United States of America · 4 Days · 33 Moments · February 2017

Me & Mini Me! Vancouver, BC & Seattle

3 March 2017

Sky City restaurant at the space needle. DELICIOUS!!
Seattle Space Needle observation. Deck!
Amtrak Cascades train to Seattle.

2 March 2017

Poutine!!!! A Canadian thing that is super delicious!!!!! And that concludes the Vancouver portion of our mini break. Heading to Seattle at 445 am 😲
OMG POCKY store but ended up being a Japanese store worth at least 7 different kinds of pocky. Freaking beyond cool.
Random art work on the journey.
Lunch! A dessert restaurant with delicious cake and drinks. That is a white chocolate martini and was beyond yummy!!!
Trying to find the Totem Poles!! 👉
The journey to Stanley Park is that.... a journey and then it might as well be a maze.
Beautiful seafront. Even on a gloomy day its beauty shines through.
INUKCHUCK- on the water. Beautiful even in the rain.
Amazing Laughter Statues - English Bay. We had so much fun taking pics with them. Great times.
We were heading to Stanley Park and came across this area. This is the most loving and inclusive community I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. I love this city. I wish every city would follow their example.

1 March 2017

York theatre!! The Elbow Room Musical. FANTASTIC! AMAZING PRODUCTION. Amazing day for MRK x 2
Hastings St.
Hanging out in Gastown!!! So much fun.
Old Spaghetti Factory. So awesome inside. Food and drinks good too 😊
Gassy Jack
Famous steamclock in gastown!
International Center. Fun times.
Waiting on the skytrain. Love when a city has great public transit. Vancouver has it.
Having too much fun at the Nintendo kiosk.
We made it to the biggest mall in Vancouver. We spent 3 hours here....insane!!
Blendz coffee. Delicious! Serious much? Lol

28 February 2017

Great Beer. Gorgeous and friendly waiter. Mimi me had Merlot.😁
Making the journey to Granville Island. OMG HUGE BRIDGE!!
Checking out the city.
Best time ever having breakfast. Great food and amazing people. Peter.....❤💙💚💛💜
Woke up to snow! Awesome!

27 February 2017

Dinner & Drinks worth mini me at the Village. Matt's legal in Canada!!😊