Europe, Asia · 7 Days · 23 Moments · August 2016

Mike and Beckies trip to Asia

11 August 2016

Rooftop bar cocktails watching the sunset
Best burger ever at boss burger
Dash hotel in seminyak, rabbit theme for some reason
Sat to leave the kayon but onto seminyak

10 August 2016

Amazing food at the fair Warung foundation
Monkey forest 🐒
Morning walk to local village and rice fields, nice hats 😂

9 August 2016

Hotel in ubud
Paradise :-)

7 August 2016

After eating subway for 2 days, had an amazing meal at skillet 163 😬
Hot hot hot
Nearly there
Final flight

6 August 2016

Jet lag and cocktails makes Beckie funny
We are far to jet lagged to appreciate this haha
Arrive at the hotel to the best picture
Bags were delivered well

4 August 2016

Few free drink at the hotel at least
Mc Donald's for tea
One cancelled flight
We don't like Lufthansa anymore, 12 hour delay in Frankfurt
We like Lufthansa so far 🍻
First flight Manchester