China · 4 Days · 17 Moments · April 2017

Trekking in Zhangjiajie, China(张家界,中国)

2 May 2017

Day 4: While waiting for the train we explored the city of zhangjiajie (张家界市) and found a beautiful street market
Day 4: Zhangjiajie grand glass bridge
Day 3:Night in wulingyuan (武陵源)we couldn't find any place for our tent so the 5 of us slept in a single room to save some money 😂

1 May 2017

Day 3: getting back to valley
Day 3: View from Tianzishan
Day 3: Cableway to Tianzishan(天子山)
Day 3: on the way to the river
Day 2: We wouldn't have made it out of the park by closing time so we decided to place our tent.. Day 3: Astonishing morning view ( woke up at 5:30 am) 😱

30 April 2017

One step from heaven, one of the most beatiful places I ever been to, a must see 😍
Day 2: somone took the easy way down.. 🔝
Day 2: View from yuanjiajie
Day 2: Cableway to yuanjiajie
Day 2: Met some monkeys along the way 🐵 Hide your plastic bags, they will get aggressive and try to take them
Day 2: in the morning we climbed the yellow stone stronghold

29 April 2017

Day 1: entrance in the park from the south gate
Day 1: A short exploration of zhanjiajie town (张家界市) allows us to find some hidden treasures worth tasting

28 April 2017

Day 0-1: departure from Shanghai on chinese K train. We booked hardsit tickets for overnight ride (22 hours long) because they were the only one available. On that night I understood why it is not suggested to travel during Chinese Holiday. We travelled during the labor day weekend, but it is definitely an experience to try once I a lifetime