Ecuador · 1 Days · 2 Moments · September 2016

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Michael's Voyage through South America

15 September 2016

First night in Quito: Community Hostel Ladies night at the hostel/bars... Went out to a bar with 10 girls from the hostel and 5 guys for ladies night. Had a blast dancing and the bar had incredible music. Then a couple of the girls started getting too drunk. One in particular was passed out and some local guy was trying to take her back with him. Myself, Martin, and Emily grabbed her and Martin and Emily took her back to the hostel in a cab. Everyone else left the bar shortly there after. When I got back to the hostel we had to take care of the drunk girl who was still passed out and puking. Suffice to say it was an interesting first night

14 September 2016

Arrived at Community Hostel in Quito. Was instantly remembered by Eduardo from last time I was here in June for a whole 10 hours.