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23 August 2015

Checking out Nikis school then heading to Kemah then Galveston for a short weekend trip

19 April 2015

Cool place!
This was the line up for the evening at Amhalt Hall
So, Molly and I bought this book at Dutchmans Hidden Valley...located in Hamilton, Tx. There's 105 places listed. This trip we hit 3 of them... Hope to hit all 105!👍😃
Green Fly restaurant and country store in Burnet Tx

18 April 2015

Now this was yesterday around 6p. But it's one of the 105. There generally open only a couple time a month and when we arrived it happened to be the biggest month ...this is called Anhalt Hall... The guy that signed our book was a 5th generation owner (well it's owned as an association). We came in with our book and the guy didn't know he was in the book... But hey, after the visit he gave us two free beers... !

22 March 2015


12 March 2015