27 May 2017

Saturday May 27. Adios Valencia, hola Barcelona! A lovely drive to Barcelona with time to stop and take a picture of a sign with a humorous Spanish place name. Humorous for us who have the maturity level of a 7 year old. Our 3.5 hour trip was fast enough to spend some time to getting lost looking for a vintage clothing store a half hour walk from our apartment while waiting to meet our Airbnb hosts. Our apartment is in the Gracia district of Barcelona with funky shops, restaurants, bars, some Gaudi architecture and a 20 minute subway ride to Bocoa Burgers for dinner. We went for an after dinner stroll through the gothic quarter where we encountered a parade of penitents and a concert by a variety of local bands.

26 May 2017

Friday May 26. Goodbye to hot Granada and hello to humid Valencia for a one night stay before moving on to Barcelona for the last 5 days of our trip to Spain. It is a beautiful 5 hour drive from Granada to Valencia. The Sierra Nevada mountain peaks near Granada still had some snow despite the 35 degree temperature in Granada. We ate lunch at a truck stop called Cafestore. Spanish truck stops a very similar to Canadian truck stops except for the bachelor party with the groom dressed in a lady bug dress costume who came in for a beer. We are staying in a suburb called Silla at Hostal Moreno which is a 15 minute drive from Valencia. We parked at the Aqua shopping mall and walked around the outside of the science center and down to the Valencia beach and harbor area. We walked past a sculpture garden, watched some of the Valencia provincial swing dance competition and had Paella at a restaurant near the beach.
Thursday May 25. Shopping for food is an interesting way to experience a different culture. We have shopped at supermarkets in Spain that are similar to the Canadian experience. Small independant grocers are also common and more interesting for the interactions with other customers and staff. We needed breakfast food yesterday morning so I found a market close by on Google Maps that looked like it might be able to supply cereal, soy milk and strawberries. The store was tiny and jammed full of grocery items, fruit, vegetables & deli counter. So full that customers were not allowed to wander the 3 aisles but request items at the counter and store clerks fetch the item for you. Language barrier notwithstanding, this was another example of how Spanish culture promotes personal connections and a sense of community.

25 May 2017

Thursday May 25. Our last full day in Granada started at noon at the Hammam al Andalus Arab Bath for a soak and massage. The architecture and decor are inspired by the moorish culture of Granada and the experience was very calming and relaxing. Cameras are not allowed so check their website for examples. ( ) We also visited the Granada Cathedral which is huge and impressive like all of the other cathedrals, basilicas and churches we have visited in Spain. Shopping and tapas finished our day. On our way home we found a busker selling "live poetry". You give her a word and she composes and types a poem while you wait. It was an intimate and lovely experience to share her creative process.

23 May 2017

Wednesday May 24. Alhambra all the time today except for our end of day visits at two tapas bars and one pizza/donair place. Please blame all nonsensical ramblings on one and a half sangria, one Clara Limón & two white wines. Words seem insufficient to describe the grandeur, beauty and history of the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a medieval & renaissance town designed to serve the supply and administrative services of the moorish Caliphate of Granada. The name means Red Palace as the original Alcazaba fortress was constructed of red clay bricks. The progression to more sophisticated architectural design & decor documents political and social developments throughout the history of Granada, Spain and Europe. The Nasrid palace constructed by the last moorish dynasty before the Spanish conquest in 1492 is one of my favorites of all the sights we have seen on our trip in Spain.
Tuesday May 23, 2017. A fond farewell to fair Tarifa of the beautiful beaches and sunsets and hello to grand Granada of the Alhambra palace and superior tapas. We added "visit a clothing optional beach" to our list of Spanish cultural experiences when we stopped at Playa Cantajarrián for lunch before driving to Granada. It is a beautiful beach and many bathers were clothed so did not feel excessive peer pressure to opt out of our clothing. Granada is a beautiful city. We will visit the Alhambra palace tomorrow, the cathedral on Thursday and tapas bars every evening. The included selfie is us after two tapas, me after two Sangria, Michele after one Sangria & one Clara Limón & Kenzie after one Clara Limón. Mackenzie was late and Maia was resting so missed the party.

22 May 2017

Monday May 22. Gibraltar is a 40 minute drive from Tarifa so we went for a visit and ended up hiking 12.34 km round trip up many steps and steep narrow roadways. The hike was worth the effort to see the spectacular view, the St. Michael's Cave and Barbary Macaques. We finished our visit with a delicious meal and air conditioning at the Lord Nelson Bar and a ride on a double decker bus back to the Gibralter / Spain border. We finished our day with a Tarifa sunset and Lola, our favourite Bar in Tarifa.

21 May 2017

Sunday May 21 (posted a day late). A lovely 2 hour drive to visit beautiful Ronda. The "Puenta Nuevo" is the must see attraction but there are other interesting things to do such as the museum and the bull fighting ring. The museum gives an overview of local history from pre-historic time to the present day. Ronda has the oldest professional bullfighting association in Spain established in the late 16th century because of too many injuries among amateur bull fighters.

20 May 2017

Saturday May 20. Our Ronda trip was delayed due to sunburned babies who hibernated all day with lotion, cold baths and wet towels. Michele and I walked around Tarifa in the morning and then drove to Cadiz in the afternoon. We visited Castillo de Santa Catalina and Castillo de San Sebastian. Santa Catalina was constructed in the late 16th century as a defense against vandal raiders. The fort hosts art gallery exhibits so we were lucky to view some beautiful paintings by Ana Sánchez. Castillo de San Sebastian was closed by the time we got there but we enjoyed the walk along the causeway that links the castle with Cadiz. After the castles we had some food and then visited Cadiz Cathedral. The church is especially beautiful when viewed from the west with the central dome and dual bell towers as visible architectural features. We got to hear the organ play and climb one of the bell towers. The bells sounded while we were at the top of the tower and it was an awesome sound.

19 May 2017

Friday May 19. A lazier day today after the excitement of two days in Tangier. Maia & Kenzie slept in while Michele & I walked out to Islas des Las Palomas which is the island that is the spot in Europe closest to Africa across the Straight of Gibraltar. The island is closed to visitors but the causeway is open up to the island gate. The Mediterranean is to the east & Atlantic to the west of the causeway. We visited Bolonia Beach in the afternoon and had a blast playing in the surf, hunting for shells, and snoozing in the sun. We all snoozed a little too long so are nursing mild sunburn. After returning from the beach, the ladies went shopping while I watched football. Then we finished the evening at Bar Lola for drinks and food. We drive to Ronda tomorrow to stay out of the sun.

18 May 2017

Thursday May 18. We were sad to leave Tangier this afternoon. We spent the morning shopping in the Medina market for dates, olives, scarves, dresses and a t-shirt with the Moroccan flag. Our two days in Tangier are a highlight of our trip so far surpassed only by the Sagrada Familia. Tangier is an overwhelming experience of sights, sounds and scents. The call to prayer and the spice merchants and the narrow streets filled with people shopping and children playing and neighbouhhod cats scrounging for scraps and pats. Leaving Tangier is made easier by our home for the next 5 days in Tarifa which is a laid back beach town. Our apartment has a great view and we have already visited two excellent restaurants and one store for Mackenzie to buy flip flops to ease the pain of sandle blisters. The restaurant we went to for dinner served excellent drinks and seafood with a live flamenco guitarist and a singer. We are looking forward to a relaxing visit in Tarifa and the region of Andalucia.

17 May 2017

Well I learned today that I make great faces when animals are climbing​, sitting on or trying to kiss me. We went for a camel ride on the beach, saw the cave of Hercules, met a baby monkey and a Parrot, ate more good food and had a nap. The Monkey liked Maia and groomed Scott. The Parrot kissed Scott, I still haven't decided if I will kiss him again. We still have some getting lost in the Medina tonight and hopefully will find some treasures like dates and nuts, more good food and little things to bring back with us.
At dinner last night Kenzie commented how we were in Sevilla in the morning and I was so shocked as it seemed like days away and most of all world's away. Tangier is beyond all my expectations. The pictures we will post can't fully relay the experience of being here because it is so layered. The sounds and smells add into the feast for the eyes that is around each corner. The tastes of the foods that are simple and complex all at once have filled us with sighs of contentment and moans of delight. Everything seems more viberant and alive because all of our senses are continually engaged. I am constantly amazed at what beauty there is in the textiles, the architecture​, the veiws....I wish I could give this experience to each of you.

16 May 2017

Tuesday May 16. (Posted a day late). Left Sevilla early this morning for a 2 hour drive to Tarifa to catch a 13:00 ferry to Tangier, Morocco. Africa is a 1 hour ferry ride from Tarifa and is light years distant from the western society. Tangier is amazing! Or hostel is in the old section and has an spectacular view from the rooftop terrace. We were lucky to connect with a tour guide as soon as we stepped of the ferry. We visited spice, fish, meat and general markets, the Casbah fortress, the Continental Hotel, an 800 year old banyan tree and both the Petit and Grand Sorroco. We are going camel riding tomorrow.

15 May 2017

Monday May 15. Toured the Real Alcazar of Seville. There are a mix of architectural and decorative styles as the christian king who started the building had close ties with the moorish kingdom of Granada so included some moorish design elements. The gardens are beautiful and huge. Scenes from Lawrence of Arabia and Game of Thrones have been filmed at the Alcazar. Michele and Maia picked oranges from a tree in the Alcazar garden. Stealing from the king of Spain is a bad thing despite the glee demonstrated in the included picture. The included picture of the peacock and duck is especially cute because the duck followed the peacock everywhere around a tree, though a bush and across a path. After siesta we talked with Sean via Facebook Messenger video chat and are relieved to see that he is recovering from surgery to repair the fractured arm bones. Finished the night with one last walk to the "Mushroom".

14 May 2017

Sunday May 14. (Posting a day late) Our first day in Sevilla was spent visiting the Metropol Parasol to take in the view and then wandering. Our plans to go inside the Savilla Cathedral were changed when we discovered a long line (at least 1.5 hours) in the hot sun. We opted for siesta and then walked to Plaza de Espana where we received a message from Sean that he fell at work and may have broken his arm. The "may have" turned out to be a compound fracture of both bones in his left arm. We are sad for Sean and grateful for the good care he is getting from Grandparents while we are so far away
After a short sleep I was too excited about being here to stay in bed. So the morning has begun with church bells and sunshine with planning on the terrace with coffee and breakfast.

13 May 2017

Saturday May 13 part 2. We arrived in Sevilla this evening an hour earlier than planned at 6:30 so had time to visit a restaurant a short walk from our accommodations and have a drink while waiting to meet our Airbnb host. The apartment is amazing. Luxurious with a patio space and located near must see attractions. Maia made spaghetti and fried vegetables for dinner then we played a game of Tiny Epic Galaxies Good win by Mackenzie and then Michele and I took a late night walk to see the Metropol Parasol.
Saturday May 13 part 1. We enjoyed a visit to the Roman ruins of Merida about half way on our drive from Salamanca to Sevilla. 2001 years old is about as old a building I will get to visit until traveling to Egypt, Peru or someplace like that. We have had very good dining experiences while in Spain but finally encountered one of the dreaded "tourist" restaurants that guidebooks, podcasts and tour guides have been warning us about. We can confirm that a restaurant located next to the Roman Museum in Merida is not recommended.

12 May 2017

Friday May 12, 2017 part 2. We finished our last day in Salamanca at El Rastrel, our favourite Spanish bar so far, with Clara Limón (and Tinto de Verano for Maia). A cool bar with a pet friendly policy so we met two very friendly dogs. Daniel, the bartender, is a games fan so was interested in our Samurai version of Love Letter. He has the Spanish version of the generic game so we will send him the Samurai themed version after we return home. He gave us free shots of Gloria, a sweet liqueur, and was super nice so deserves special consideration. Off to Seville tomorrow with plans for a stop in Merida to visit the Roman theater preserved there.
Friday May 12, 2017. A Rainy day did not dampen our enthusiasm to get out and explore more of Salamanca. Michele and I visited the University of Salamanca and took a self guided audio tour of the 799 year old institution. So much history in Spain compared to Canada. We also toured the Cathedral towers for fantastic views of the Salamanca and interior of the new cathedral. I got soaked taking pictures from the top of the tower. Michele's fear of heights forced her to turn around before the highest and wettest point. We escaped the rain by taking refuge at a restaurant in Plaza Mayor for drinks and food. Siesta time now before deciding what to do with our evening.

11 May 2017

Salamanca has the Museo Art Nouveau Y Art Deco at Casa Lis and it's was great! We couldn't take pictures but got postcards to keep and send. There is a fantastic stained glass ceiling and facade, lots of art, furnishings and items from that era like dolls, jewelry, and photos. Worth the visit especially since we made it for the free time (Thursday's 11:00-14:00).
Thursday May 11, 2017. Lazy day today. Maia stayed at home until a late meeting at a El Rastrel Bar. Mackenzie took the whole day off to rest. Michele and I did not go out until 11am and took a long siesta in the afternoon. We did visit the Art Nouveau Museum at Casa Lis and found the El Cielo de Salamanca and the Del Poeta garden. Unexpected discoveries were art installations at Salamanca University Patio Sin Salida and the Library. Michele also bought a pair of running shoes as it is colder in the north of Spain than we had anticipated. Her sandals are insufficient on cold and rainy days like today. We finished the day at El Rastrel bar with a game of Love Letter.
We just reached the tourist saturation point trying to figure out if we had visited the cathedral in Salamanca or was that the one in Segovia.... So many churches it is getting blurry 😂

10 May 2017

Wednesday May 10, 2017. We took a day trip back to Segovia to see the Alcazar Castle of Segovia constructed in the 12 century on the site of a ruined Roman Fortress and expanded on a pre existing Muslim fort. The current form of the castle was constructed in stages between the 12th & 16th centuries. The design is of a style that has influenced literary fantasy castles with crenelated walls and towers topped with spires. The castle interior has decor from the Medieval & Renaissance periods. Mackenzie & I got some extra exercise by walking up 150 steps of a narrow spiral staircase to the highest tower for an extra spectacular view. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the square next to the aqueduct to watch the most unusual & fun carrousel. The carrousel rides are fantastic creatures rather than the traditional animals. Kids only allowed or we would have taken a few turns.
Wednesday May 10, 2017. While walking from parking to the castle we stopped at a tourist info office and gained access to walkway along a section of the old city walls. Some cool pictures taken from that spot.

9 May 2017

My morning run was towards the Roman bridge over the Rio Tores. Actually more of a morning walk with some running because of stopping every couple of minutes to gawk at a beautiful scene. We walked up to the Plaza Mayor for drinks and a round of Love Letter. The walk from our apartment to the plaza includes many interesting statues and picturesque street views so I don't mind getting lost. We visited the Salamanca Cathedral to view another stupendous example of Spanish renaissance church architecture. The choir space includes especially interesting carvings on the choir seats & two pipe organs. While on an epic search for a toilet I discovered that the new cathedral we were finished viewing was joined to an older medieval cathedral. The older cathedral includes architecture, mural paintings and statuary from the 12th century. No interior pictures so check the cathedral website gallery:

8 May 2017

We also visited the huge and beautiful Segovia Cathedral. The Cathedral was constructed in the 16th century as a replacement for another church destroyed by fire and is a fine example of renaissance architecture. The cathedral is decorated with stained glass windows, statues and engraved and carved altar pieces. A visit to the Alcazar Castle and the town of Avila will have to wait for another day as the time to meet our Salamanca Airbnb host was scheduled for 20:00. After settling into our studio apartment we went to Plaza Mayor for some food. We look forward to exploring the city and surrounding regions over the next 5 days.
Goodbye to Madrid this morning after picking up Maia from the airport. Madrid traffic makes Vancouver traffic feel like driving in Kamloops. I can check "getting yelled at by Spanish police for driving in a bus/taxi only lane" off my #spainwalker bucket list. Using the GPS helps but woe betide the one who takes a turn unsanctioned by the GPS lady. After a few wrong turns we finally made it to Segovia to see the Roman Aqueduct. Those Romans knew how to construct a fine specimen of aqueduct engineering. It is an impressive example of form flowing from function. The multiple arches are uniquely suited to support the structure required to elevate the channel for moving water from a source approximately 15 km away from the city. The repeating arch pattern formed by the aqueduct structure is even more beautiful when utilized for the functional purpose of transporting water. The view of Segovia and the surrounding mountains is also a beautiful sight.

6 May 2017

Very tired feet tonight after visiting the Prado Museum for 3 hours and then El Retiro Park including the Crystal Palace, Plaza Mayor, San Miguel Market, Palacio Real, Catedral de la Almudena and Temple of Debod. We were to late to go inside the palace, cathedral, and temple so will go back tomorrow afternoon. Prado Museum is amazing with many, many, many fantastic works of art. One of my bucket list items received a check today when I saw Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronomous Bosch. 3 panels depicting heaven, earth, and hell. Heaven is serene and calm. Earth is rife wth temptation and indulgence of every pleasure. Hell is a desolate wasteland populated by bizzare creatures and scenes of torture and torment. 4 million people live in Madrid and we may have seen them all in one day. Madrid is crowded and noisy but also beautiful and exciting. And a beautiful sunset.
Mackenzie arrived from Madrid today just in time to go on a Tapas food tour. Today I learned that tapas is bar food served for no extra cost with a drink. If the food is an extra cost then it is not tapas. Free food with drinks is an old tradition in Spain according to Enrique, our tour guide for the evening, who says that 13th century King of Spain Alfonso X "The Wise" decreed food to be served with all alcoholic drinks to encourage a more sober work force be available after siesta. 2.50 euros ($4.00 canadian) gets a small glass of wine or beer and a plate of appetizer type food. We went to 3 different bars and each had 3 drinks (1 drink at each bar) and 9 plates of food (1 plate per drink per bar). We had egg frittata, roast potatoes, toasted bread with tuna, rice and chicken, roast garlic chicken and potatoes and so on and so forth. 34.00 canadian for what would have been triple in Kamloops. On an unrelated topic, I am gaining a taste for fruity white wine.

5 May 2017

I went for a run through El Retiro Park this morning. Reminds me of Stanley Park as a large forested Park in the middle of a large city. El Retiro has more cultivated grounds and does not have ocean or mountain vistas but does have a nice lake and many impressive statues. We visited the Reina Sofia museum to see Picasso's Guernica. The current exhibit connects Picasso's early career with the Spanish Civil War and the events that inspired Picasso to paint Guernica. No photographs are allowed in the exhibit so I don't have any pictures. Check this wikipedia article for a sample and more information: View any of Picasso's cubist art as a theme from many simultaneous perspectives. Cubist images appear to be disjointed, fragmented and weird but if viewed as a scene that has moved through space, time and through different perspectives then story is possible. Guernica is a masterful example of this technique.
We stopped in Zaragosa for lunch and took the opportunity to visit the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar and to see the view of the Rio Ebro from the "Lion" Stone Bridge. Our lunch at Restaurante Triana was wonderful. It was Micheles turn to drive so I enjoyed three glasses of wine with salad, a perfectly cooked thin piece of steak and rice pudding. I wish we had more time to explore but another three hour drive to Madrid was still to come. Our Madrid apartment is close to the Renia Sofia and Prado Museums and El Retiro Park. We are looking forward to exploring this beautiful city for the next three days.

4 May 2017

A nice drive today from Barcelona to Madrid via Zaragosa. We picked up our rental car this morning at the Barcelona airport then drove three hours to Zaragosa. We were briefly confused about the process to pay for the toll road but Michele eventually figured out that you take the ticket when entering the toll section of the highway and pay the toll fee when exiting the toll section. It is an easy process after figuring out that small detail. We successfully purchased fuel for the first time in Spain. In Spain you first specify how much gas to buy using a kiosk at the pump then pump the gas then pay the attendant inside the gas station. The region of Spain between Barcelona, Zaragosa, and Madrid reminds me of the south okanagan but more wide open spaces.
We arrived​ in Madrid last night and had a quick visit to the grocery store where the cheese is so inexpensive and the eggs are on the shelf unrefrigerated. Our place is great and so nice to have a kitchen and be able to hangout​ in PJs this morning! We went to the Sofia this morning and saw the exhibit Pity and Terror which details Picasso's journey to making Guernica. It is a very powerful exhibit and places a new perspective on the Spanish people and culture and how the Franco Dictatorship was so influential. Lunch, a nap drinks and a snack all preceded meeting Mackenzie at Atocha Station -a story in it's self! Now off to a Tapas food tour! We will be well fed and watered in a little bit...maybe there will be a few more interesting stories!

3 May 2017

Another busy day in Barcelona. Started with a tour of Basilica Sagrada Familia and Oh. My. God. Easily the most impressive man made structure I have seen. The external structure is most impressive when viewed up close and realize that the massive structure is a mosaic of small details of nature and scenes from the New Testament. The inside of the Basilica inspires awe with a vast space of light, color and beautiful shapes on the columns and the ceiling. A darker statue of Saint George and the darker theme of the altar piece are especially impressive as counterpoint to the brilliant colours of mosaic on the columns and stained glass windows. After starting the day with such an extreme high the remainder was relatively calm. Enjoyed a beautiful view from Park Guell and had fantastic meal of wine and tapas at Bodega Cal Pep. Happy hour visit at our bed and breakfast place with travellers from Manchester then hamburgers again at Boacoa. TIL Cavas is gooood!
A visit to Sagrada Famila followed by a long walk towards Park Guell. So our first stop at a Bodega, Bodega Cal Pep for wine and Tapas.

2 May 2017

Went on a guided tour of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. From remains of the Roman walls, to the jewish section, to mortar damaged walls from the Spanish Civil War. Learned that medieval Barcelona buildings were one or two levels. Most of the buildings in the current Gothic quarter are seven or eight levels that were expanded in the 17th and 18th centuries. Many building walls include gravestones used as brick materials pilfered from the old jewish cemetaries abandoned after 1492 when jews were officially expelled from Spain. The attached picture shows Barcelona Cathedral downna narrow street. Afternoon nap then a food tour. Ate many yummy tapas and pintxos foods. Bar Mendizabal croquettes are especially good. Vermouth is the Barcelona drink and I like it. Sweet and light taste so very easy to drink quickly. Would be especially good on a warm summer evening. Marcela, our tour guide, was very helpful explaining local dining customs and preferences.
We only made it to 9pm last night and then had a lovely sleep! One of the best things was waking up to the church bells we can see the Barcelona Cathedral spires from our window and are surrounded by many smaller Cathedral​s. Breakfast provided by our host Mercedes was laid out and the terrace is the best place to sit. Of course we start with pets for Stevie the dog who is a suck for belly rubs and then a look at what is happening as the Placa Riel wakes up and then settling in to eat and drink coffee. Out for a stroll after this.

1 May 2017

Got lost many times this afternoon and was magical. Found a drunk Homer on the beach, Barcelona Cathedral and Placa Rei. The Barcelona history museum is at Placa Rei but was closed so will go back another day. Delicious pastries with good coffee, music outside Barcelona Cathedral and now burgers at Bacoa restaurant. Early bed tonight. I can feel jet lag coming on. #spainwalkers
Pizza and olives for lunch and cavas for drinks in Barcellonetta. Toes in the Mediterranean. Is cold!
Arrive in Barcelona at 9:00 am Monday local time (midnight Sunday Kamloops time). A long but uneventful journey. Michele learned that it may be better to drink airplane wine from the bottle to avoid spillage. Managed to doze/sleep for 3 hours on the plane to Barcelona so hoping the jetlag will not be to bad. Very exciting to see Barcelona from the air. Holding pattern while waiting for a runway gave a good view of Montjuc and the waterfront. Long wait in customs then ride the Autobus to Placa de Cataluyna. A 20 minute walk through the gothic quarter to our home for 3 days at a bed and breakfast apartment at the Placa Reial. The attached picture is the view from the roof top patio. Freshen up then find lunch.

29 April 2017

Well bags are packed! We are both doing one back pack for the month and we feel pretty good about it. We are excited and nervous and tired all at once. Only 8.5hrs! We can load multiple photos on one entry so remember to swipe to see the rest.

28 April 2017

We have been watching this countdown for months and it is getting to be very real!!! I am so excited I could burst but I am also trying to stay present to the moments that happen before we leave. Remembering that moments like finishing up bits of work, spending time with family who we won't see for a month and enjoying being in our home where we know where we are and how to get places are just as precious as the moments we will have on our journey.