China · 9 Days · 21 Moments · July 2017

Last minute trip around China(北京,青岛)

11 July 2017

To close the day I went to relax for a while in Xinhaoshan park (信号山公园)
This morning I woke up early and after more than 1,5 hours of public bus (for just 0.7€) I arrived to Laoshan (崂山), It's a magical place and I loved the hike 😍

10 July 2017

And the Olimpoic Sailing Center
In the late afternoon I finally reached may fouth square
Woke up late, since it was a sunny day i went to the seaside again

9 July 2017

I spent the night chatting with local in the hostel's bar/pub
Tsingtao beer museum (青岛啤酒博物馆) I really enjoied it 😄
Qingdao naval and military museum
Bathing beach N.1, Xiao Qingdao and surroundings.. (第一海水浴场,小青岛景区,... )
Little walk downtown, sadly it rained a lot ☔

8 July 2017

This is what a 3.5€ metal looks like if you know the right place 😊
This is how you buy beer in qingdao 🍺
Finaly arrived in Qingdao! I spent the half day left walking around the parks of the city

7 July 2017

I picked the Together Hostel (一起一起), it's a very nice place, I'm considering it for future stays in Beijing 😍
Passport fetched, since the train tickets were finished by the time I reached the station... I'll go to Qingdao tomorrow morning and I'll sleep nearby the station.

5 July 2017

There has been a cancellation for tomorrow in the dorm room I'm in which means I have a place to stay tomorrow as well 😱😄 I'm thinking to move to qingdao (青岛) as soon as i get my passport back
Beijing 2008 Olympic Park
Lama Temple
After being rejected from a few hostels, I found to sleep for a reasonable price at the 365inn for tonight by using a copy of the password that I had. I now have some time to explore the city: I won't visit any major attractions these days since next week I will be here with my family.
This morning at 7am I was in Beijing. By 9am I was at the embassy and a few minutes later I had my passport collected, I'll fetch it Friday in the afternoon. They didn't gave me any valid receipt thought.. Which means many troubles to find a room, no museum nor particular activities, and I'm stuck in Beijing until I'll get it back.

3 July 2017

I spent the last 6 month living and studing in Shanghai and I decided to go back home (to Italy) though the Transmongolian railway. My last minute journey started the moment I had been told by the mongolian consulate in Shanghai that they don't issue visas and I had to go to their embassy in Beijing to obtain one... Long story short in less than 24h I was on a train heading to the capital of China