Argentina · 2 Days · 11 Moments · December 2015

M&M Do South America

21 December 2015

We did a 4hr Bike tour with BA Bikes.
Dec 21st: Epic line up to get some sweet bread. Apparently it's the best. We'll take their word for it 😁
Dec 21st: We stopped to have lunch in the grounds around the Argentinian Congress
21st Dec: We found an awesome little sandwich bar for lunch which seemed pretty popular with the locals! And we quickly understood why one we dug into ours. Delicious!
Dec 21st: Old mate getting his boots cleaned
21st Dec: San Nicolas was a beautiful cathedral, and some pretty important people are buried there, including Jose De San Martin who led Argentina to Independence. Being a Freemason, he is buried facing down to hell instead of heaven which is a bit harsh if you ask me!
The streets are soo beautiful in the Palermo area, and it is only a short stroll for us to the train station which is a win
21st Dec: Our hotel didn't provide breakfast, instead they gave us vouchers which we could use at various local cafes in the area. We thought this was a pretty cool concept! We learnt a very important Spanish phrase here "cafe con leche" meaning coffee with milk. Meagan now knows two important phrases, the other one being she needs to go to the toilet 😂

20 December 2015

20th Dec: Our first meal in Buenos Aires- Empanadas from a small little bar. Yum!
20th Dec: The view from our hotel Balcony

19 December 2015

20th Dec: After two long flights, we have finally arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's 5:50pm and we are both jet lagged. Our Hotel - Palermo Place is really nice. The plan for the rest of today is to try and book a bike tour for tomorrow, have a relatively early dinner and get some proper sleep. Argentinians have their dinner at around 10pm which we think is pretty crazy!