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13 August 2018

More evidence that whenever I do something that Katherine doesn’t like (even if it has nothing at all to do with her), she makes threats and gets aggressive

9 August 2018

Why is M Bunce FaceTiming Juliet at 10.30pm

8 August 2018

More aggressive texts filled with threats. I get threats on a weekly basis. This is a form of emotional abuse

3 August 2018

Yet another aggressive text conversation. Katherine is deliberately baiting me by telling me I need to do things which she knows I won’t be able to then calling me pathetic when I can’t do them
This is a very typical text exchange with Katherine. She is telling me what I can and can’t do with the kids.

17 June 2018

Both of these texts are evidence of how Katherine believes it’s totally ok to make requests to me that a wife would make to a husband. Expecting me to organise stuff for her and then being annoyed if I am unable to make things work perfectly for her.

16 June 2018

Again another example of her demands. Not only did I completely edit and re-word an email for her (for her income protection) but I also did all of her tax etc.

15 June 2018

Went to Fifis assembly this morning at 9am. Meant I got to work at 10.30

14 June 2018

I picked up the kids from my parents.
This is exceptionally common from Katherine. She will text me when help is needed and just expect me to fix her problems. In other words, on 14 days out of 14 she can call on me to solve the problems of parenthood but I am only able to experience the joys of parenthood on 5 days out of 14

12 June 2018

So Katherine got very upset with me today. The reason? We got our wires crossed about whether the kids were to have Tuesday dinner with her or my parents and I. Now, some perspective here. Firstly Tuesday is normally my night and we always have dinner with my parents. Additionally Katherine was about to get the girls For an 8 day stretch. Think about that, she missed out on 1.5 hours right before an 8 day uninterrupted stretch. And she was bitterly angry. So when I arrived at her house to drop off the kids, she shut the door on me without letting me say goodbye to my children. Juliet then opened the door for me to be able to say goodbye. Katherine then instructed the girls to say goodbye and told me to leave immediately. I didn’t even get a chance to hug Fifi. The girls see this behaviour and believe it’s an acceptable way to treat me. I then left (incredibly upset by this treatment) and had to return 10 mins later with the kids school bags and lunch boxes etc. When I retur

9 June 2018

Katherine has canceled a bbq with Juliet’s best friends and their parents. The reason is she can’t face the idea of being there together because of her current feelings towards me due to the IP cancelation. This is terribly unfair to the kids. She is saying that because she feels awkward, the kids should suffer as a result. Juliet in particular loves playing with Harper and Lucille and she will miss out on this.

8 June 2018

Katherine clearly states in her text message that she believes she has the right to expect me to stick to all agreements while she has no obligation to stick to agreements
Katherine bought a new computer without consulting me and then transferred $700 cash for this without telling me.

17 December 2017

11 December 2017

Katherine has been ill so often. Maybe 20 times in the past 2 years. I get sick once and get told to toughen up princess??
After daring to come out of the hot back room where I literally had nothing to do, she then attacked me and called me numerous names. She then with gritted teeth shouted at me to get out!
After sending these messages to me, she got home and shouted at me for not having taken myself out to the back room which was very hot and has no TV. No sympathy at all and then when I protested, she called me a selfish pig in front of the children

29 November 2017

2 November 2017