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Michele's Italian Adventure

27 September 2017

Arrividerci Italia Ti Adoro

26 September 2017

Lithograph of how precisely Pompeii was discovered in the 1800s The temple of Jupiter facing Mt Vesuvius Dons main squeeze in southern Italy!
Lupanare 25 brothals found here Prostitutes were slaves from Greece & Egypt Pictured is an Original bed made of stone Mattresses of straw were placed on top. Frescoes of love scenes adorned the outside of the bedrooms, as this was a business of Pompeii & sailors came from all over speaking all languages. The scenes were universal & the client could indicate their preference based on the scene they chose.
2000 years ago there existed a Roman city state called Pompeii right on the sea coast in the Bay of Naples. In 79 AD Mt Vesuvius erupted and an estimated 60,000 people of Pompeii were killed. In the 1800's, 1000 remains were found as excavation of the site began and archeologists engaged to recover the lost city. Pictured is a Woman 20-25 yrs old who was believed to be pregnant. This is a Plaster cast of real body--real bones inside---it was possible because although the organic material was gone, the ash and pumice had enveloped and taken the shape to allow preservation.
Oil press of the Past, Scaling Torino fish
Organic Cheese Farm produces xtra virgin olive oil, Limoncello, mozzarella, salami, prosciutto, fruited liqueurs, jams Demonstrated how Mozzerella is produced as well as Casciotta cheese--soft spread Ricotta is byproduct of Casciotta Cows mozzarella is different than Bufalo mozz--based on the cow producing the milk. Sorrento known for braided mozzerella, which was demonstrated. 300 olive trees at this farm makes only xtra virgin olive oil and they produce their own organic red wine "piedi Rossi meaning Red Feet--must be from stomping the grapes lol!
Did I say how much I loved Sorrento? Lol I just had to say it again!
Streets of Sorrento
Excursion from Naples Love Sorrento the town of artisans of inlaid woodworking and also cameos. Olives, Olives and more Olives! Pasta factory of the famous Gragnano pasta. Lemons Lemons Lemons equal Limoncello

24 September 2017

The Monastery was attacked and much of it was destroyed by Napolean & His French troops. It was partially rebuilt as it stands today. There is an open area now, that served as a cloister in the original Abbey. This is pictured with four trees--The Palm, which represents Christianity and symbols the Resurrection ; the Cyprus Tree, which represents the Romans and a sign of Welcome; The Olive Tree, which represents Peace; and The Laurel, which is the Greek symbol for Victory.
There are also a number of heritages tucked high upon the cliffs; some of which are occupied, some available for pilgrimage and many abandoned. A picture of one of these is captured in the group posted. It's high on a rock ledge--enlarge to see it better.
The Port of Barcelona--if you can locate the cable car, which is red, moving high above the port side; you should also see two towers. The Olympic Village is located in between. The cable car, however travels between the last tower nearest the water into the main entrance to the center city!!!
Barcelona-Historical Capital of Catalonia, who seeks its independence from Spain, served as an Olympic venue, is adorned by the genius abilities of world renowned artists & architects that combine Gothic, Roman & Nuevo art styles to its facades in a city of 4 million. Today I think there is twice that many people in the streets celebrating the culmination of a week long festival in honor of Santa Maria-the Madonna--the Patron Saint of the City. La ciudad es muy loco hoy!
There lives a perpetual Boys Choir here that allows young boys who are interested in music to serve in the choir until their voice which time they leave & others join. This opportunity is funded in part by their families, in part by the Monks, & in part by Catalonia. There is also a famous liquor here called the Three Aromas of Monserrat that combines the water, alcohol & 3 herbs from the mountains--known to be a medicine for the stomach.
The Cloister
Sunday Morning at Monserrat Monastery...can't get much closer to heaven! Monserrat mountains were created by a Delta forming a serraded landscape 6 1/2 miles long Important religious place--Worship of Venus by the Romans to the discovery of the Black Madonna year 880--Shepard children saw a light pointing to the mountain. A group of others experienced the same & set out to follow the light which led to a cave where the Sculpture of the Virgin Mary was found. She became the Patron Saint of Catalonia, where today the city of Barcelona is in celebration with many festivals.

23 September 2017

Palma is very developed along the coast with the Flavors of Spain
Buenas Días de Palma de Mallorca Beautiful Mediterráneo cruise in this morning along the coast of the Baleáric islas de España. Palma is the major city & port on the island of Majorca. It is located on the south coast of the island on the Bay of Palma. Palma was founded as a Roman camp upon the remains of a Talaiotic settlement. It has a turbulent history and was subject to several vandal sackings during the fall of the Roman Empire, then reconquered by the Byzatines before being colonilized by the Moors & finally established by James I of Aragon. It's currently 1pm on Saturday Sept 23 2017 and a Sunny 78 degrees....

22 September 2017

Posh exquisite Monaco
The home & playground of Grace Kelly
Gran Casino
From Cannes to Monte Carlo Cannes Film Festival Palm Door Award guarantees commercial & theatrical success. South of France enjoys ideal weather without a winter. Early visitors arrived by ship and then were transported by the Le Train Bleu--the Blue Train, which was second only to the Orient Express A replica restaurant exists within the Gran Casino or Monte Carlo

21 September 2017

Dining entertainment & Sailing off into the sunset
Return from Florence to an evening of fun on the ship -10 degrees in the Ice Bar!!
Michelangelo was 26 yrs old began the David in 1502-1505 Lived in Florence village of Caprese at the time. Garden of San Marco served new artists/students by invitation only
From the port of Livorno through Tuscany hills to Florence
From current arts of paint, music, leather & gold to the masterpieces of Michelangelo in the town he called home

20 September 2017

Norwegian Epic too large to get in one picture! Bon Voyage...
We have been transitioning from land to sea--returning to Rome from Salerno and then bidding adieu for a week at sea. Good Bye Residenza Cellini, Hello Jacoalo & Thank You for a mini farewell tour of Rome, which included one final view of St.Peters Basilica from a back wall around the Vatican where you peep through a keyhole in the door! Picture doesn't quite do it justice--try enlarging it, better one to follow!

19 September 2017

Last but not least--Capri
Pretty Positano
Talk about walking around with your head in the clouds! Positano is a gem
Day trip up the Amalfie Coast...Amalfie, Positano and the Capri. It was a "walking in the rain" morning but is clearing now here in Positano
Buongiorno di Salerno

18 September 2017

The streets of Pisciotta...everyday acitivity--school bus, taxi (not ours thankfully lol)
Olive Trees, Lemon Trees, St. Michael the Archangel Chapel..a piece of heaven here on earth
Buongiorno from the streets of Pisciotta

17 September 2017

Chiesa Madre(Mother Church) San Agnello, San Michaelangelo have a large presence here, as do the Apostles Peter & Paul
Some relaxing time under the Cilento Sun before a wonderful Italian Mediterranean BDay dinner at Osteria del Borgo
New Friends in New places
Arrived in Pisciotta It's an absolute treasure here where time hasn't moved as quickly. Language has become more of a barrier but everyone is willing to engage & are welcoming. Pisciotta. There are so many names here that so familiar to Amsterdam, NY & the hotel owner was aware of Amsterdam. I was so fortunate to have friends in Amsterdam who made connections to learn of my Pisciottano Family and also made new friends with Salvatore Fedullo & Mario Marsicano--and of course Mossimo--our hotel owner. A sober beauty characterizes the village of Pisciotta, set like a splendid jewel into the Cilento National Park. The village is just a few miles away from mass tourism, and located on a hilltop covered with olive groves, stretching out into the emerald sea. Pisciotta is immersed into a thick Mediterranean maquis and and secular olive trees , the so-called "ulivo pisciottano", producing a high-quality oil.
Traveling to Pisciotta

16 September 2017

Venice, the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region, is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals – including the Grand Canal thoroughfare – lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. The central square, Piazza San Marco, contains St. Mark’s Basilica, which is tiled with Byzantine mosaics, and the Campanile bell tower offering views of the city’s red roofs. Evidently, one artist had a sense of humor as they reached out from the water to embrace a building.
Well Arriverdverci Venice & a nice surprise awaited our return for our last night in Rome!
The Rialto Bridge & St Marks Basilica
Rain was in the forecast but only the Canals of Venice were full of water! This is an extremely popular tourist location--equal number of visitors per day to the city's actual population!
Buongiorno We are on our way to Venetia (Venice)

15 September 2017

Tour Guide reminded me of Jackie Parillo, Motocross in the streets of Rome & Enjoying an Italian cocktail!
Crypts Bones & Catacombs Walk of Italy Tour Cappuccino Monks Crypt, St. Priscilla Catacombs & San Nicola Basilica built over the three Roman Temples dating 200 & 300 BC. We walked where Julius Cesar & Cesar Augustus walked and where Nero spoke to the people. Difficult to imagine...
La Pieta, St. Peter & the Crypt of St. Peter & Pope John Paul at Rest
The Door of Forgiveness Unfortunately it doesn't open again until 2025
On the way to the Sistine Chapel
So much to see...Started the day at Vatican City--Sistine chapel, St Peters Basilica, No Papa Francesco though

14 September 2017

Then onto the Pantheon, Bernini fountains, piazza Navona, The Roman Forum--original downtown of Rome, Capitoline Hill marked by the trapezoidal Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo, Corte di Cassazione--Italy's Supreme Court who finally acquitted Amanda Knox.lots of info from the sightseeing open air double decker Tour di Roma Red Bus!! And of course the Spanish Steps & Trevi Fountain.
A very busy first day in Rome as we visited the Colosseo, the worlds most famous sports arena, site of Gladiator combat and other gruesome events that entertained the people of that time
Its time to board our flight to begin this life journi Buon Viaggio Tomorrow We awake in Dublin for a transfer to Rome

5 September 2017

Arrivederci Pisciotta and to the greatest host & hostess Mossimo & his beautiful wife, Leía

18 August 2017