Dominica · 4 Days · 9 Moments · July 2016

Michael's trip to Dominica

26 July 2016

Ciao for now Dominica. Bless up, ché be sa'w

25 July 2016

Trafalgar falls first today to see momma and papa twin falls. Then on to Laudat and titou gorge which involved a dubious swim through ice cold water against the flow of a waterfall. Arms and legs turned to lead after 2 mins

24 July 2016

Cricket match in the botanic gardens and a pensive JDB. Sunset on the roof to end the day
Day 2 began with a visit to Champagne reef with Martin and his unusual taxi. Great snorkelling. Then back to the house to chill before conquering Morne Bruce in the Rousseau botanic gardens. We made two canine friends that followed us the whole way

23 July 2016

At the end of day 1 in Rousseau
Cabrits (which means goat because of their introduction here by sailors as a food source) National Park hike to see some of the remnants of British and French control of the island. The whole place was cleared of trees in 1854, everything we see gelded back since then! Great views, but rain meant we had to take cover in the old commandment quarters So many lizards, also saw a grove snake
Indian river and bar.
Started with a visit to Portsmouth via bus. Met a guy who told us about Erica which destroyed his home and car, and most of the west coast. Bridges were down on the way, people building new homes higher up. Tour down Indian river with captain Sam, saw the mangroves and the Calypso's house. Lots of crabs (national dish after the mountain chicken), herons, egrets, Mai Mai fish and a visit to a bar deep in the mangrove

22 July 2016

Arrived at night so morning is the first chance to see Rousseau. Accommodation is good, Phil is the guesthouse owner.